U of L CardFile: Boston College

If it wasn’t for bad luck/ You know I’d have no luck at all

Regardless of what Tuesday night’s outcome in Chestnut Hill might turn out to be, the lede to the BC game story seemed oh too obvious to me, given the latest bad news for Kenny Payne’s U of L Cardinals.

So, props to Albert King.

Not the baller Albert King, former Maryland Terrapin, younger brother of Volunteer Bernard King.

Talkin’ bluesman Albert King.

Not to be confused with BB King — though “The Thrill is Gone” also applies hereabouts — nor Freddie King, whose “Hideaway” is something many Cardinal fans are choosing to do given the sad state of affairs.

So, yeah, whatever you think about Kenny Payne as a coach, he has to believe he was Born Under a Bad Sign.

Trentyn Flowers. Gone Down Under somewhere.

Koron Davis. Who knows?

JJ Traynor. Can’t even remember his injury.

Dennis Evans. Health stuff.

Hercy Miller. Health stuff.

And just when he was starting to emerge : Skyy Clark. Fractured rib.

I mean c’mon!!!?!?!!? Geesh.

Oh wait a sec, another late scratch announced half hour before tip off.

Danilo Jovanovich. Lower leg injury.

Not to mention Ty-Laur Johnson having to spend time in the locker room, after inadvertently getting smacked in the face during a loose ball skirmish.

Naismithius, Greek God of Hoops, whatever has the Red & Black Nation done to deserve this?

Really, tell me.

 * * * * *

Sooner or later that glaring lack of manpower has to manifest itself.

Louisville 77, Boston College 89.

The Cards were outpointed 20 in the 2d, after heading into the half up 8.

BC netted the first five of the 2d, not much later ran off 6 consecutive, forcing a Cardinal timeout with 15:05 left. The Eagles were 6/7 from the field.

Knowing there would be another media break at the next stoppage, Payne gave U of L’s ONLY guard Ty-Laur Johnson a quick breather.

Louisville ball out of the stoppage.

Shot clock violation.

BC’s 6-0 run begat an 8-0 run which begat a 10-0 run which begat a 12-0 run which begat a 20-1 run. That biblical interlude was informed by Louisville’s defense, a veritable parting of the seas.

Any number of technicals, flagrant fouls, trash talking and mediocrity at both ends of the court later, and this affair was mercifully over.

 * * * * *

U of L opened the game — played in front of the emptiest gym I’ve seen since my pals and I were in a Tuesday night Y league during law school — allowing the Eagles to score at will in the paint. Like, on three of their first 4 possessions.

Actually both squads found comfort there in the opening stanza. 20 for the Cards, 22 for the home team.

Neither team could establish any superiority. Until a smidge of hope appeared for Louisville.

Halfway through the opening half, the Cardinals fashioned an 8-0 run to go up 7. Which was soon countered with a BC 7-0 skein over 1:01.

Louisville did take some control right before intermission. With 1:29 to go, they went up 10, 44-34, after a steal and Mike James triple, followed by a Curtis Williams long ball.

A Brandon Huntley-Hatfield old fashioned three point play stopped mini Eagle run, for 47-39 margin at the break.

Which was short lived after the combatants started at it again.

 * * * * *

Began with a lede that was a diversion.

So given my nature, for sanity’s sake, gotta cap this “recap” with another.

Because today happens to be the 41st anniversary of the greatest rendition of the National Anthem ever.

Yes. Ever.

Marvin Gaye at the NBA All-Star Game.

— c d kaplan

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  1. “How long [will] this be going on?”
    All I can say is, the portal must open wide for the Cards or there must be a second coming of Wes Unseld.

  2. Chuckles, how do you feel now about the prospects of KP to revive the program to an acceptable level this season so as to continue forward? Pretty far fetched in my humble opinion…

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