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The deities sent a message.

I’m talking the triumvirate of Naismithius, Greek God of Hoops, Bronconagurskius, Greek God of Pigskin, and Ilovelucyia, the Greek Goddess of TV.

The message, as passively aggressively as it was presented:

You are watching too much sports on television. It’s time to get out of the house.

How do I know that’s what they are telling me?

Because . . . there’s an annoying glitch in the signal of the four ESPN stations on my telly. It does not exist on any other channel. An annoyance really.

But one that Ms. Roboanswer couldn’t fix with a reset ting-a-ling, or a power down power up.

Nor could Service Guy #1 remedy the situation on Visit #1. So the unresolved issue has been “escalated.” Or, maybe, it’s “elevated.” Whatever, Service Guy #2 on Visit #2 arrives tomorrow morning. Continue reading Sports, TV & the Obsessive Guy

Hump Day Hustle: Ch . . . Ch . . . Ch . . . Changes!

Now, as we bid a sad adieu to long time Cardinal fan favorite QB Luke McCaffery, let’s take a deep dive into his highlights in the red and black:








I mean really, the memories, so many memories, they boggle the mind. What a career here.

It was, allow me to be brutally honest, really difficult to pick and choose.

I’m sure that pigskin guru Keith Wynne will weigh in soon. He’ll have a more astute analysis.

The whole transfer portal thing is wacky enough. And, truly hard for us old school guys to take a liking to.

But this, this is the reality of the current state of affairs in its most severe form.

Mobility reigns.

The kid couldn’t win the job at Nebraska. Transferred to U of L under the delusion he’d immediately become the top dog signal caller. Then, before ever taking to the practice field, realized that wasn’t the case. Nor, obviously it appears, does he have the gumption to try and work for the job.

Luke, got a suggestion for you: Missouri State.

Oh yeah, sayonara. So long, it’s been swell to know ya.

 * * * * *

So, I gots to ask this about Donovan Mitchell.

How come at U of L we never saw this transcendent player he’s become — one of, oh, the ten best in the NBA?

He averaged 7.4 and just under a couple of assists per game as a freshman, on the team that purposely sat out the tourney, per the school prexy. As a soph, he was leading scorer at 15.6, on a 25-9 team that captured U of L’s last NCAA W, a first rounder over Jacksonville State.

But he wasn’t, you know, the Donovan Mitchell who’s taken the NBA by storm, averaging 20.5 ppg and 3.7 apg and 3.7 rpg as a rookie. Increasing those numbers every single season.

Three 45 point playoff performances. Putting him in rare territory.

So, yeah, I wanna know?

Is he simply a late developer? A kid who didn’t discover his mojo until he donned a Jazz jersey?

Or, was he handcuffed as a collegian, by his coach, who advised him he wasn’t ready to play for pay?

Asking for a friend?

 * * * * *

Read a great article today about all the changes in college hoops, and how schools are having to change and add to their staffs.

Analytical experts.

Marketing savants.

Specialized recruiting authorities. For prepsters and portal dwellers.

It’s a whole new game. As if you haven’t noticed.

Which is one of the reasons, I’ve become totally comfortable with Chris Mack’s staff changes.

The idea of Ross McMains is growing on me.

Seems like a bold move.

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just push him in the portal.

— c d kaplan

Last Thoughts before Putting Cardinals’ Year to Bed

Dan McDonnell was shaken:

I’d be lying if I said I was handling it well. It’s hard, it’s really hard. What it does it, it just reminds you how blessed we’ve been.

There he was doing the post mortem on his Cardinal 9’s season weeks before he was expecting to. Not from Omaha, as in Nebraska, site of CWS, but from the Omaha Room in the Louisville baseball complex off the 1st base side of The Jim.

The season began with significant, well deserved promise, started slow, hit its stride, then faltered precipitously after a pause when Pitt came up COVID, and the schools were forced to cancel a weekend series.

A midweek W over vaunted Vandy notwithstanding, the Cards never got it going again. Inconsistent pitching continued. Big knocks in critical situations never materialized. Base running gaffes preyed like a pandemic. Inexplicable errors.

Truth: U of L spit out the bit.

It happens. Continue reading Last Thoughts before Putting Cardinals’ Year to Bed

Fate of Card 9 Caps Year to Forget

I remember the screed, the fuel-fired gist of which, subtle as an Oliver Stone movie, was there was no such thing as 12:00 AM or 12:00 PM.

That there was only 12:00 Noon or 12:00 midnight.

The former of which came midday when the sun was high in the sky; the latter in the dark of night, when the date flips and Cinderella’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Except for this Memorial Day. The Louisville Cardinals’ baseball season expired at High Noon, when their name was not among those designated for a regional in the NCAA tournament.

It was a sad but justified end to this seriously disappointing campaign for the U of L 9.

It was a most appropriate finish to this academic year for the three major men’s sports programs. Continue reading Fate of Card 9 Caps Year to Forget

The Monday After: Gloom, but the Sun Peeks Through

You don’t need me to underscore that the Monday after the First Saturday in May is always kind of a let down.

So, when it dawned gray and damp, I’m thinking this feels appropriate.

Especially after a glorious Oaks and Derby Day that was much needed, for reasons I don’t need to explain.

After throwing myself into the Derbytime fray for decades, I’ve stepped back in recent times. Actually I’m usually in New Orleans, but my the JazzFest is currently set for October.

If they build it, I will come.

