Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech

There is little to say.

Nothing really.

Which is why I sat and stared at this page which remained blank for hours.

Louisville 67, Georgia Tech 83.

Unlike most of Cardinals’ many losses this season, points off turnovers was not the significant statistic.

That was only -5.

Points in the paint. 28 Cards, 40 Yellow Jackets. -12.

Points beyond the arc. Cards, 12. (4/17). Yellow Jackets, 36. 12/29. -24.

Fast break. Cards, 6. Yellow Jackets, 16. -10.

Kamari Lands played his best offensive game of the year. 15 points on 6/11 (3/5) shooting.

No player in a red uniform played much defense.

Three games left.

Four at absolute most, should the basketball gods have some last snarky joke to play on 2023 Louisville basketball, extending the season beyond sundown on Tuesday March 7.

Even for the most hopeful of us it cannot come soon enough.

— c d kaplan

3 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech

  1. I just can’t rationalize the poor defense with the height and length of this team, among the tallest in the country. It has to be effort or coaching or both. Thankfully, the end is near.

  2. This game and this season brings to mind the interview with the little African-American boy, Charles Evans, during the horrible Katrina aftermath-“We need help out here. It’s just pitiful, just pitiful”.

  3. I thought the biggest reason for the loss was bad defense, failing to rotate and help resulting in open threes for GT. When you’re playing bad it makes it harder for refs to call the game, but I saw two mysterious calls. I had never heard of a “hook and hold” before. Yes, it was a foul, but a flagrant? Two shots and the ball seems a bit excessive – I have not seen that called once all season. Then with a couple minutes left (I know, why am I still watching?) there is that rare 3 second violation on the Cards. I rewound and re-watched it and at no time was a Card in the lane for more than one second. The game is bad enough to watch without this stuff.

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