U of L CardFile: Boston College

They blast classic rock tuneage out of loud speakers at one of the nightspots along Washington Street in the block adjacent to the Home of the Cards.

As I’m walking into the Yum! on Senior Night, Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” is reverberating loudly.

How appropriate an anthem for the final regular season tilt for Kenny Payne’s woeful Louisville Cardinals.

Cards 61, Boston College 67.

Louisville’s 7th straight defeat to end the campaign.

Four of the Ls at home.

 * * * * *

You tell me if this reads familiar.

The Cardinals led 4-2 after a Zan Payne triple and a Brandon Huntley-Hatfield FT.

Louisville then went turnover, turnover, turnover.

Soon enough the scoreboard read 4-7, then 5-12, then 5-17.

At the 14:20 media timeout, the Cards had given it away 6 times already. They charted 8 turnovers in their first 13 possessions.

They “surged” within 3, but fell behind by 14, moved back within 5.

Etc, etc, etc.

A BC triple moved the halftime margin back to double digits.

 * * * * *

The Cardinals netted the first six of the 2d,

Then missed a wide open slam and handed it over on their next offensive chance.

BC ran off a dozen in a row.

U of L kept within shouting distance, cutting its deficit to a manageable 7 with 2:37 left.

Then allowed the victors to possess the ball for over a minute of clock, but the Eagles didn’t score after a couple offensive boards.

The Cards fired up an ill advised off balance three.

Yada yada yada.

 * * * * *

The regular season is over.

Louisville’s game in the ACC tourney is 4:30 Tuesday.

— c d kaplan

4 thoughts on “U of L CardFile: Boston College

  1. Yes, “Louisville’s (one and only) game in the ACC tourney…” Kind of like waiting for the end to come for your old dog who has a terminal illness. You just hope it’s not too painful.

  2. Well, well, un fait compléter. I heard the press conférence. AD wants à coach crawling on his knees, begging for the job and willing to stay 20 to 25 years. Great hire if you can get it. Oh yes, and he must have construction skills for he is being asked to rebuild the Great Pyramide.

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