Even though I don’t go to the track, and party like it’s 1999, like I did in 1999, I love the energy, excitement, sense of community spirit those two minutes of racing bring to our burg. Other than, you know, almost getting knocked down walking into the grocery by a woman wearing a hat the size of a beach umbrella.

But here we always are, the Monday after, a little tired, whether we did the track to death, or are worn from over-gardening and carrying too many bags of mulch.

The sunshine is that we are almost, just about, on the cusp of some sense of normalcy. Continue reading The Monday After: Gloom, but the Sun Peeks Through

Hump Day Hustle: QBs x 3, Sound of Silence ++

So, yeah, it’s Thurby, not The Day Before.

Mea friggin’ culpa.

Feel free to employ your barrister at the bar and file a Cause of Action.

  * * * * *

What’s your name/ Is it Mary or Sue/ What’s your name/ Do I stand a chance with you?

Wonder what Don and Juan are up to these days?

Anyway, former Cardinal star/ Heisman winner Lamar Jackson is approached on the street by a stranger. The guy says, “You’re a football player?” Or, something to that effect.

Jackson, as I’ve said many times before, is a really nice guy, ever engaging, tells the fellow he’ll give him a hundred bucks if he can say his name.

The guy makes a couple of wrong guesses about what position Mr. I Am A Quarterback might play.

LJ gives him the Benjamin anyway.

Speaking of former beloved U of L signal callers, Teddy B is house hunting in a new locale yet again. Late of Tobacco Road, he’s off to the Rockies to play under the watchful eyes of John Elway. Continue reading Hump Day Hustle: QBs x 3, Sound of Silence ++

What a Super Duper Sports Weekend!!!

At a time when — and I am far from alone — we need an escape from the bracing turmoil of real life, it was Wild Card Weekend, and enough hoops to sate.

Frankly the only thing that could have made it better would have been a W by the Cardinal men over Gonzaga in a put-together-at-the-last- minute game.

And, oh, maybe, the NCAA announcing it was dropping its charges against U of L hoops.

But, other than that . . .

 * * * * *

The Cardinal Women’s Team blew out another foe.

This time, Clemson, 70-45. Continue reading What a Super Duper Sports Weekend!!!

Seedy K’s Postseason Pigskin Ponderings

One thing I gotta ask before closing the door with the final tally of my regular pigskin prognostications.

I know you’re waiting with bated breath for that update. Patience.

If you guessed the Galloping Ghost, yes, it’s Red Grange in the pic above. Here’s why.

Because I am so sure he’s wondering why his alma mammy Illinois, in need of yet another new football coach after Lovie Smith couldn’t get it done in Champaign-Urbana, went back to Jake’s Discount Used Hub Cap Repair & Tire Recapping Center for yet another retread?

Brett Bielema?

Did they learn nothing with Ron Zook?

 * * * * *

As for the final weekend of the regular season, I correctly picked Oregon, Cincy and Clemson. Missed on Iowa State, which, despite the L to Oklahoma, were bestowed Indiana’s deserving spot in a NY6 bowl. Continue reading Seedy K’s Postseason Pigskin Ponderings

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XVI

So it has come to this. The regular season of college football, such as it is, sputters/surges (your choice) to a close, finally, this weekend before Christmas.

Postponements. Cancellations. Or, in some cases, postponement, rescheduling, cancellation, which is to say there shall be no gridiron tussle this annum between Indiana and Purdue for the Ye Olde Oaken Bucket. (Though, unless it too is deep sixed between now and Saturday, Paul Bunyan’s axe, another grande olde Midwestern souvenir of victory, shall be carried back to campus by either Minnesota’s Golden Gophers or Wisconsin’s Badgers.)

Then there’s the case of Tulsa and Cincinnati, whose initial regular campaign meeting was postponed, but rescheduled, then postponed again, rescheduled one more time, then cancelled altogether. Ah, but the duo still are slated for the fourth time to brawl it out to determine the AAC champion. The winner is prognosticated below, should you choose to read on.

One of those DNPs last weekend was Boilermakers vs. Hoosiers. So that one goes in my third column. But Army skunked Navy, Georgia prevailed, and Louisville put its mettle on display while whomping Wake uppaside the head.

3-1-1 increased my winning percentage for the season to 47-26-7.

Now it’s Conference Championship Weekend. Sorta. ‘Cause there’s a whole passel of other games too.

Oregon’s in for a shot at the PAC title, after Washington went the way of COVID. And Ohio State will play for the B10 crown, which the Buckeyes probably, maybe, arguably, perhaps don’t deserve, so their presence comes with a gerrymandered asterisk.

Some winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XVI

Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

Saturday’s Cardinal victory over the Demon Deacons is one of my favorite U of L gridiron victories ever.

Louisville 45, Wake Forest 21.

What a pleasing, comforting, unexpected, hopefully unifying conclusion to a strange, disjointed, disrupted, disappointing 2020 U of L Cardinal football season.

Starting last summer with the Great Unknown: Would there be a season at all? If so, how? Would there be fans in the stands?

Would it actually play out all the way, even if it got off the ground?

Then came kickoff and an underwhelming start. Incomprehensible turnovers. The hope inducing close loss in South Bend, followed by more disheartening efforts.

The weekly wonder of who will have to sit out, and who will take to the field?

Louisville’s two leading stars opt out during the season.

Then what could have the veritable coup de grace, Scott Satterfield’s ill advised dalliance with South Carolina, his less than savvy handling of the aftermath — at least until his heartfelt, contrite letter of apology — inflaming a fanbase mostly unwilling to give him any benefit of the doubt. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest