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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week V

The nagging nabobs of naysaying who are continually on my case for not picking against the line, or picking games they feel are like shooting fish in barrel, have been eerily quiet of late.

Yoo hoo, dudes, you up or down at your new favorite sports book in town? Or, are you still bookin’ your bets with the barkeep at your country club?

No losing weeks, two weeks in a row of 4-1 pour moi.

And, allow me to pat myself on the back — as much as I can given a bum shoulder — I’ve taken some risks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, to coin a phrase.

Last week, it bit me in the proverbial bum.

Thanks to some coaching gaffes of biblical proportion. The Irish lost with only ten men on the field. Not once but twice in the last minute. The Dabos lost because their mismanaging HC let the clock run out. (There are more details of these miscues and more in Monday’s Pigskin Pundit.

I picked both Notre Dame and Clemson to win. Sigh.

But the Cards won big. The Cats won. And Washington State beat Oregon State for the PAC2 championship.

3-2 for the weekend. 17-8 on the season.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

Yes, it is true.

Despite the reality that I have constantly chosen Graham Mertz as my perennial whipping boy, I picked the Gators to beat the Vols.

So they did. Rather easily actually.

Meanwhile I predicted that Pitt would win its brawl with West Virginia. Even though they lost to Cincy, who then lost to Miami (Oh). Forgetting all the while that the Panthers’ twice transferred TPQB Phil Jurkovec was a non entity at Notre Dame, then really bad at Boston College. I mean his mediocrity has made Mertz seem a legit Heisman hopeful.

Anyway Jurkovec did what he does in Morgantown, lose. My mistake.

North Carolina, Kentucky and the Cardinals all took care of biz, as it was stated would happen in this space.

Second 4-1 weekend in a row, making the kid 14-6 for the season.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

Not to boast or anything like that, your resident “expert,” it can now be said, has reached mid-season form before the Ides of September.

Four up. One down.

Were I to hazard a guess which game of those on the Board, I’d have missed, I’d never have considered the Longhorns would prevail in Tuscaloosa. By double digits, no less. First time that’s happened to The Nick while his roamed the Bama sideline.

But, as it is said, that’s why they play the game.

I’m sad the Johnny Rebs bested the Green Wave in New Orleans. But at least I picked it to happen. Cats did not roll, but overcame EKU, who just the week before surrendered 66 to the Cincy Satterfields. Angst in the Bluegrass?

The Cardinals, they did roll.

And, my guy, Bronconakurskius, Greek God of Pigskin, once again showed he’s paying attention, making sure that, when really necessary, he will make all right with the world, including Fansville. The U 48, the A & M Jimbo Bobby P’s 33. Thank yuh thank yuh vury much.

So, can I get a Huzzah!, 4-1 for the weekend. 10-5 for the season.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

Nothing says the new expanded college football weekend is but hours away than Wednesdays. Starting with Ryan McGee’s gotta gotta read “Bottom 10” at (no Spectrum required), then finding out whom the winners of the Big Games will be in this very spot. 

OK, then, where do we stand after the first real week of college pigskin?

Nebraska, whose truly loyal fanbase deserves some joy, spit it out again. Turned it over twice late in the 4th to lose at Minnesota.

Iowa scored on an opening drive TD pass for the first time since, oh, 1991. OC Son of HC wants to keep his job, and his contract mandates the Hawkeyes average 25 ppg, but he only led them to 24.

We spied the not so triumphant, but joyous to savor return of clemsoning. Feelin’ sorry for Dabo? Uh, no.

And the former Louisville RiverBats outfielder who scored the first run ever at Slugger Field is all the rage all the time in the sport.

Coach Prime.

Coach Prime indeed.

Of course, I jumped on that Diss Train. No way that blowhard’s total makeover of a team could beat last season’s darlings, Texas Christian University.

Oops. I wasn’t the only one with egg on my face.

So that was a wrong prediction. As was South Carolina over North. But the ACC was 2-0 over SEC. A good thing.

On the plus side, Utah smacked the Gators, the Cats bashed Ball, and my Cardinals showed serious mettle in coming back to best the Ramblin’ Wreck.

Another 3-2 weekend, to go 6-4 on the season.

As Brian Kelly assured the Bayou Bengal faithful that his team will get better, I am positive I’ll soon move on up to my rightful status as the Pigskin Planet’s most fine predicticator.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

I’m baack with my weekly mix of perfect pigskin projections. Look for them each Wednesday afternoon of the 2023 campaign, give or take 24 hours before or after that day.

Oh my, Blessed be Bronconagurskius, ye the Greek God of Pigskin, we are just days away from beginning to learn the answers to the nagging questions about College Football 2023’s questions.

And, get a much needed and appreciated respite from realignment jabberwocky.

We shall find out, sooner or later . . .

. . . How long it will take for Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Petrino to throw down their headsets and duke it out on the sidelines?

Smart $$$ says, take the under.

. . . How much faster the battles will be with no game clock stoppage after 1st Downs (except in the final two minutes of each half)?

. . . Whether some school not from Dixie can win the CFP?

. . . Whether Hugh Freeze will work his magic at Toomer’s Corner?

. . . Will Caleb Williams join Archie Griffin?

. . . Who if anybody will be this season’s TCU?

. . . Will Iowa OC Kirk Ferentz’s O score 25 ppg, and will the team win 7 games, thus saving the Hawkeye HC from firing his son?

. . . How long before serially mediocre Graham Mertz costs formerly surefire hire Billy Napier his job in Gainesville?

. . . Deion Sanders?

. . . Will homeboy Jeff Brohm deliver?

