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Louisville CardFile: Eastern Kentucky

OK, let’s just talk about THAT PLAY here at the top, and get it out of the way.

You know the one, the beauteous 95 yard catch and scamper for a U of L TD. That wasn’t. The one where the rookie took it to the house — way faster than your favorite speedy home pizza delivery service — then dropped the payload on the porch without ringing the bell.

First some context.

Earlier in the day, during the noon window, in the day’s biggest upset, the Quack had just sealed its W against the Buckeyes with a late pick. The kid who made the play dashed to the sideline, ripped off his helmet, and with several of his similarly ebullient mates, rushed down toward the Oregon rooting section for a pose.

A zebra was trailing them, a hand in his pocket, ready to whistle a transgression. The celebrating Ducks were saved by several assistant coaches, screaming and spewing Steadman, and were herded back to the bench before the penalty flag was pulled.

It’s the nature of the game today. Players want to celebrate, and the NFL, stuffy as the oligarchs tend to be, finally gave its imprimatur a few seasons back. Now big scores and big stops mean mini memes in the endzone.

College kids watch that foolishness. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Eastern Kentucky

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

Could I have asked for a better set up?

Uh, no.

There were two stories that blasted above all others from Week I.

Other than this imperative. Don’t open with Alabama.

Never. Ever. Never ever. !!!

The first is, we love dogs.

Abby, a service labradoodle belonging to some Cardinal fans, stole the show Monday night, while Ole Miss was manhandling, ya know, that team whose name slips my mind right now. (OK, more about that a few paragraphs down.)

As for Abby, I fell in love, of course, because as I’ve mentioned several times as a way of grieving, my ex- and I just had to put down our beagle, named Abbey.

I know, the “e” in there makes no sense, but when I was chipping her, I inexplicably threw it in. Beatles? I dunno. What I do know is spellcheck hasn’t caught on yet.

Anyway, to honor the Abb(e)ys, henceforth, should I use the phrase, “playing like dogs,” it shall be meant as a positive. As in free spirited, energetic. Engaged. Willing to take risks. Go anywhere to get that bone.

If dogs run free, why can’t we.

The second best story is, duh, McKenzie Milton.

I’ve had a serious, almost lost my leg, too many surgeries leg injury. The recovery was a couple years long and arduous. I was glad to be able to jog again. Playing football, can’t imagine.

Anyway, all of that is to say: That after last weekend’s less than boffo predictioneering, I’m ready to ruuuuuuumble!

You wanna comeback? Check out the sure thing results set out below.

There is one epistemological matter unresolved. I missed on Indiana — Ouch! — and Louisiana. And I picked U of L to beat the Johnny Rebs.

But, the Cards did win the 2d half.

So, is it fair to consider that pick 50% correct?

Alright, I hear you. I was wrong. It’s an L.

Two right. Three wrong. 5-4 for the season.

But, like that Seminole QB, I shall return.

This week’s selections: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

Louisville CardFile: Ole Miss

It’s far from the first time PD Pete and I have been at loggerheads.

We used to do battle day in and day out at the bench in the misnamed Hall of Justice. He got the best of me way more often than I’d have liked.

But there we were at it again, when he commented at FaceZuck to my hopeful pregame shtick.

“We don’t stand a prayer against Ole Miss . . .”

Aghast, incredulous, I responded, using the same malapropism as he did, “Don’t stand a prayer??? It’s not like they’re Alabama.”

My thinking: The cocktail crowd in The Grove doesn’t wear houndstooth. They don’t Roll, they sashay. Plus as good as prickly, sequestered Lane Kiffin’s O is, the Rebs D last season was porous.

Then the Labor Day evening Chicken Sandwich feature kicked off in Hot ‘Lanta’s relatively empty Dome.

Ole Miss was the filet.

U of L was the pickle. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Ole Miss

Are Cards on Verge of Labor Day W?

If not quite yet in full optimistic mode after the pigskin revelations of the last few days, I’ve morphed a smidge more hopeful about Louisville’s chances against two-score favorite Ole Miss Monday night.


Let’s start with Virginia Tech’s solid win over the North Carolina Baby Blues* Friday evening. The Tar Heels have been a darling of the wags since last campaign’s successful season, viewed as a possible breakthrough contender for the Final Four.

* The pastel hue all of college football is now marveling at this Sunday of Week I, is that of the “sissy blue” Westwood Bruins. That’s how LSU’s Ed Orgeron referred to a UCLA fan’s garb when entering the Rose Bowl, before his Bayou Bengals were manhandled.

Then there’s the fate of another Flavor of the Month, now melted, Indinia. (Not my typo. Blame the Crimson and Cream’s uniform maker.)

The Hoosiers were whomped up one side of the head, then the other by Iowa. The Hawkeyes took charge early, and never let up, in a four TD beatdown. Continue reading Are Cards on Verge of Labor Day W?

Card Fans’ Hope Springs, Uh . . .

I’ve always been of the belief, if you can’t have some optimism about your favorite team’s chances before the season starts, when can you?

That’s what this time of year just before kickoff is about.

