Hoopaholic’s Gazette: A Blessed Day I

Welcome to Clichés ‘r’ Moi.

Because, my fellow hoopaholics, This Is What It’s All About.

Yet again I pledge my absolute allegiance to Naismithius, the Greek God of Hoops.

On Thursday March 21 in the Year of Our Lord 2024, He the Grecian deity above all of Gods and Goddesses, giveth . . .

. . . unless, of course, you’re a Samford fan and know in your heart (as well as that of Gene Steratore) you got screwed on that clean block called a foul late.

OK, I cannot bury the real lede any longer.

I’m sure the crowd reading this shall join me in a hearty and explosive and schadenfreudian Huzzah, because . . .

. . . Oakland 80 . . .

Kentucky 76.

24 year old DII transfer and non-starter Jack Gohlke was en fuego.

10/20 from beyond the arc.

And, feel free to not stifle that smile crossing your face, John Calipari and his Cats shoulda been ready.

Coulda. Shoulda. Wouda.

Gohlke took over three hundred treys on the season, made over a third of them, but only shot 8 times inside the arc. All year.

Just sayin’.

Ya know, guard the guy.

Ya think?

My other thought when watching Gohlke’s highlights a couple of times this morning after: He could not have played for Denny Crum. Kiddin’ here. Because none of the bombs were in balance with feet set, a Crum shooting absolute.

He fires off a curl, getting the ball sideways, turning and falling away at an angle at launch.

A shout out to Golden Grizzly DQ Cole who netted that dagger rainbow triple late. And another to Tre Townsend, who grew up hanging around the Oakland gym when his dad played for Greg Kampe decades ago during the coach’s 40 year stint at the Detroit school.

He made the FT with seconds to go which was — cliché alert — the final nail in the coffin for the Cats.

And a shout out to Sir Charles on the post game wrap up. Kenny Smith called it a “dynamic loss for Kentucky.” And Barkley would not give it up. Coming back from a commercial break, he turned and said again, “Hey Ernie, did you hear it was a dynamic loss for Kentucky?”

(Aside. Lots of retirements in the sport. Let’s hope Clark Kellogg joins ’em. Willing or not.)

 * * * * *

This Is What It’s All About: Part Deux.

#11 Duquesne, a school even the most obsessive of hoopaholics didn’t think about all season until last week when they won the A10 tourney, upset #6 BYU in the early window.

Had the Cougs down from the get go.

#11 Oregon bested #6 South Carolina. Though that really isn’t an upset, just a reminder how seeding is oft out of whack.

And, #11 NC State keeps on keepin’ on. The Wolfpack beat #6 Texas Tech.

ACC schools won twice on Thursday, after UVa’s no show in the play in.

Yes, I’ll be rooting for Clemson today. And, with fingers to my nose, the Evil Empire.

ACC gotta get some respect back.

 * * * * *

This Is What It’s All About, Part Trois.

With 7:14 to go, Steve Alford’s #10 Nevada had enough distance over #7 Dayton that those analytics guys, wherever they hang out, gave the Wolf Pack (2 words) a 99.5% to move on to Saturday.

At which juncture, the Flyers soared on 24-4 run to prevail.


 * * * * *

I don’t quite understand this, but feel compelled to share.

On “First Take,” which I tuned in when getting on the elliptical yesterday morning — before quickly switching channels — here’s what bloviator Stephen A. asked:

“Is Caleb Williams a good fit with the Chicago Bears?”

Guys, it’s March.

 * * * * *

I’m a Seedy K. And I’m a hoopaholic.

— c d kaplan

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  1. As my dear friend the Church Lady would say, ” isn’t (wasn’t) special”.
    Great day in Hoopahallah.

  2. From the bottom of my broken Cardinal heart I want to thank Coach Cal for again lifting my spirits and bringing me great joy during the Madness of March. My Oakland Grizzlies T-shirt is on on the way!

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