U of L CardFile: NC State

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OK, go.

But remember context.

The HVAC is working. Love those heating coils.

There’s chili, just made yesterday in the fridge.

I am connected.

I am grateful.

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The Cards fell again. By double digits.

But there was reason for hope, it says here, some signs of improvement on display.

Both as a team and individually, despite the fatal 0-17 meltdown over 4:04 after the break.

Carlos Boozer was correct, the 1st was U of L’s best ball of the season.

Still, Cards 64, Wolfpack 76.

 * * * * *

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield was obviously more engaged.

He fashioned a double double. A double dozen. 12 points. 12 boards. Two steals and a block.

Mike James played with more assertiveness and confidence. He never stopped scrapping before fouling out.

Loved his two blocks and two steals, and the two Jim Price-style post ups late. 10 points. 4 rebounds.

Kamari Lands also continued to seed into his game, even bringing the ball up on occasion against the State press.

Hercy Miller was generally solid during his short stint.

Syd Curry did what he does. Battling that State Big Un underneath, he led the Cards with 16.

 * * * * *

Which brings us to the segment, “Live by the El, Die by the El, Part XIII.”

El Ellis was subbed out for Hercy at the 11:11 stoppage of the 1st. U of L was up 11-10.

Miller immediately netted a triple on the first possession.

Then Lands made up for a giveaway with a three in the framework of offense.

B H-H scored two in the paint. Then Curry did the same.

The offense was in sync during the interlude. The Cards had forged ahead 21-16.

Then tom-toming El Ellis returned to the action.

State scored nine in a row.

Is El Ellis the sole cause of the Cardinals’ woes?

Of course not.

But I’m advised he is being preached to every single day in practice to get the ball up court quickly and get the offense moving.

Which he does not do.

The official scorebook shows him responsible for only 4 of the Cards’ 17 giveaways. But several of the others came late in the shot clock by guys forced to try something, because the O had taken too long to get started. As noted by Dan Bonner a number of times.

Live by the El, Die by the El.

 * * * * *

Stay warm.

If you go outside, respect Mother Nature. Bundle in layers.

Merry Christmas.

— c d kaplan

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  1. Seedy, thanks for the freeze warning. Brings to mind a day, what 30 years ago, when Seedy and his trusty side kick went for a refreshing morning run with the thermometer hovering around a balmy minus 25 fght. Those were the days my friend…
    I apologize in advance for what I am about to say about last night’s contest. Yes, there were rays of sunshine peaking through the otherwise dominant gray clouds of gloom but the cold lonely winter of 22/23 is upon us. Brrr!

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