The Sky is Not Falling

Allow me to try to walk my fellow Cardinal fans off the ledge.

Yes, Dusty May is going to coach Michigan.

Yes, Scott Drew says he’s happy at Baylor.

So the two faves among the fan base, the ones with the most razzmatazz, to take the Cardinal job are off the board.

Here’s what I know I don’t know.

Whether Drew ever really considered moving on. If so, to Louisville? Whether Josh Heird had him on his short list?

Whether Dusty May ever considered Louisville? Whether Josh Heird ever reached out to May or his reps, and if so, how far he got?

Given how quickly May took the Ann Arbor position, my guess — and it’s just that — is May never really considered anywhere else. Not only not here, but not Vandy or West Virginia.

He grew up in Bloomington. Though that’s close to Louisville, it’s Big Ten Country. He managed for Bobby Knight, whose best team’s biggest rival was Michigan.

I’m a what goes round comes around guy. Life balances out. Rick Pitino always said he woke up the morning he took the U of L job convinced he was going to Michigan. He didn’t. They hired John Beilein, not exactly chopped liver.

We beat ’em for the natty.

So, maybe this is what the Godfather sang about, The Big Payback.

It happens.

You know the go to lyric in these moments.

You can’t always get what you want/ But if you try/ Sometimes you get what you need

I’ve used the didn’t get Fab Melo but did get Gorgui Dieng analogy a lot. It applies.

And how we survived without Winford Boynes and Vern Fleming and other recruits we thought were locks.

Here’s something I thought of this morning.

Denny Crum had recruited East Chicago Washington’s best player, a fella named Pete Trgovich to play at UCLA. After he took the Louisville job, he landed the “second best” baller on that team, Ulysses Bridgeman.

The Cards will be fine, my fellow obsessives.

There are plenty of other seriously viable candidates for the the U of L job. One will be here soon enough.

Take a deep breath.

— c d kaplan

8 thoughts on “The Sky is Not Falling

  1. As I said, he was recruited by Crum at UCLA, as Wooden’s first choice off that HS team. Then at U of L, he recruited Bridgeman off the same team. My point is that we know whom Bridgeman is because his career was more successful, and do not know Trgovich.

    1. I’ve heard some buzz about Buzz Williams. He checks alot of the boxes but I’m not sure we could get him to leave Moe and Larry.

  2. Josh Schertz. Why not, beyond it’s “not sexy.” Or “he’ll be another Satt.” Pfffft. The Louisville obsession with Drew, Muss, Shaka, etc is tired and moldy.

    1. The aftershock of the quake can be just as momentarily frightful as the quake.
      How is quake damage repaired? The WHOLE community pitches in. Does Heird know how to mobilize and deploy his fan base snd community resources? This is athletically “life and death” for the Cardinal basketball community-and oh yes, the Louisville entertainment and retail community.

    2. Your right Hoya. How bout Richard Pitino. Now, is that not a fresh idea? Surely, he would appreciate what we did to his dad.

      1. I sure hope they don’t hire Little Ricky. After watching the Sycamores last night, I really think Schertz is a wise choice. Plus, we might get Milk Chamberland/Larry Nerd/Cream Abdul Jabbar. Add Goggle Giveaway Night!!

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