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Seedy K’s P P P: Fun is Bowling, Part Deux

So, in my first foray this season into the wild wacky world of telling folks who they might think about wagering on during bowl mania, I did better than OK.

On its face.


Sometimes statistics lie, don’t tell the whole tale. Like Jack Plummer’s glossy at first blush completion percentage last night.

Kansas won. ✓

West Virginia won. ✓

Oklahoma State won. ✓

Virginia Tech won. ✓

All good, but . . .

. . . but that lone L, that was, sigh, my team. I never pick against the Cardinals, except in the most obvious of situations. Opening the year with Alabama. Against the natty winning Clemson teams. Otherwise, it’s bad karma.

I was skeptical about U of L’s chances going in against the Trojans. But prognosticated a  Cards W anyway. I’m a fan. No transfer portal here.

Instant karma struck with terrible swift sword. If ever there was an apt mascot for a team, Trojans was it last night. SoCal snuck in with a bunch of 2d and 3d teamers, who were way more than up to the task.

But, now that that’s over with, I can sit back, eat too many snacks, drink too many diet drinks, and spend too much time in my Stressless™ recliner watching the rest of the games. Where any rooting interest I have, or will develop during a game, will be without enduring emotion, and dissipate with the mayo drop.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Fun is Bowling

I should have known things weren’t going to end well back during Championship Week.

The morning I was to sit down and knock out my picks, after consuming reams of AI compiled data (From Buck’s Dollar Discount Data Mart not Watson), I got a visit from the emissary of my landlord, who is some rich dude named John Beresford Tipton.

I had to move immediately due to some hazmat situation. They’d found me some space in another property of theirs, Nakatomi Plaza. All well and good, except that on the day in question, there was no internet connection. So I had to write out my picks in longhand, and fax them into my editors, who transposed them.

Alas, given all that it’s not misunderstandable that I only predicted one title game correctly — Texas in the Big 12. Meanwhile the Quack, Bulldogs, Runnin’ Rebels and Cardinals all fell.

1-4, meaning I ended the regular season 48 right, 29 wrong.

Not bad, despite the woeful finish.

So, here I sit trying to work in my new digs on, yes, Christmas Eve. I obviously have no other life than to entertain and illuminate my loyal readership.

Earlier this evening, from the floor above, I could hear the cacophony of Zentonic Corp’s party. Since this guy Clay Vanstone invited me when we shared an elevator, I checked it out, for a few minutes anyway. I’m no longer a drinker, but was bemused at the sight of couples slinking into offices, closing doors and locking them, as secretaries slide down stairway bannisters with champagne flutes in their hands.

I took my leave.

Back at my desk, I heard what sounded like shattering window glass from several floors above. Then disturbing sounds, which resonated more like gunshots than corks. Something is going on. I can hear sirens, and see lots of police cars gathering outside.

So, before ill befalls me, I’m going to finish these picks.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championships

During Rivalry Week (minus West Point vs. Annapolis), the last weekend of the “regular” season, this happened as it pertains to what goes on in this space.

Louisville lost.




Excuse me, I needed to go wretch one more time.

Ohio State lost.

Washington won, but their QB couldn’t watch.

The lock of the weekend, NC State wrote and printed out Mack Brown’s resignation letter. Though who knows if he’ll sign it or not?

U of L lost.

James Madison won. And, later thanks to a loophole in NC2A regs, shall go bowling. Fun is Bowling, don’t ya know. (The most jealous man in the land: Scotty Davenport.)

UConn could. UMess remains in need of HazMat cleanup.

(Breaking News): We break into our regularly scheduled tomfoolery to report that one Robert Petrino has been rehired at the University of Arkansas. Neck braces for all. He’s the new OC, and all matters considered, Coach In Waiting. It has not been reported whether his duties will include hiring of graduate assistants. Tis a holiday gift that surely will keep on giving, proof that the Oh So Great & Glorious Greek God of College Pigskin Bronconagurskius exists and still rules the gridiron.) 

Did I mention my Cardinals fell to . . . that other school?

Anyhow 4-2 lifts me to 47-24 on the year.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

All my snark about Iowa’s offense aside, shouldn’t I have remembered that Kinnick Stadium is where opposing attacks are introduced to the Grim Reaper?

Yes, yes I should have.

But didn’t.

Rutgers, my pick on the road for whatever unfathomable reason, laid the proverbial goose egg. As in, the Scarlet Knights swords were dull to the point that they scored exactly zero points. The Hawkeyes in arguably their best offensive performance of the season — perspective is required — hit double digits.

Then some, but not too many more. Enough to provide my only miscue of the weekend.

That’s right, ye naysayers, just another November 80% correct slate.

Thank you Mizzou. And Arizona. And Kentucky. And the University of Louisville Cardinals.

4-1 makes my season total even glossier at 39-21.

That’s what I oh so humbly call “Peerless.”

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Until last weekend, that Ol’ Ramblin’ Wreck was hitting on every other cylinder.


L. W. L. W. L. W. L. W.

Though I’ve never been really too good at numbers, I have been known to spot a trend or deux along the way.

Though UVa hadn’t been very good all year, they had won a couple in a row, including in Chapel Hill, and played the U tough.

So was my logic in predicticating a Cavalier dub.

Turns out beating the Tar Heels was a false positive. And the Yellow Jackets were up for coming with the sting in consecutive weekends.

So, I was wrong there.

But Akron came back strong late in the Bottom 10 Battle of the Bottom 10. Go Zips.

Kentucky silenced the Cowbells.

The Cardinals continued their dominant ways.

And the Okie State Pokes did what I frankly was pretty certain they would do, i.e. win the Last Scheduled Bedlam. Buster Sooner.

4-1. 35-20 for the year.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

Am I a dumbkopf or what?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Or what. Of course.

I’ve loved Oregon’s Quack since they kickstarted the funky uni trend under Chip Kelly. And never picked against ’em for a long while. Then something happened and I don’t know what it is? Then I guess I was dazzled by the Utes victory over Southern Cal in the Coliseum. Which in retrospect is looking stupider and stupider by the moment. Silly me.

So I was wrong.

Then there’s the paradigm of idiocy of predicticating UK over the Vols. Kentucky never beats the Vols. Literally. Those few years in my lifetime when the scoreboard had the Wildcats ahead with 00:00 on the clock, I was residing in some alternative universe, and didn’t read it right.

I was wrong. Again.

Woe is moi.

Anyhow, the Cornhuskers continue their uptick under Matt Rhule as I advised. Kansas State whomped Houston as I advised, and U of L’s W over Duke was as dominant as any last weekend.

So, 3-2 again. 31-19 on the campaign.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

You know the drill.

I’m inclined to open this weekly endeavor with lyrics.

So, last week, after the Thundering Herd failed midweek to thunder against undefeated James Madison — the upstart BCS foe recently added to U of L’s ’25 schedule — and Pennsylvania State got in touch with their inner ineffectual Iowa Hawkeye offensively on the banks of the Olentangy, here’s where I was going.

. . .  baby better come back later next week/ ’cause you see I’m on losing streak/ I can’t get no/ I can’t get no

But then came the Bounce. Not the 3d Ward in beloved New Orleans but 3d Q at Seedy K HQ. Sang it Ms. Big Freedia:

Bounce, bounce, bounce yeah/ No doubt about it going up to 3rd Ward bounce/ Bounce, bounce, bounce yeah/ 3rd Ward bounce (uh oh)

For those of you longer in the tooth, who probably don’t get the reference, there’s Bobby Vee.

But like a rubber ball/ I come bouncing back to you

But I serially digress.

Miami, Air Force and Kansas State all came through for me.

Uh oh indeed. Twerk that ye naysayers, the kid bounced back.

Much needed after going 1-4 the week before, then starting off 0-2.

So 3-2, back on track, and up to 28-17 on the season.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

Mama said there’ll be days like this/ There’ll be days like this, mama said/ Mama said Mama said

Vuuuuush!!! (To quote Inga in “Young Frankenstein.”) It’s been a while.

Brian Ferentz’s moribund Hawkeye offense scored all of 15 points, ten under what he theoretically needs to average to keep his gig, yet still beat Wisconsin 15-9. In Camp Randell no less.

Notre Dame bounced back, grounding Caleb Wilson and smacking the Trojans around.

The Wildcats got thrashed. At home.

And my Cardinals, oh my Cards, were bludgeoned in Steel City.

North Carolina’s W is hardly solace. I remain in ICU days later.

An embarrassing 1-4 for the first weekend of October. Oy. 25-15 for the campaign.

UK and U of L both have a bye for R & R. If only I did too.

But noooooooooooo, I forge ahead.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

Have we heard this before?

Why yes, yes we have.

The Burnt Orange starts out hot. They win a biggie, like dreamlanding a W over Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

“Texas is back.”

And, then, just when even the most skeptical are beginning to wonder, well maybe it is so, this happens.

The arch rival Oklahoma Sooners, still fuming about getting skunked in last year’s Red River Rivalry 0-49, in Brent Venables’ first season, score on the game’s last play to shoot out the lights on the “Texas is back” neon sign in Matthew McConaughey’s front yard.

Of the Texas Longhorns, ESPN’s David Hale said it best.

They are the “McRib of college football.”


I have never dared try that extruded-from-porcine-parts cult favorite of Golden Arches aficionados. But, silly moi, I did pick the Longhorns.

Fewer calories, less cholesterol, but plenty of acid reflux.

Which was my only miscue as your most favorite prognosticator savant of the predictionary universe continues to overshadow all others in the biz. Bama, Iowa (more about them in a bit), Georgia and my undefeated Louisville Cardinals all prevailed. As you read would happen in this very space.

4-1 for the weekend. 24-11 for the season. Glossy.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

I am so pretty sure what Lane Kiffin thought last Wednesday afternoon. After he scurried out of a game-planning coordinators meeting to settle in front of his computer for his weekly ritual of reading yours truly’s pigskin picks.

“So, that’s the deal, Seedy,” he thought as he read my take on the LSU/ Ole Miss game? “You find me more loathsome than Brian Kelly? Really. Well, I’ll show you, SOB. LSU is goin’ down, and you with him.”

Which misguided resentment really begs the question. Had the Ole Miss coach read with more focus, he would have realized that it was my love for most all matters Louisiana than my distaste for either of the coaches. Both of whom, to be fair and honest, I regard with equal deep-seated disdain.

Actually I love the Magnolia state, which I’ve visited a number of times. Clarksdale, the birthplace of rock & roll. Itta Beena, where I witnessed a Grambling/ Mississippi Valley State football game. The strange affection for tamales in the Delta. Greenwood, home of the White Citizens Council. Stovall, Dockery. Muddy Waters’ cabin. Oxford Town. Biloxi.

Oh well.

Does it matter that the Johnny Reb’s victory came at the end of a really exciting back and forth offensive tit for tat?

Not really. Though I was locked in.

Kiffin was right. Seedy was wrong. Let’s pray it doesn’t happen again.

I also incorrectly went with Utah at Oregon State, oops, forgetting that the Utes blow one every year.

BC survived against almost as inept Virginia. Kentucky gave indications they are really good. U of L left Tobacco Road with a W, hard fought as it was.

3-2 for the weekend. 20-10 for the season.

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