U of L CardFile: Murray State

After the QB starter, back up, third string, fourth string, #5, #6, #7 #8 and #9 all took snaps in the Cardinals’ 56 zed laugher against Murray State, there was but one Louisville signal caller who didn’t get PT.

And, I swear, it would have been too cool.

If former Card now HC Jeff Brohm, and his former Card QB OC bro Brian had sent patriarch Oscar Brohm out to take an exclamation point knee on the last snap of the game, it wouldn’t have surprised me a bit.

HC Brohm on that situation: “Well my father Oscar was mad at me because he wanted to get 10 in but I told him that his eligibility had run up.”

From a football perspective, I hate these types of games generally.

They are rarely satisfying. Louisville either takes care of biz, learning little due to the nature of the foe. Or they underperform, indicating the team wasn’t ready to git ‘er done.

But, as that parade of backbenchers on both sides of the ball took to the gridiron in the 4th, the Louisville diehards, coaching staff and Brohm Brigade couldn’t help but smile.

So, let’s do a countdown.

Jack Plummer was 16/22 for 247. His B- performance included a couple picks. One of which was bad, the other signified nothing, since it was on a Hail Mary. Though it was underthrown.

But, oh my, JP did thread the needle to Jamari Thrash between two closing DBs, and the Cards new wideout star grabbed it in stride and finished about 60 of the 73 yards with Racers chasing futilely.

Midway through the 3d, Brock Domann entered the “fray.” He went 4/4 for 44 of Louisville’s 54 yard TD drive for a 42 nil lead.

Evan Conley did not attempt a toss in his short stint, but did cut off a 19 yard chunk rush.

Harrison Bailey — whomever you are — come on down. The UNLV transfer went 3/5 for 51 yards and a launch to paydirt.

Next Up: Prize Cali recruit Pierce Clarkson. To the joy of the diminishing assembled at the L&N. He was 1/2.

Welcome Brady Allen, late of Purdue. He completed his only attempt.

Then it was like one of those circus tricks, where a tiny car rolls into the ring, and one clown after another gets out.

Not this guys who reside in the Schnell Complex Quarterback Room are clowns.

Sam Vaulton was QB#7. By then, HC Brohm showed a sense of mercy. No passing attempts.

As was the situation with QB#8 Sam Young. And QB#9 Travis Egan.

 * * * * *

While all that was going on, the Red & Black Faithful were introduced to rookie RB Keyjuan Brown from Hot ‘Lanta. 11 totes for 65 yards and touchdown.

He joined the Cardinals’ primary two RBs on the wowie zowie list. Jawhar Jordan hit for 135 yards on 7 carries, two TDs, including a 73 yard burst. Former Badger Isaac Guerendo plundered the woefully overmatched foe for 66 yards and a score.

Kaden Moorman — I know, I know, these names are as new to me as they are to you — gobbled up 40 yards on 5 carries.

Six other fellas in black gained positive yards.

 * * * * *

Ten Cardinal pass catchers had at least two grabs. That’s right, 10.

Two more also had a reception for an even dozen.

Thrash led the way with 6 for 82. Brown transfer Allan Houston — son of Allan Houston, the homeboy who shoulda hooped at U of L instead of the Vols — snared 4 for 27 yards.

Former Card receiver Greg Brohm, like his father, did not see action. But shoulda.

 * * * * *

On the other side of the ball, 17 different defenders made at least one stop.

Six others did something to earn a stat line.

TJ Quinn had 6 tackles.

But Devin Neal was the D standout. Four tackles. Plus a fumble recovery. Plus an interception.

Ashton Gillotte had Louisville’s only sack.

 * * * * *

Brock Travelstead averaged 52.5 yards on his 2 punts.

And was perfect in point afters. Or, is it points after?

 * * * * *

So, yeah, it was a laugher.

A Brohm Family Regime home debut to be savored.

It was encouraging to watch a U of L team do exactly what it was supposed to do.

Now things get serious again.

 * * * * *

Were there any reasons for concern?


Jack Plummer was, like in the opener, a smidge inconsistent.

A few times the DEs or CBs responsible for contain didn’t contain.

Two U of L kickoffs went out of bounds, allowing the Racers to start a drive at the 35.

Some vexing penalties. Again.

A sense of cockiness could ensue, given how easy it all was.

 * * * * *

On a night when my other favorite team, The Detroit Lions, upended the defending Super Bowl champs in Arrowhead, I slept easy.

I wasn’t the only one.

— c d kaplan