U of L CardFile: Duke

A personal parable, if you will indulge.

And, it does apply for me anyway, to the current state of Louisville Cardinal hoops.

At 7:50 Monday morning, my 79th birthday, I was in the cardiologist’s office. Where I’d been referred, out of caution, by another specialist last Friday, to whom I’d been referred by my primary care doc earlier that week.

I know, I know, stick with me here.

And don’t be rollin’ your eyes. You live to this age it’s the nature of the beast. Trust me, I hope you’re lucky enough to be around to complain about your aches and pains. Which shall become more than a small part of any lunch conversations.

At any rate, those visits were, as I said out of caution. All seems to be OK. At least for an old fart.

Stick around I’m going to get to hoops.

So, I had a choice to make in the aftermath of that, with another appointment with a different specialist about a different pending issue two weeks hence.

That being, do I lament at every moment said state of Chuck? Or, do I feel blessed that I’m still here to deal with it, as vexing and foreboding as it is?

I have chosen the latter. (Thanks in no small part to my addiction to Anne Lamott’s great writing, humor and perceptive wisdom.)

As for the Cards, they dropped another one on Wednesday to the Evil Empire, as was, frankly, inevitable.

The final: Cards 59   Blue Devils 84.

It sucks. The season sucks.

But where I go is this. I was around in ’86. I was in Indy when the emotionally devastated Cardinals still outscored Duke before halftime in the Kevin Ware game.

And Knoxville in ’83. And Indy in ’80.

Cherish that U of L is the only school with a winning record against the GOAT which played Coach K at least ten times.

Etc, etc, etc.

What’s happening in these sad times is the yin to the yang of life. Or, maybe it’s vice versa.

I hate what’s happened and is happening. I want change. Which didn’t come today, and likely won’t come tomorrow.

But, to seize an oft used cliché: This too shall pass.

Just not on my time.

Thanks for indulging me. Not sure why I felt the need to be so personal. Too much info perhaps. Maybe it was that great Peanuts cartoon my friend MNC sent me.

I’ve been around the good, the great, and the mediocre that more often than not preceded Louisville’s ascendence starting with the Unseld Era.

I loved the Cardinals then.

I love the Cardinals now.

 * * * * *

As for the game, a ho hum affair let’s be honest, it was never in doubt.

Though the Cards did lead — once — 35 seconds in, when a Tre White threeball countered a couple of FTs by the Camerons. The Cards didn’t score again for five minutes or so, while the teams traded turnovers.

But Duke did enough to stay ahead.

The winners played with no engagement.

You could say they were ridin’ the storm out.

Or perhaps they were mired in the calm after the storm.

As mediocre as they were for the night, they knew they wouldn’t lose.

And didn’t.

At the last media timeout of the 1st, the victors were +11 on fastbreak scores (13-2). And had more points in the paint, even though they were actually giving it away more than U of L.

A sign of disinterest by the Dukies, one might observe.

Not that any specific stats matter at all. (Except to let my readers know I did watch and was paying attention. Though I started this “recap” at halftime.)

One curiosity of numbers. Turnovers: U of L 9, Duke 14. Of no consequence.

It was 36-23 at the break.

It didn’t take long to increase the margin after. Duke went dunk, trey, deuce in the paint on its first three possessions after intermission. The Cards turned it over. The deficit was 18 by then, and never really narrowed.

Three regular season games remain.

— c d kaplan


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  1. Couldn’t we take a minute to praise the sweet – funny – loving – neurotic – great Richard Lewis ‼️. He makes your kvetching seem quaint – Protect your heart ❤️

  2. Happy belated birthday! Glad you are back in the gym and out of the doctors’ offices. Anne Lamott IS terrific!

  3. I turned away. It was akin to a Wildebeast calf being eaten alive by a pack of Hyenas.
    Stay well you old curmudgeon and may we be blessed to have another year of your kvetching.

    1. Agreed. There is not much to say but I appreciate being able to read the Seedy K Card File, even in these dire straits.

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