Hybrid Schtick: Hoops + Dis&Dat

There is a now a firm belief, at least among some of the Cardinal hoops coaching staff, that Trentyn Flowers and his dad had their abdication planned all along. If not to Down Under, to somewhere.

That he’d come to town, nab an NIL deal, get some coaching over the summer, film his workouts, and shop them around hither and yon.

Obviously, the staff does not know that for a fact, but believe it to be so in hindsight.

Kinda like Shaedon Sharpe sorta did down the road.

 * * * * *

There are still many fans who won’t move past KP’s unfortunate statement early on that some interpret as him, not buying into NIL.

So, I pass this along.

Skyy Clark, I’m advised, has an agent from Miami. (Whom Kenny Payne has known for years.) Which is legal now. And his own personal trainer. Both of which were in the practice facility last week, working out U of L’s PG. Do you think this would have happened without the HC’s approval?

Correct Answer: No.

Plus, the reality of college sports these days is such that Louisville would not have been able to corral the highly rated recruiting class they did unless there was NIL money in place.

Or that Jeff Brohm would have been able to upgrade the football roster.

 * * * * *

Not a lot to report from the gym.

The players are only allowed to do individual drills with grad assistants. No coaches.

I’m told, to the squad member, they’re working their butts off. On the hardwood. In the weight room. Daily.

My guy seems enamored with Curtis Williams Jr.. He’s not quite as fast as the others. Not quite the hops. But he can shoot. And gives no quarter.

Like all us guys from Motown, who still have a smidge of Bad Boys in us.

As for Mike James, my guy says he’s working “ridiculously hard.” And netted 17 treys in a row the other day during a shooting drill.

Not sure when practice can actually commence with coaching staff.

But when I know something, you’ll know.

 * * * * *

As a college sports addict, I’m as fascinated by this whole realignment stuff as anyone. As bizarre as it is unfolding.

As of this August Friday, the buzz is that ACC commish Jim Phillips is close to securing the one more vote he needs to add Cal, Stanford and possibly SMU to the league. It is said that Notre Dame is the affiliate league member really pushing for this.

Which leads me to more firmly believe the Irish ain’t goin’ nowhere. (At least until the scenario hypothesized below comes into play.)


In one of my many fantasy worlds, here’s what happens.

Those thirty or so institutions of higher learning who believe they have the biggest block and tackles, and best Nielson’s, split off and become a mini NFL.

But only after their otherwise aggrieved conference mates get significant and annjual monetary concessions from them and the networks.

The rest re-form regionally. In a sensible way.

Or, maybe Florida State joins the SEC, and Clemson the Big Whatever. And the ACC gets Vandy and Maryland, and significant moolah.

Oh, of course, none of what I just wrote makes any sense.

Kinda like college sports. And all of society and culture, the cockamamie world today.

Which is why I’ll be tuned into that encounter in Dublin tomorrow.

Real football. Actual pigskin on the turf.

— c d kaplan

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  1. Mia culpa on Kenny’s comments. They seemed rather absolute, all the rest a bit speculative. I’m still one of the holdouts that thinks we should have gotten Andre McGee under oath and found out who really brought our banner down!

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