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Diss&Dat(a): Plates Shift, Eruptions Ensued

“You can’t tell the players without a program!”

When I was a yout (Cousin Vinny pronunciation), that was the first thing you’d hear when walking into the gym or ballpark or stadium.

Yes, kids, in the days of yesteryore, you could actually purchase a collectable booklet with lineups, bios, stories about the teams and players alongside ads from the local hardware store and Dizzy Whiz.

Today, the question is whether the foe of your favorite team is in the same league or not?

Programs would help.

Which I really needn’t advise anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to the erupting college sports landscape.

July 1 was the day the plates shifted, and the lava started spewing.

It may slow when we get used to it. But there shall be flare ups. Continue reading Diss&Dat(a): Plates Shift, Eruptions Ensued

Diss & Dat(a): Sponsored by (Your Name Here)

I have attempted to evoke chortles before with this shtick.

That the ACC should rename itself the Great A&P Conference. We got Stanford and Cal now, right?

Which would not only be geographically correct, but pay respects to my mother’s favorite grocery.

So more’s the pity that in an ever changing world of commerce, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company shuttered its doors a decade ago.

Because an incredible naming rights tie in would now present itself.

That the Big 12 is about to slap a commercial sponsor’s name on the league seems frankly inevitable. Much more than Oh Really? And, pretty danged clever all context considered.

Infusion of moolah. Attempt to keep up with the Sankeys and Petittis. Acceptance of the landscape as it has evolved today.

One has to admire the out of the box, forward thinking Brett Yormark, who leads the Big 12.

At least, I do. Continue reading Diss & Dat(a): Sponsored by (Your Name Here)

Diss & Dat(a): Tuesday’s Riffs

On holiday in the late 80s, I ran into a Memphis State fan.

Who was actually a good dude. True.

When he extolled the virtues of 50s star Win Wilfong, I realized he was a lifer/ acolyte for the Tigers as I was for the Cardinals.

At some point during the good natured back and forth, he said, “You know we always thought the McCrays played for six or seven years.”

“Yeah,” I parried, “we said the same thing about Keith Lee.”

Well, ye followers of collegiate cagers, pigskinners and liberos formerly known as Student Athletes, those snarkisms are now reality.

There’s a tight end on the Miami Hurricane squad whose first collegiate season was 2016. Continue reading Diss & Dat(a): Tuesday’s Riffs

Diss & Dat(a): $$$$ Part Zwei

So after he made reference of the boatload of moolah 502Circle threw at Kasean Pryor to complete his student athleticism at U of L, and not under The Rick or Coach Cal, I inquired of Glorious Editor how much?

He gave me a ballpark reference. Hint: A lot.

At which time, I thought maybe Ol’ Seedy should enter the portal, see what a defection down the road might bring were I to convert to Bluediasm?

GE saw through my ruse. He knew it was but a feign. Offered me not a nanofarthing uptick in the pittance I get for dodging my readers’ barbs.

So, here I sit, tethered to my red & black keyboard, buying my vittles on time at the company store, to which I owe my soul.

But excited for next academic/athletic year. Which can’t come soon enough. Continue reading Diss & Dat(a): $$$$ Part Zwei

NIL “r” Us: Money Talks Nobody Walks

Back in the glory daze of Cardinal hoops — 70s to mid 80s — such was illegal.

Giving money to secure the services of a desired high schooler. Who even thought much about transfers then?

Nonetheless, a pal who was connected with the program asked if I’d contribute to secure the services of a wannaget? I threw in a Benjamin, which was all I could afford at the time. A score of those in the pot, the kid came to the Ville.

A Top 10 All-Timer, it turned out.

Lots of success and smiles ensued.

Best return on an investment I ever made.

A Card baller from the late 60s has told me that once a week during the season, there’d be an envelope in his campus mailbox with a few crumpled twenties.

How quaint. Continue reading NIL “r” Us: Money Talks Nobody Walks

Seedy K’s Hoopaholic Hiatus Warning

So, yeah, you loyal readers, especially the ones at the Chron, you won’t have me to kick around for the next couple weeks.

Which one hopes you might have already discerned from the photo up top, an image of you now know where I’ll be if you didn’t already know.

So, say, next Thursday morning at 11:30 when you are at work, or you’re lookin’ for some bloggoid type to vent your spleen toward, I’ll be sipping on a frozen latte, perhaps not being able to wait also savoring a crawfish strudel, and be either at Gentilly Stage listening to the New Orleans Suspects, or in the Blues Tent with Tin Men, or in the Gospel Tent where I often start the Fest, along with more fellow Hebrews than you’d imagine, praying along with Melvin “Maestro” Winfield Jr and The Glory Chorale Community Choir.

