Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Until last weekend, that Ol’ Ramblin’ Wreck was hitting on every other cylinder.


L. W. L. W. L. W. L. W.

Though I’ve never been really too good at numbers, I have been known to spot a trend or deux along the way.

Though UVa hadn’t been very good all year, they had won a couple in a row, including in Chapel Hill, and played the U tough.

So was my logic in predicticating a Cavalier dub.

Turns out beating the Tar Heels was a false positive. And the Yellow Jackets were up for coming with the sting in consecutive weekends.

So, I was wrong there.

But Akron came back strong late in the Bottom 10 Battle of the Bottom 10. Go Zips.

Kentucky silenced the Cowbells.

The Cardinals continued their dominant ways.

And the Okie State Pokes did what I frankly was pretty certain they would do, i.e. win the Last Scheduled Bedlam. Buster Sooner.

4-1. 35-20 for the year.

This week’s winners:

Rutgers @ Iowa. Former Tennessee coach Greg Schiano . . . oops, wait a sec . . . he was not able to summit Rocky Top. My bad. So he returned to where he once belonged, The University of New Jersey. Where he appears to have the Scarlet Knights back on track after several seasons of “building the program and brand.” This weekend they’ll find themselves in the part of the Heartland where offense appears to be offensive. As in, “Don’t talk to me about no offense.” But the Hawkeyes can play some D, and keep winning games that are nothin’ but U>G>L>Y. Goin’ with a hunch here, the Ferentz’s are going to need to score more points than they can muster. Da guyz from Joisey steal one.

Tennessee @ Missouri. Look which school got the best former App State mentor. Hint: It’s not Cincinnati, nor Louisville before them. Mizzou, that’s who(m). Eliah Drinkwitz is showin’ ’em in Columbia. 7-2 and rising. The winner will have the dubious honor of being the leader to finish runner up to Georgia in the SEC East. Such a deal. The Vols resumé is the same numerically. For some reason, the Tigers resurgence seems fresher and more sustainable. Plus it’s a home game. Missouri.

Arizona @ Colorado. By any account, Coach All Over The Place has done a marvelous job so far, rebuilding the moribund Buffaloes. OK, maybe he could have used a smidge more publicity, but other than that. But the team hit the skids, and, don’t ya just know it, Prime (Coach not Amazon) displayed some panic. He demoted his hot shot on the rise OC, and turned to an old NFL guy to call plays. OL remains ineffective. Losing streak continued against the Beavers. On Homecoming Weekend too. Meanwhile in Tucson, Jedd Fisch — Just Jedd Fisch, no fancy nickname — has steadily improved the once moribund Wildcats. 1-11 to 5-7, and currently 6-3 in ’23. On a three game winning trend. I like the Cats.

Alabama @ Kentucky. Is it possible that UK can somehow find a . . . OK, let me interrupt myself before the question s fully stated . . . No. No, it is not. Possible, that is. Tide roll.

Virginia @ Louisville. My hope is the Cardinals aren’t reading their clippings. Or looking ahead to the seriously difficult task of beating Miami near South Beach. (Which I guess I am by simply mentioning it.) Even so, this U of L team continues to amaze. 9-1 is on the horizon.

— c d kaplan

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