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Tuesday afternoon, I streamed a truly astute music documentary about Leonard Cohen and his song, “Hallelujah.”

How long it took him to craft it. Years and years.

How the tune mixes the profane with the sacred, spiritual with sexual.

How it was on an album that the president of Columbia Records hated so much, it was not released in the U.S. for a long while.

How the song eventually evolved into one of the most popular in the world.

That context informs this perspective on U of L’s performance in last night’s one point ACC L to the Orange.

Louisville 69, Syracuse 70.

It was a broken Hallelujah.

 * * * * *

At halftime, the Cardinals had committed 14 turnovers, made but one of six FTs, yet were up penny, 35-34.

All the miscombobulation notwithstanding, U of L was alert, focused, and executing a perceptive game plan against the Boeheim zone.

Quickly into the front court. Moving the ball with urgency and purpose, looking to probe. Attacking. Playing pressurizing D. Hitting the boards.

El Ellis, “Live by the El, Die by the El” El Ellis  had four assists before he took his first shot. He ended the stanza 3/3, with four rebounds, two steals and only two giveaways against six assists.

A new Mike James had nine points, and was +12 during his 16:29 of PT.

Midway through the period, the Cards went on an energizing 10-0 run, which had the ever encouraging faithful in attendance stoked and on their feet.

Then a segment of yin. A 2-15 skein by the Orange.

Then steadiness.

 * * * * *

Such was the tale of the tape for the entire affair.

The Cards gave it away 21 times, including the final harum scarum scramble when Ellis had the ball knocked away before he could pass to a mate for a last second shot.

He appeared to be hacked. It wasn’t called.

The Cards, but 4/10 at the line, were outscored by 14 at the stripe.

 * * * * *

Kudos to Kenny Payne and his staff.

Coming off a 23 point beatdown to its archest of rivals, battered and beleaguered Louisville came out ready and intense just four days later.

Despite the miscues, the gaffes and giveaways, despite the inner doubts that must be festering, despite the vitriolic cacophony they have to be aware of, these Cardinals and their leaders all came out ready.

It was easily U of L’s best effort and performance of the season.

Sigh. It was still not quite enough.

‘Cuse 70, the Ville 69.

A broken Hallelujah.

— c d kaplan

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  1. As did UK to UL on Saturday, the Cards repeatedly found the seam in the Cuse zone. However, we had no Toppin nor a confident Hayden-Hatfield to exploit it. It is tough to compete when there is, among other issues, a talent deficiency. Anyway, thanks for hanging in there guys.

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