Especially with the transfer portal, adding new blood. Some new coaches to add a fresh perspective. Natural development of returning players. Etc, etc.

Plus, last year, one guy’s opinion, is simply a throwaway. Nothing was normal.

Which brings me to a poll they ran at, the purpose of which was to gauge the sense of optimism of the nation’s college football fanbases.

Apparently, they got a reasonable sampling of responses from the loyal followers of 62 institutions of higher learning. Including the Red & Black Faithful.

The good news is, enough followers of the Cards responded to the poll.

The rest of the story. Continue reading Card Fans’ Hope Springs, Uh . . .

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

For last weekend’s first predictionizing of the season, three out of four ain’t bad.

At this juncture, I was inclined to invoke, “Cue the Meatloaf.”

But, knowing the fractions were different in that tune, and knowing that my readers would come with the heat, even though they (you) know that I know, I demurred.

As for that one L. The first score of the season was a Nebraska safety. Two points for the Illini. It went downhill from there for the Huskers. So, Frost is Toast, no longer the Favorite Son. He’s leapfrogged to the top of the Dead Man Walking list.

I don’t see what he can do at this point. Other than perhaps, maybe cancel that game against Boomer Sooner, as he tried to do last spring. Schedule Bishop Sycamore in Oklahoma’s place. Hire Tim Tebow as a Grad Assistant, then start him at QB.

Anyway, UCLA, UTEP and no U Fresno State won. 3-1 for the week. 3-1 for the season.

Week I has some zesty matchups. Toss ups. Let’s learn who is going to win. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

That’s right, football fans, kickoff is this weekend.

Which means: He’s Baaack!

Referring to himself in the third person, that would be America’s premier college pigskin predictioneer, Seedy K.

The testimonials to his prowess are abundant.

“I have seen the future of football prophecy, and its name is Seedy K.” — Grantland Rice

“Seedy K is so spot on, he makes me feel like a loser.” — Leonard Post Toasties

“Seedy K is the gold standard.” — Jimmy the Greek

“You wanna know what Joey thinks of Seedy K? My lawyer advises me to say nuthin’ so as I don’t incinerate myself.” — Joey the Vig

You need empirical evidence of your guy’s favorite projection prowess? Data this.

In last year’s pandemic season, with empty stands, not knowing from week to week what games would be cancelled, and who might have to sit out; a season where the one true highlight was a Chanticleer taking down a Cougar at the one yard line as the clock ran out, here’s Seedy K’s stat line.

50 right. 27 wrong. 8 DNPs.

Not bad, if he says so himself.

OK, that’s enough self aggrandizing, even for me.

Let’s get to it on the week before the week when matters really kick in gear. There’s a slate of four games, two of which are of national interest. OK, transparency, one game that matters to some other than the schools’ faithful. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

Cardinal Football is Close, Some Thoughts

With a smidge of hope creeping in as kickoff is so close you can almost taste the Chili Cheese Slaw Dog at the Varsity, U of L fans are still grumbling.

(Actually, to be fair, most college fans are constantly disgruntled. If not about recruiting, or in game decisions, or a zebra’s unwarranted flag. something else. Except of course those that wear houndstooth ballcaps with a crimson elephant logo, and believe a mention of Pope Paul refers to a fellow named Finebaum.)

Most of the dismay befalling Louisville fans emanates from Coach Satt’s flirtation with the cockfighting roosters from over in the lower Carolina.

But, hey, it’s time to move on from that. Or so I’d suggest. He’s here. He ain’t goin’ nowhere. For awhile anyway.

Part of the grumbling comes from staff turnover.

As if that’s unique to Floyd Street football. Continue reading Cardinal Football is Close, Some Thoughts

Seems We’re Ready For Some . . . Football???

Nothing says the football season is drawing nigh like the surge in appearances of roster guys on Criminal Court dockets.

(OK, other than the surge in bratwurst sales at the grocery store, a truly telling sign.)

So, in one big day of news from the Crime desk, college football has a couple of stories.

Six UK Wildcats are charged with Burglary. One of them also for Wanton Endangerment. Seems a trio of them weren’t pleased, when they were asked to leave a party they weren’t invited to. So they got three of their pals and returned. One of the sextet was packing, and pulled the pistol.

In what is pro forma coachspeak, Coach Stoops is monitoring the situation, but can’t speak further, since there’s an ongoing criminal investigation. Continue reading Seems We’re Ready For Some . . . Football???

Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!

Here’s the deal up front.

I didn’t attend U of L’s first open practice. And only viewed Coach Satt’s presser online.

Which really is no loss of expert observation for my readers. Check out Keith Wynne’s takeaways. He’s much more astute when it comes to pigskin than me.

I’m the guy, who, at Teddy Bridgewater’s first practice didn’t think he was any more impressive throwing the ball than Will Stein.

But here’s my excuse for not showing up anyway on Sunday.

I know all God’s children got problems, but it was frankly one of the least favorite weekends of my life.

New Orleans JazzFest is the other most favorite thing in my life besides U of L sports. That yesterday’s cancellation of the October reschedule from April was the least depressing thing that happened is telling.

There was other stuff. Continue reading Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!