Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

I am so pretty sure what Lane Kiffin thought last Wednesday afternoon. After he scurried out of a game-planning coordinators meeting to settle in front of his computer for his weekly ritual of reading yours truly’s pigskin picks.

“So, that’s the deal, Seedy,” he thought as he read my take on the LSU/ Ole Miss game? “You find me more loathsome than Brian Kelly? Really. Well, I’ll show you, SOB. LSU is goin’ down, and you with him.”

Which misguided resentment really begs the question. Had the Ole Miss coach read with more focus, he would have realized that it was my love for most all matters Louisiana than my distaste for either of the coaches. Both of whom, to be fair and honest, I regard with equal deep-seated disdain.

Actually I love the Magnolia state, which I’ve visited a number of times. Clarksdale, the birthplace of rock & roll. Itta Beena, where I witnessed a Grambling/ Mississippi Valley State football game. The strange affection for tamales in the Delta. Greenwood, home of the White Citizens Council. Stovall, Dockery. Muddy Waters’ cabin. Oxford Town. Biloxi.

Oh well.

Does it matter that the Johnny Reb’s victory came at the end of a really exciting back and forth offensive tit for tat?

Not really. Though I was locked in.

Kiffin was right. Seedy was wrong. Let’s pray it doesn’t happen again.

I also incorrectly went with Utah at Oregon State, oops, forgetting that the Utes blow one every year.

BC survived against almost as inept Virginia. Kentucky gave indications they are really good. U of L left Tobacco Road with a W, hard fought as it was.

3-2 for the weekend. 20-10 for the season.

This week’s winners:

Oklahoma vs. Texas.  One of my favorite rock & roll instrumentals from late 50s/ early 60s was “Red River Rock.” The group was Johnny & the Hurricanes. Who were from Toledo, Ohio. I dunno, it’s not that strange. But it is an eccentric aside. Which is my default modus operandi. The Red River Rivalry is contested yearly in front of an evenly divided stadium in Dallas, Texas during the state fair. After four Sooner Ws in a row, the Longhorns smacked ’em around last season when neither perennial power was ranked. This season both contingents are back where their fanbases believe the always deserve to be. Is this the one where Brent Venables proves all his HC promise was not misplaced? Is Texas back? Strange things this way come by that Ferris Wheel. I’m going Burnt Orange.

Alabama @ Texas A&M.  Since the Aggies joined the Southeastern Conference, they’ve only beaten the Tide thrice in 15 tries. The most famous W, of course, that Johnny Football aberration. Which is one of the reasons why one Bobby Petrino now has a seat in the coaches box these days during A&M games, i.e. winning. So far so good. Mostly. And, on the other sideline, there is once again angst over the QB situation. But that Saban guy has won the natty with signal callers who never got within time zones of the Heisman. This one is arguably the weekend’s most fascinating encounter. Will the 12th Man prevail? I kinda sorta don’t think so. Tide.

Purdue @ Iowa.  You may ask yourself, on a weekend where there any number of battles of greater pertinence, am I addressing this one only to continue the snark toward Iowa’s Son of HC OC, Brian Ferentz? That would be ab so lute ly correct. Infamously his Hawkeye charges have to average 25ppg for him to stay in office. Their 26 point total last time out deceives. A punt return score was special teams. Leaving him, according to my unofficial count, at -22 for the campaign. The Boilermakers are 2-3 for the year, but thumped the Illini last week at home. The series has been back and forth, but home team wins, despite the absence of their TP QB. BF’s O continues to sputter like a certain body organ after a bean soup repast.

Kentucky @ Georgia.  This is a deceptively important game for both schools. For micro and macro reasons. The Bulldogs have been underwhelming so far in a quest for threepeat. So, this one matters for this season. Mark Stoops has slowly and surely and certainly inexorably been upticking the Cats during his reign in the Bluegrass. Are they ready to take the next step on the road in Athens with their crackin’ D and big boy running game? Maybeeee. But I just can’t go there. Smart team prevails.

Notre Dame @ Louisville.  As enamored as I am about the undefeated beginning of the Brohm Family Coaching Era at U of L, it has come against a victory-friendly schedule. Notre Dame, even on the home field turf of the L&N, is another matter entirely. There are any number of Cardinal loose ends that need to be cleaned up for the good guys to prevail. One has to assume ND will have the correct number of players on the field at critical times. This is where I usually prevaricate. Advise I never pick against the Cards, except, you know. Not so this time around. U of L’s rise up the totem pole of college pigskin continues.

— c d kaplan

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