Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Wednesday Edition

Is that about a generic a title as you can find this side of Glorious Editor’s “XXXXday Afternoon’s Cardinal News & Notes?”

Correct answer: Oh yeah.

Sometimes there’s simply nothing pithy to say.

 * * * * *

Trentyn Flowers did not make the cut for the US Under 19 national team.

It is really cool to see he is grateful for the experience, though surely disappointed not making the squad.

It is my understand that Card assistant Nolan Smith was out in Colorado Springs last week, just to check on the Cardinal prodigy.

I learned a couple things.

Flowers made the first cut, when the roster was downsized to 18. Apparently though, nine of the 12 spots on the final roster were already committed. Meaning Flowers and 8 others were vying for three spots.

What makes me smile about his positive tweet on the experience of the try out is what I learned about the staff’s attitude. Obviously they were hopeful for the their prime recruit. They understand the positive recruiting optics of having a U of L baller on a national team.

But they’re also less than displeased that he’ll be back for the summer working out with his fellow Cards, learning the system and bonding with his mates.

 * * * * *

That The Ville will be competing in The Basketball Tournament has me pumped.

You know, hoops in the summer.

Cardinal hoops in the summer.

At Freedom Hall.

Be still my beating heart.

I’m told any number of the former Cards have been busting their humps in the gym and weight room in preparation.

Having former Cardinals — National Champion Cardinals — to ball with the current squad is, well, a Martha Stewart good thing.

 * * * * *

Switching over to our national pastime for a sec.


I’ve been thinking about Dan McDonnell’s “rant” after U of L’s last game of the disappointing season. What he mentioned specifically, if I recall correctly, among other matters, was the lack of a specific facility for pitching diagnostics.

On one of the regional NCAA telecasts, the announcers were extolling the virtues of one of the elite programs, and the coach of that school mentioned in an interview how much having a designated pitching diagnostic center had helped with the success.

And, goodbye ever attendant paranoia, it appears the Cards’ mentor is not jumping ship, and was spotted after that much diagnosed interview in Atlanta with AD Josh Heird to see former Cards Bobby Miller and Will Smith battle it out.

Now it’s time for Big Money to step up.

— c d kaplan