Tracking the Cardinals

Can’t say I’ve ever been a huge follower of track and field.

Like most, I’m a once every four year follower, when those Olympic Games are all that.

But, I gotta have some U of L sports to root for. It’s an addiction.

So, with all the equipment from the other spring sports stored away — including yet again, the balls and bats of the Cardinal nine — the NCAA Track & Field Championships have grabbed my attention.

Several Cardinal athletes shall be competing. Both on the track. And in the field.

Synclair Savage will be striving for the Long Jump crown. (I am old enough to remember when it was called the Broad Jump.)

Aliyah Welter will be going for the Pole Vault crown.

ACC champ x3 High Jumper Trey Allen is making his third straight trip to attempt to leap for the whole enchilada.

Bryan Hudson is going to be putting the shot.

Taylor Herbert, Kiyah Yeast, Tiriah Kelley and the aforementioned Ms. Savage will be going for the Women’s 4X400 gold.

While Cameron Miller, Noah Carmichael, Robert Joseph and Isiah Pantiere will do the same in the Men’s event.

Miller, along with Sterling Warner-Savage, Jeremiah Willis and Nolan Macklin will compete in the super fast 4×100.

Miller will also race individually in the 200m.

While Warner-Savage will do the same the 100m.

Kudos to HC Dale Cowper, who also mentors throwers. And Tony Miller, who is in charge of sprints.

The championships are June 7-10 in Austin. The daily events can be viewed on ESPN+. A nightly recap will air on ESPN2.

Go Cards.

 * * * * *

To say that the Red & Black Nation is überexcited about Brian Brohm’s first season back home would be serious understatement.

The phrase “frothing at the mouth” comes to mind.

Especially now that one of the recognized sites rates U of L’s transfer portal success as best in the land. Surpassing even Coach Prime at Colorado.

Kickoff is 7:30 September 1 against the Ramblin’ Wreck of Georgia Tech in Hot ‘Lanta. Burger and fries at the Varsity await your arrival.

 * * * * *

It’s never too early (or late) to talk hoops.

I know that a couple of holdovers have been spotted in the gym and training room, working their butts off, in drills and with weights.

I’ve got nothing for you since the phalanx of newbies have dribbled into town. Will report what I can, if and when I can.

I do know that I went to the tape  — old school for watching videos — on the rookies and transfers.

All can ball. The wings and guards were pretty adept handling the ball, finishing and finding teammates. The bigs looked strong and aggressive.

Hope springs.

— c d kaplan

2 thoughts on “Tracking the Cardinals

  1. Seed, it’s the Chili Dog and Onion Rings that await me at the Varsity !

  2. In re: Track & Field, did you ever attend (or compete in) The Mason-Dixon Games in Freedom Hall? An indoor meet with running events on a banked, wooden track. It was a blast to run on.

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