Rumor & Innuendo Redux

Back to where it all began is where I find myself this fine spring day, waiting for the Champions League and NBA playoffs to start.

My sports writing career, such as it has been, began in the 90s at LEO, trafficking in sports gossip. That’s why the whole Seedy K moniker.

I knew a guy. A barrister who would literally stand in front of his office building in the afternoons, looking for fellow junkies to chat up about sports. Not only was he a huge fan, he was connected. Gave me some great stuff.

I mean, when I’d walk by, he’d give the come on over here move with his head.

The R & I deal was also propelled by passing along gaffes and bon mots from Coach Pipe. Oh for the halcyon days of SchnellSpeak of the Week.

Anyhow, I’m baaaaaack!

Of course, times are different these days. What with all the social media and chat rooms, the interweb is rife with all matters gossipular. So it might very well be that those of you tuning in have already consumed this tittle-tattle. Or have even started the scuttlebutt yourselves.

 * * * * *

Like you may have already heard what I’ve heard about She Who Is Known By HVL Alone.

There are a couple of hundred weigh-ins by the commentariat the post at CardChronicle about her transfer portal intentions. Didn’t read ’em.

This comes second or third hand.

I’m advised the Ms. Van Lith made inquiries at the start of the school year, about what she needed to do to graduate early?

Which says — to me anyway — she’s been planning her escape for awhile.

I’m also advised she was, let us say, less than an ideal teammate as the season progressed.

 * * * * *

As for El Ellis . . .

. . . I know for a fact he asked Kenny Payne during the middle of the season whether there’d be a spot for him next year?

And was assured there would be.

Then he stated after the campaign he was L1C4, if he didn’t get some positive feedback about turning pro.

Which I doubt he did or would.

Then, I’m advised he looked at how hard KP and staff were going for guards, and saw a significantly diminished role.

Forget that U of L hasn’t landed any but Skyy Clark so far, E2 said, “I’m outta here.”

 * * * * *

Which brings me to the most hopeful gossip of this tittle-tattle adventure.

Mackenzie Mgbako.

When I was at that AAU tourney last summer to watch You Know Whom’s grandson ball, there was another guy on his team who caught my eye just as much.

Even more actually.

Advised his name, I was also told, he’s going to Duke.

Well, kids, not anymore.

He’s what’s known in recruiting parlance as a decommit. Or I’d call it that anyway.

I checked in with my man in the know, who had heard nothing. When he spoke with KP, who was still in Africa recruiting, MM’s name did not come up.

When I opined it’s time for the money guys to come through, his answer: “It’s there.”

This would be HUGE, for any number of reasons, on the court and off.

 * * * * *

Speaking of the whole NIL gold rush, there’s this I just heard that my dedicated readers might already be aware of.

It’s said Coach Cal was/ has been/ still is recruiting somebody from Creighton.

Ryan Nembhard???

Anyway, as the gossip goes, when the Wildcat mentor asked what it would take to come to the Bluegrass, the kid responded, “A million bucks.”

— c d kaplan




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  1. Alright, its about time we got seem Seedy K gossip! Speaking of which, just this past weekend, while cleaning out my “basement tapes” I uncovered an old LEO which contained some original SchnellSpeak!

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