Just a way of saying thanks to the Lord for the blessing of JazzFest. This, my 35th.

Maybe at the Lagniappe Stage.

But before I go . . . Continue reading Seedy K’s Hoopaholic Hiatus Warning

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Fun is Bowling

I should have known things weren’t going to end well back during Championship Week.

The morning I was to sit down and knock out my picks, after consuming reams of AI compiled data (From Buck’s Dollar Discount Data Mart not Watson), I got a visit from the emissary of my landlord, who is some rich dude named John Beresford Tipton.

I had to move immediately due to some hazmat situation. They’d found me some space in another property of theirs, Nakatomi Plaza. All well and good, except that on the day in question, there was no internet connection. So I had to write out my picks in longhand, and fax them into my editors, who transposed them.

Alas, given all that it’s not misunderstandable that I only predicted one title game correctly — Texas in the Big 12. Meanwhile the Quack, Bulldogs, Runnin’ Rebels and Cardinals all fell.

1-4, meaning I ended the regular season 48 right, 29 wrong.

Not bad, despite the woeful finish.

So, here I sit trying to work in my new digs on, yes, Christmas Eve. I obviously have no other life than to entertain and illuminate my loyal readership.

Earlier this evening, from the floor above, I could hear the cacophony of Zentonic Corp’s party. Since this guy Clay Vanstone invited me when we shared an elevator, I checked it out, for a few minutes anyway. I’m no longer a drinker, but was bemused at the sight of couples slinking into offices, closing doors and locking them, as secretaries slide down stairway bannisters with champagne flutes in their hands.

I took my leave.

Back at my desk, I heard what sounded like shattering window glass from several floors above. Then disturbing sounds, which resonated more like gunshots than corks. Something is going on. I can hear sirens, and see lots of police cars gathering outside.

So, before ill befalls me, I’m going to finish these picks.

My Christmas gift to you: Winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Fun is Bowling

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

All my snark about Iowa’s offense aside, shouldn’t I have remembered that Kinnick Stadium is where opposing attacks are introduced to the Grim Reaper?

Yes, yes I should have.

But didn’t.

Rutgers, my pick on the road for whatever unfathomable reason, laid the proverbial goose egg. As in, the Scarlet Knights swords were dull to the point that they scored exactly zero points. The Hawkeyes in arguably their best offensive performance of the season — perspective is required — hit double digits.

Then some, but not too many more. Enough to provide my only miscue of the weekend.

That’s right, ye naysayers, just another November 80% correct slate.

Thank you Mizzou. And Arizona. And Kentucky. And the University of Louisville Cardinals.

4-1 makes my season total even glossier at 39-21.

That’s what I oh so humbly call “Peerless.”

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

U of L CardFile: Ky Wesleyan

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is showtime, are you ready for Showtime?

Kenny Payne, are you ready for Showtime?

Coach, come on down, it’s time to play Truth and Consequences.

The Louisville Cardinal regular season commences next Monday against the Retrievers of Maryland Baltimore County.

It is time to put up or shut up, to be frankly a smidge indelicate after last night’s dispiriting L for the second season in a row in an exhi.

Reality is, the Panthers, with their storied history, are probably better than many schools the Cards will face non-conference.

But still. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Ky Wesleyan

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

You know the drill.

I’m inclined to open this weekly endeavor with lyrics.

So, last week, after the Thundering Herd failed midweek to thunder against undefeated James Madison — the upstart BCS foe recently added to U of L’s ’25 schedule — and Pennsylvania State got in touch with their inner ineffectual Iowa Hawkeye offensively on the banks of the Olentangy, here’s where I was going.

. . .  baby better come back later next week/ ’cause you see I’m on losing streak/ I can’t get no/ I can’t get no

But then came the Bounce. Not the 3d Ward in beloved New Orleans but 3d Q at Seedy K HQ. Sang it Ms. Big Freedia:

Bounce, bounce, bounce yeah/ No doubt about it going up to 3rd Ward bounce/ Bounce, bounce, bounce yeah/ 3rd Ward bounce (uh oh)

For those of you longer in the tooth, who probably don’t get the reference, there’s Bobby Vee.

But like a rubber ball/ I come bouncing back to you

But I serially digress.

Miami, Air Force and Kansas State all came through for me.

Uh oh indeed. Twerk that ye naysayers, the kid bounced back.

Much needed after going 1-4 the week before, then starting off 0-2.

So 3-2, back on track, and up to 28-17 on the season.

This week’s winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX