Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Tip Off Tuesday

Yes, my fellow hoopaholics, the Dance is just hours away.

Thank you, Naismithius.

Before I get to other peripheral considerations, all signifying nothing really, one more gratuitous diss of a former Cardinal coach.

Not the one who once upon a time wore leisure suits, but the one who was all bespoke all the time.

Because, well, it’s what I do, because it’s what taking hostages in fandom is about, because I’ve got the key to get it up and into the cybergalaxy. Because the devil makes me do it, and I’m not about to argue.

And yes I’m obsessed.

It makes me so so sad that he shan’t be stomping those new custom made tassel loafers on an NCAA sideline. Not.

But the new, mature, wisened, seen it all and going to just sit back and relax Rick, at his “final coaching stop,” couldn’t help himself after his Johnnies were not tabbed to participate.

During his post reveal presser, which he actually held, unlike the time here in Louisville when he failed to show up at Porcini’s because he was pissed with his seed, RP said “bitterness doesn’t help,” and “we’re not gonna gripe.”

Yet came with the bile anyway, dismissing the NET, and passively aggressively attacking the selection committee, then advising his school would not lower itself to participate in the NIT. (Which, like opting out of bowl games, is trending.)

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, you are oh so true to yourself. It’s why I why I fist pumped when the last team in was noted, and it wasn’t yours.

See you sitting behind the bench at Pitino the Younger’s opening round game.

I know you, my loyal readers, are tired of hearing my rants about that guy, but hey it helps keep me cleansed.

 * * * * *

This may be a bit morbid — Warning Issued — but I’m going there anyway.

Not too long ago I had a conversation with some contemporary old farts, and the topic considered was if you could name the date and time of your passing, would you like to?

Which grisly chit chat I thought of when the reveal started.

At which point, Joe Lunardi and his bracketological ilk become totally irrelevant. Every. Single. Year.

They know the date and time.

Which Lunardi graciously acknowledged in the last sentence of his latest post.

 * * * * *

Given my understanding — unconfirmed — that Jay Wright is one of Josh Heird’s whisper counsel on the coaching hire, I found the following interesting.

During the reveal show, the former Nova mentor had very kind word for the ability of two coaches.

Washington State’s Kyle Smith. Drake’s Darian DeVries.

Though the former has been linked by the conjecturists to Stanford, and the latter to Michigan, they may be in the mix to grace the sideline next season at the Yum!. My conjecture.

 * * * * *

During Duquesne’s A10 title battle with VCU, somebody jumped the gun.

Victory streamers and confetti rained from the rafters. With fifteen minutes left, and the game way in doubt.

Yo, save it for that Monday in April.

Let’s get this party started.

—c d kaplan

5 thoughts on “Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Tip Off Tuesday

  1. Your bitterness concerning the Rick amazes me….he did bring us a title and maybe more importantly, relevance in the college game….which is far, far from where we are now….I was hoping KP’s ineptitude would somehow cure you of your anti-Pitino bent, but alas—No…

  2. Payne gets $8 million to fail – plus $6.7 in salary to go away.
    Previous coach got $4.4 million to fail and go away
    Nebraska, Northwestern and Iowa State in top 25.
    Louisville wins 12 games in two years, few that matter, and are ranked in lower 200s.
    Rant away.

  3. Hate away on the Rick, please, Seedy! He just invites it with his behavior. Meanwhile hoping for better days and coaching next season for Cards.

  4. I agree with Joyner – How can you continue to rant re:The Rickster when our last two inept coaches have been such utter failures ‼️Jurich got hosed and yes .. Rick got what he deserved but the man is a helluva basketball coach ‼️

  5. Yes, a flawed man with arrogance, hubris, narcissism and ever faultless for his transgressions, but he is dedicated to his craft, most accomplished in his craft, a master of his craft, a leader. He knows how to assuage the painful lust of a fan base for consistent wins. Sport has become a vicious struggle for power, money and fame. We best have a General Patton coaching the troops.

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