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Apologies: True tale of woe. My original game story was much more incisive. And literate. Or so I would believe. But, after completing it and proofreading it, while attempting to copy and paste, I inadvertently deleted it. Now, it’s late. I’m tired. Sorry, but what you read is what you get. Which is essentially a condensed rewrite.

The University of Louisville played arguably its best game of the season Saturday night.

At least at the offensive end.

Yet still fell to #19 Miami in Coral Gables, 93-85.

The Canes led 10-0, scoring their first four trips down the court.

After a timeout, U of L tightened up. Miami still tallied on 3 of its next 4 forays with the ball. But the Cards matched them, more or less.

It turned to more. U of L actually took the lead with 4:35 until half, 34-33. Twice they pushed the advantage to three. But the Canes fought back. A Kamari Lands triple pulled Louisville within one at intermission, 42-41.

The Cards had netted 17 of their 29 shots. 59%. But Miami made 18 of its 31.

The stat lines were relatively even.

But for one, The usual one. The Cardinal bugaboo known as Points off Turnovers. Miami had 10, U of L only 4. -6.

 * * * * *

At halftime, a more prominent voice than mine was impressed.

Luke Hancock spoke of the confidence U of L was playing with, and the Cardinals’ fight.

“Blowing my mind” were, I believe, his exact words.

 * * * * *

Start of the 2d? Deja vu all over again. Same as the 1st.

The Hurricanes got points on its opening six possessions, eight of its first 9.

60-49 was their lead.

Louisville continued to fight. More so on the offensive end.

With 4:47 until the buzzer, the Cards pulled within 4. That was as close as it got.

A Jae’Lyn Withers triple right before the final gun made the final, 93-85.

The difference?

Free throws. Miami was 23/27. U of L was 9/11.

Most of all the culprit was Points off turnovers. Cardinals were -16, scoring 4, giving up 20.

 * * * * *

Kamari Lands, who continues to waver often with an open three, scored 13 on 5/7, 3/4 marksmanship.

Jae’Lyn Withers led the team with 5 boards. He also contributed 18 points on 7/10, 4/6 shooting. He too sometimes passes up open treys. Which he should take, for they are a better option than him driving the lane.

 * * * * *

Why do I feel meh about El Ellis’s career high performance?

Without which U of L would have been way out of it early, never to come close?

Perhaps it’s those hero ball shots late. The Hurricanes were crowding his every move. Ellis was not getting nearly as many touches as he’s used to. But when he got the ball, he was going to shoot, and did, ignoring his mates and the set called.

Perhaps it was that it seemed, at least from the camera shots we got, like he was always criticizing teammates, never encouraging them. Again, to be fair, we only see what the camera shows.

33 points.

Next, gulp, Virginia.

— c d kaplan

5 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Miami

  1. EE gave it everything he had tonight- as he usually does. Career high points I would think.

  2. We gave up over 90 points to a team that toyed with us. The game was over after they scored the first ten. Miami knew they could get whatever they needed or wanted the entire game. Our defense (or lack thereof) and propensity just to give our opponents the ball for wide open dunks is mind boggling.

    Good thing the ACC is down this year, right?

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