GameCap: The Ville 62, Gutter Cats 64

You got to close the deal.

The Ville did not.

Their run to shake hands with John Beresford Tipton ended Saturday afternoon.

The locals, mostly former U of L Cardinals, led by a penny, 56-55, as the Elam Ending commenced.

First to 64 survived and advanced.

With the crowd at din level on the decibel meter, the locals moved to within a deuce of victory, on a couple Russ Smith FTs, a third chance follow by Chane Behanan and a Smith J. Countered by a lone Gutter Cat FT.

The Ville was close.

But no cigar.

The remaining possessions for the former Cards+ went like this. Four missed hoops, two turnovers.

GC pulled within one possession victory distance on a Michael Roll layup. Eddie Jarell hit the target 64 bullseye from beyond the arc.

The Ville was a woeful 13/25 (52%) at the charity stripe, including a Smith miss right before the Elam which would have made the advantage 2 instead of 1. Every point matters in these affairs.

Especially a bruiser that would make Bill Lambeer and Rich Mahorn proud. This was no hardwood for the timid.

(By the by, fans in the Hall, and those who might have been throwing pillows at your TV, that late game block by GC was not a goaltend. The TBT uses FIBA goaltending rules. Once a shot hits the rim, it’s anything goes. O can slam it through off the iron or if in the cylinder. D can swat it to Dairy Kastle on Eastern Parkway.)

The Ville was 3/18 from Treyville.

Russ Smith was 4/21 from the field. He was the centerpiece of the action in the Elam. It didn’t work. To be fair, Russ seemed worn down by the end of the game, as he did in the win over Jackson Underdawgs.

The ball should have been in Peyton Siva’s hands to run the show. It wasn’t. Which might have been by design, and thus a serious mistake. Or, Siva might have hurt his hand earlier in the final stanza, more seriously than it looked. And thus wasn’t up to it.

Whatever, the victors were down 6 and tallied the last eight for the W.

 * * * * *

Chane Behanan was The Ville’s Star of Game.

18 points on 8/12 shooting.

6 boards.

And five — count ’em — 5 steals.

 * * * * *

It was an exciting and physical battle.

The Elam Ending — which I’ve totally fallen for — was seriously tense.

To the surprise of many, the crowds diminished in size marginally for each tilt by the local faves.

It might very well have been that the tickets were not cheap. And increased in price with each game. Two pals of mine advised they paid $28 first night, $38 next game, $45 for Saturday noon. Plus $12 a pop for parking.

 * * * * *

 Loved that most of the current Cardinal squad were once again in the house.

And totally engaged.

 * * * * *

The fans were loud and rabid.

Hopefully that will carry over to next season for U of L in the Yum!.

 * * * * *

Bottom Line: Cardinalish hoops in Freedom Hall in July.

As my pal Doc said, “What could be better?”

— c d kaplan


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