U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech

You may say to yourself/ “This is not my beautiful house”  

It is: Not the same as it ever was.

Louisville loses again at home in the Yum!

This time 64-80 to a Virginia Tech team with only one previous road W on the season, a losing record in the ACC, and not within a case of Double Bubble of making the Dance.

Louisville netted a respectable nine triples on the night.

But . . . on six of those, including the first of Zan Payne’s career threeballs, the Hokies immediately answered on the ensuing possession with three of their own.

Five times from beyond the arc. Once with the conversion of an old fashioned +1.

VT drained 13 treys of their own in 29 attempts.

So, if the context is this season, not U of L all time, yeah . . .

Same as it ever was/ Same as it ever was

 * * * * *

As the Cardinal season continues to grind inexorably toward a miserable end, there has remained a faint hope — obviously misguided — on a game to game basis that U of L might one night fashion a smile-inducing performance.

Tuesday that essentially ended 2:52 after tipoff when Skyy Clark committed his second personal, at which point the Cards were already down 2-7 in yet another tilt they when never led for a second.

Soon enough, with the depleted Cardinals even more short handed after Brandon Huntley-Hatfield took an injury break, the deficit increased.

2-7 > 4-17 > 22-44.

Which doubling occurred with 4:03 left before intermission.

 * * * * *

As is their wont, this Louisville team stayed close in the 2d, pulling within striking distance.

At a timeout with 2:50 left, the Cards were down only ten points.

Tech scored out of the stoppage.

Louisville missed a quick triple.

Tech: two in the paint.

Louisville miss.

Tech: one of two FTs.

Louisville miss.

Tech: one of two FTs.

Louisville missed triple.

Tech dribbled out the clock.

Translation: With the game close enough to grab by the short and curlies, the winners scored every possession except the victory lap, the losers scored on none at all.

One home game remains in the regular season.

— c d kaplan

7 thoughts on “U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech

  1. I’m trying to find the right words to try to channel my utter revulsion at our beloved university’s descent into irrelevance in Men’s College basketball 🏀- I’m starting to wonder if there is any way out of this rabbit hole we have burrowed – it seems not to me – I propose we self-impose an immediate cessation of the program until such time as we are able to field a competent and competitive squad –

    Discuss .. ‼️‼️‼️

  2. The way out is a full court press put on by a strong and committed University, business and fan task force. They must study and construct a success model including a sustainable NIL model which is competitive with the more successful universities. Easy? No, but you gotta try. And as this is being assembled, the Pres and AD must do a “Jurich”. They must hire a high energy, sport dedicated “junkie” with an unassailable court record. And as that attack dog, James Carvel, says, ” damm it, just do it”.

    1. Totally agrees Mr Doughy ‼️❤️ I think we’re saying the same thing different ways – commitment to excellence and our storied traditions starts at the top ‼️ The Kenny Payne Era was over before it began unfortunately

  3. Talking Heads reference is a perfect way to describe the season. There are numerous ways to explain the similar pattern of almost all games. But to try and prevent the terrible starts I think it’s necessary to start Johnson at the beginning. He is the only point guard you have. Clark is the closest thing to a consistent 3 point shooter you have. You might as well experiment with starting lineups but I think Johnson, Clark and BHH are must start options if you want to try and get off to better starts.

  4. These guys are at best mid-level D 1 players. Who you start is probably of no significance. The same miscues, errors in judgment and resistance to coaching,assuming they are getting proper coaching, plagues each and every one of them.

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