U of L CardFile: Virginia

No, David Lee Roth, I am not hot for teacher.

At least not this one.

But, the word I’ve used to describe Louisville basketball against Tony Bennett basketball since the Cards joined the ACC is “schooled.”

Even a former Card mentor now in the Big East had little success. That Mango W was luck.

So, yeah, even from a historical perspective, U of L has just not been very good against the Cavaliers. (Ever. Even before Bennett actually. In the glory days of the early 80s, Louisville was ofer, and can thank its ’82 Final Four appearance to UAB upending the Cavs in the regional semi.)

The lack of success against Thomas Jefferson’s school is historical.

It was hysterical what transpired during the opening stanza Saturday noon in UVa’s eventual   69-52 victory.

The Cards first score came at the 14:15 mark on a couple Mike James freebies.

At 11-0, the victors had 8 points in the paint and a triple. U of L had four turnovers.

Isn’t 11-0 a “skunk.” That’s what we used to call it playing ping-pong. Game over. (As this one truly was at that point.)

The Cardinals’ first FG came at 12:45. UVa immediately answered with a trey.

Do I dare delve further?

Sure, why not.

At the 7:41 stoppage, 16 of Virginia’s 22 points — they were up 15 then — came in the red. They’d scored 8 in a row, and U of L’s drought was 4:01.

Etc, etc, etc.

With :08 left in the 1st, UVa missed a wide open fastbreak layup after a steal.

They still led by 28, 41-13.

 * * * * *

U of L did come out for the 2d. Truth be told, the Cards registered the first five points after intermission. Immediately answer: Virginia dunk. Card turnover. Virginia threeball.

The rest of the game was played. Such as it was. I kept expecting a running clock, but it didn’t happen.

A Curtis Williams triple right before the buzzer reduced the Cards deficit under 20.

Final score: Virginia 69, Louisville 52.

The victors had 18 assists.

The vanquished had 18 turnovers.

 * * * * *

I did have a crush on Miss Lewis, my 3d grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary.

Her lessons never hurt as much as Tony Bennett’s.

— c d kaplan

6 thoughts on “U of L CardFile: Virginia

  1. Just sad and feel for all involved, cheerleaders, coaches, players, announcers, vendors, city, etc…… there is literally no answer to this and there are not enough players portal or otherwise , coaches, wizards that can fix this.
    Thanks Ricky, Mack, your legacy just keeps on giving.

  2. One or two “on ball” screens per possession. Off ball screens to spring someone open does not exist in our system. You will not win playing that type of offense, whether it is against Virginia or Virginia Military Institute.

  3. Yes, the basketball apocalypse is upon us. Who’d a ever thunk it.
    But let’s not forget that much if not most of the blame for this calamity lies at the feet of Mat Bevin and his UK sympathetic appointed board of Trustees including its chair, David Grissom. Their disdain for the cosmic success of Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino together with their vile jealousy of their success to which you can add a cup of myopia for failing to see or possibly care, if they did see, that their execution of Jurich and Pitino would have cataclysmic impact on University enrollment, contributions, the basketball program, the economic health of the world class Yum Center and the satellite businesses around it, community esprit de corps and who knows what else. Oh yeh, walk through the Athletic themed stores at the Malls. The UK merch outnumbers the UL merch exponentially-and it ain’t because it is a larger school.
    “There is trouble right here in River City…”
    What to do? Get a community task force together to establish an action plan to put Humpty Dumpty back together again-THIS WEEK!

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