Louisville CardFile: Virginia Tech

What a difference a decade or two or three plus an annum or two make.

On January 30, 1985, Virginia Tech led by one Dell Curry — you may have heard of his son — bashed an eventual 19-18 Cardinal team in Freedom Hall, 81-61.

Then U of L turned the Hokies into bird cage fodder. Winning 11 straight.

Then during Denny Crum’s first losing season in ’90-’91, VT beat the Cards twice, at Freedom Hall  and then Cassell Coliseum.

After which blip in the Cardinals domination, U of L prevailed 17 times in a row.

28 0f 30 over a long long period of time.

Louisville fell Sunday afternoon, 68-75, for the third time in a row.

 * * * * *

The Hokies did not need a FG in the final 4:19 to win it.

Louisville didn’t make one for the last 2:26 of play.

The Cards were bested 36-26 in the paint. Brandon Huntley-Hatfield played rather well actually (14 and 9, a couple blocks), but wore down in 38 minutes of PT. Dennis Evans was a DNP because of a shoulder injury. Manny Okorafor was ineffectual, especially defensively in two minutes of play.

Cards were -21 in bench points, garnering only 10 off the pine, all by Ty-Laur Johnson.

Mike James, Tre White and Skyy Clark all hit double figures.

 * * * * *

U of L started strong. VT steadied and led 31-30 at intermission.

The victors scored deuces in the paint on their first four touches in the 2d.

Louisville steadied, and led by one as late as 10:41 at 48-47.

Tech had the Cards measure the rest of the way, and pulled away late for that final margin when Cards were scrambling.

 * * * * *

Louisville didn’t play badly in their ACC opener on the road.

But not good enough, falling to 4-4 on the season.

Next: DePaul.

— c d kaplan

6 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Virginia Tech

  1. I’m confused – “ Louisville didn’t make one for the last 2:26 of play.”

    Do you feel that’s an inordinate amount of time not to make a FG ? Especially for a team as scoring challenged as Us ?

    I’m happy we kept it somewhat close I guess –

    What about how Far we dropped out of a relevant Holiday Bowl game ?? USC ? Their defense should provide us ample scoring opps – It sure ain’t a major 6 & OSU – which I guess is a blessing – it could be worse we could be the Ducks

  2. Face it…we just suck. Looking at the physical talent on the floor—other than shooting which is really important despite what our coach thinks—we were better at every spot. Yet struggled throughout the game…

  3. I only saw the last 10 minutes, and after VT got a small lead it was just a free throw contest. Both teams were making them but since the zebras were calling it close, it made it hard to get needed stops.

    1. Mark – are you the same Mark Stanton who does Taylor made partnerships and is an owner of Porta Fortuna ?

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