U of L CardFile: Miami

The victorious ACC Title Game-bound Louisville Cardinals started the second half in a 20-21 hole, no thanks to a missed PAT after a key score with :08 to play before the break.

But they moved the pigskin steadily — more or less — down the field after receiving the kickoff.

Isaac Guerendo, once again providing way way way more than adequate back up to the obviously still injured Jawhar Jordan, had the big play, a 26 buster on a 2d &9 to the Miami 30.

Jack Plummer, iffy all afternoon it seemed (more on that later) completed a couple to Chris Bell and Joey Gatewood. The Cardinals had survived a couple of miscue plays, one a TFL, the other a bad pass on a bad Jeff Brohm play call on 3d & 2 at the Hurricanes’ 22.

4th & 2 at the U 22.

Given the bad juju of what should have been a tied score at intermission, it was imperative that Louisville add to its total. Chasing that point the rest of the way would have manifoldly increased the pressure.

Given Brock Travelstead’s yips, a 40 yard FG was absolutely not a gimme.

Given Plummer’s up and down game to that point, a pass play was a crap shoot.

Rushing for a couple is never a given in any situation.

Brohm chose Option #1.

Jogging on the field for the attempt was a #92, who looked totally unfamiliar.

To check on players I can’t immediately identify, I go to a roster list I’ve kept in my notepad from the Georgia Tech opener.

There is no Nick Lopez listed on that roster.

Turns out he’s a transfer from Cal, out of Mater Dei. A redshirt senior, who apparently still has another year of eligibility. His previous game experience is  . . . limited. One attempt. Made.

Upon which wellspring of in game learning, at a moment when Louisville Absolutely Positively Had To Score, Lopez, our new favorite Cardinal, split the proverbial uprights.

It was . . . all together now . . . HUGE.

 * * * * *

Jack Plummer continues to have Cardinal fans scratching their heads.

Watching some of those overthrows and underthrows and pick early on, Doc, Smart Guy and I wondered aloud why Brohm, a noted QB Whisperer, hadn’t given any significant time to one of the 36 other signal callers in the QB room?

Buuuuuuuuuut, as JP is wont to do, he steadied, more than steadied actually, late.

On the drive that ended with with a 31-28 advantage with 11:02 left, Plummer went 4/5. To Josh Lifson for 11. To Joey Gatewood for 22. To Maurice Turner for 13. And again to Gatewood for 18.

(After which, Evan Conley efficiently ran it in from 5 out, on his only action of the day.)

Plummer then tossed it to Jamari Thrash for the deuce PAT.

Jack may not be the Best Plum(b)er in town, but he was the Best Plummer on South Beach Saturday.

24/37 for 308 yards and 3 scores.

Yell and scream we might at some of his decisions and mistakes and soft throws, the fellow stands 10-1 as a starter for Louisville, which is, you know, not just glossy, but Best Ever.

 * * * * *

How about the manner in which Kevin Coleman outran and out maneuvered the Miami safety on the 58 yard game winner with 1:17 left?

Nifty as it was shifty.

 * * * * *

Though not as much as that it didn’t work, I love Mario Cristobal’s Hail Mary to try to win it. It appeared the actual purpose of the play was to bat the ball back to Xavier Restrepo, who lingered short of paydirt, then let him run it in.

Storm Duck and Quincy Riley would have none of it, stopping the ‘Cane star at the 5.

Clock at 00:00, the scoreboard reading Visitors 38 Home 31.

 * * * * *

I doubt I was the only one who mentioned the name Jamie Asher, U of L’s best TE ever arguably when he wore the red and black in the early 90s.

All of a sudden — and one must surmise it was another adroit tactical ploy by the Brohms — Louisville morphed into Tight End U..

Louisville’s 24 completions went to 12 different receivers.

TE Nate Kurisky caught 5 for 50 and a score.

TE Joey Gatewood caught 4 for 58.

TE Josh Lifson also had a grab.

Trevonte Sylvester, actually a receiver eligible tackle but TE in truth on that play, snared 1 from a yard out and a score on a bit o’ trickeronomy.

 * * * * *

Though it surrendered 31 points in this relatively high scoring battle, Louisville’s D again came up bigly when it mattered.

7 TFLs including a sack vs 0 sacks on only 2 TFLs by Miami.

 * * * * *

Yeah, so, face slap this: The Louisville Cardinals are 10-1, headed to the ACC title smackdown against the Seminoles.

But first . . . Arch Rival in the L&N.

— c d kaplan



4 thoughts on “U of L CardFile: Miami

  1. Great win, considering we have a very average (at best )quarterback, and our best wide receiver and running back were injured.

    I agree with you that I wonder why Evan Conley isn’t calling at least more plays but who can question the coach who is 10–1


  2. Bringing in Lopez to boot that critical FG was one of the guttiest moves I’ve seen in a long time 😳 Bravo Jeffro !

    1. Speaking of injuries, the one not talked about enough is Jarvis Brownlee. No coincidence that we started seeing more deep balls succeed against us since he’s been out. I hope he is back soon, I have never heard any update on his status.

  3. I was at Hard Rock. Exhausting and, ultimately, wonderful day. What a delight to witness an expertly-coached squad with depth, discipline and fortitude in action! We can’t thank Cincinnati enough.

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