The Pigskin Pundit: After Week II

For someone with yours truly’s rooting interests, last Thursday was as good as it gets.

U of L skunked Murray State, as it was supposed to.

And my (and Glorious Editor’s) Detroit Lions prevailed over the defending Super Bowl champs. In Arrowhead.

And, no, I’m not just a bandwagon jumper, just because the Lions are the Flavor of the Month. I’m a Motowner by birth, and long time suffering fan. If through the years, you’ve seen an old fart in the vegetable aisle of the grocery store sporting a well worn Honolulu blue and silver ball cap, it was likely moi. There are a few of us in town. But not many.

Plus there’s this. Beloved former Card Teddy B is Detroit’s backup QB.

Better to be a Lions fan than a Jets fan after Week I.

 * * * * *

The ACC stands four up one down to the League That Cares More.

Not bad for a hoops confederation where football is said to be an afterthought.

And the dominance, such as it is, is top to bottom.

Florida State over Louisiana State. Wake Forest over Vanderbilt.

One of the vanquishments was The U over Texas A&M. Especially smile-inducing since my least favorite coach Bobby P couldn’t score enough points to beat the ‘Canes. And whoever their D coordinator is, couldn’t stop Miami. Their former D guy is that Mike Elko fella, now toiling in the ACC, and doing a pretty miraculous job of turning Duke into something legit.

Next up: Georgia Tech over Ole Miss. If only.

 * * * * *

As a former barrister at the bar, I am always interested in the legal ramifications of sports.

Love what Oregon State and Washington State have done.

They got a restraining order, which prevents the league from having a decision making Board meeting, until it is resolved which schools can vote, and which cannot.

Seems that the conference by-laws clearly state if a school declares its intention to move on, it no longer has voting rights on league matters. Which means, if it is so ruled, only the Beavers and Cougars votes are legit.

What’s at stake?

Apparently there’s as much as $100,000,000 due the PAC2 in future revenue. NCAA tourney moolah. PAC Network profits.

Hope they prevail. And divvy up that largesse between the two.

 * * * * *

I dunno if “Texas is back” or not, but I do know its W over Alabama was the first time Nick Saban’s lost by double digits in Tuscaloosa as HC there.

 * * * * *

Zachariah Branch, the only wideout in college football more exciting than Jamari Thrash, already has a punt return TD, and a kickoff return TD.

 * * * * *


Which I mention only because I am compelled to, according to the recently updated by-laws of the National Pigskin Pundits Trade Association.

 * * * * *

Brian Ferentz Watch: The Son of HC OC at Iowa is under contractual mandate to average 25 ppg this season, or he will be fired. Or, so it is said.

In their first two battles, both Ws, the Hawkeyes have tallied 24 and 20. Putting Ferentz’s technical +/- at -6.

But, his actual +/- is -13. Since one of Iowa’s scores against Iowa State was scored by the defense on a Pick Six.

Wonder if former Wolverine, TPQB Cade McNamara wished he’d have taken his talents elsewhere?

Matt Rhule could use a real signal caller for his Cornhuskers.

— c d kaplan