And, oh oh oh so many more.

But we must commence at the start, or so they say.

Which in the case of this brutal sport we love is the absurdly designated Week 0.

Which brings us to the most crucial query of all, if I must say so myself. Which is, will the cybergalaxy’s most heralded and successful pigskin prognosticator, ahem, need I say his name, continue to provide his loyal readers with victor after victor after victor week in and week out, as he has so consistently in the past?

Smart $$$ says take the thumbs up.

So, let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week 0

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Bowls

After streaming a flick the other night — “Kimi” on HBO Max, pretty nifty technothriller — the realization came I hadn’t watched but a couple of plays in the Wake Forest/ Mizzou Gasparilla Bowl. Not that I gave a lump of coal about the game or who won.

Yet then realized how different this year’s Bowl Season has been. Something’s been missing.

Yes. No Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool. Which would have me and about fifty others hanging on every fumble, pick and FG every silly Bad Boy Techno Taco Burpee Bowl until way after our bedtimes.

About fifteen years ago I was at a holiday party. In the corner of the den the TV was tuned without sound to the Fruit Company Cumquat Bowl or some such. What did happen to my benefit was Syracuse either made or missed a FG — who can remember details — which kept the kid alive for top spot with the Vig. I let out a scream, raising my hands in triumph, walked through the house like Ali after downing Liston.

Only The Professor, another annual bowler bozo, understood.

The Vig passed away suddenly a couple of months back.

Joey the Vig was a fictional ID fashioned for my pal John up Michigan way. A retired teacher, he loved numbers and odds and charts and data bases and football. He’d host such contests. A 13 run pool in baseball. Monthly pick ’em pool during football season.

And, my favorite, the Bowl Pool.

Not only because I could milk it for some blogs. I won it a couple of times, pocketing a little moolah.

So, to honor and in memory of dear friend Johnny Wags a/k/a Joey the Vig, find herewith America’s Premier Pigskin Prognosticator taking on the challenge of picking the winners for the remainder of the Bowl Season.

And, yes, it’s twu it’s twu, Against The Spread. (As set by Vegas Insider on 12/24.) Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Bowls

Seedy K’s Eccentric Wasabi Fenway Bowl Primer

Here’s everything you really don’t need to know about Saturday’s bowl matchup between U of L and Cincy.

But ought to.

What up with Wasabi?

No, it’s not a reference to that greenish, pea-ish horseradishy stuff you dab your Saba Roll in to make it more spicy. (Though I couldn’t help myself with the photo up top.)

Nor is it the name of the hottest new boutique on fashionable Newbury Street.

Also, not a reference to Southie pol Giuliani Wasabi, who is rumored to be declaring for the next mayoral race.

Ready for it? Hope so, don’t want to push my luck beyond the point of clever. Continue reading Seedy K’s Eccentric Wasabi Fenway Bowl Primer

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

Driving about this morning, I was listening on Channel 309 Jam On to a group that is actually named Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.

What they were playing was a seriously pedestrian tune titled “Porcupine,” but I never moved on to something else.

Which anecdote, to be brutally honest, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the precipitous decline in my predictioneering prowess last weekend.

But is conclusive empirical evidence how far your scribe will go in a lame obviously failed attempt to be alliteratively cute.

I was rewarded for my lack of energy to change the station with an interesting Frank Zappa tune that followed.

Which is yet another, so what?

Coming off a 5-0 slate in Week X, here’s what happened last time out here.

TCU won again in Austin. UK failed to Krogerize the Dores in a home L, the next great power in college pigskin. My Cards fell in Death Valley to a former recently great power in college pigskin.

But . . . All hail to the Baby Blue Tar Heels who defrocked the Demon Deacons.

And DePauw, which recaptured the Monon Bell with a decisive 49-14 plundering of rival Wabash.

2-3 for the weekend. 37-24 on the year.

Forever Onward!

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Upon double checking last weekend’s results, this tally does appear to be correct.

UCan won yet again, this victory over UMess. Tulane’s Green Wave continue their surge. Kentucky showed Mizzou. Georgia, as anybody with any sense should have known would happen, manhandled Rocky Top.

And the University of Louisville Cardinals won their fourth straight, with a dispatch of L’il Jimmy Madison.

Pass the Dolly Cakes, s’il vous plait.

Double checking what was written in this space last week, as if that was really necessary, your inveterate Pope of Predicticators proved yet again why he remains the Pontiff of Perfecto Prognosteration.

Because all those results were anticipated and reported in advance.

5-0 for the weekend = 35-21 for the campaign.

It’s good to be King.

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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week X

There is an arch nemesis residing in the Chinstrap Nation. His persistent schadenfreude is such that he chooses never to miss an opportunity to berate your prodigious prognosticator for the occasional miscue.

So, last weekend, as the Noon games were winding down, your Pope of Predictionators decided to head him off at the pass, communicating to him that somehow incorrect choices had already been made in 60% of the weekly picks.

And he needn’t need to musktwiddle it out to the cyberverse, thank you very much.

Syracuse hadn’t yet recovered from its first L the week before in Death Valley, and fell to the Golden Domers in the Carrier Dome.

Auburn — Why on earth would someone allegedly sound of mind dub them to be the victor? — fell to the Razorbacks in Jordan Hare Stadium. Which is reported to have been bereft of spectators by the 4th Q. Thus the Toomer Toilet Paper Removal Corps got the week off. And, in the aftermath, to the surprise of nobody, Bryan Harsin was relieved of his coaching duties.

And Miami, under the guidance of Mario the Savior was down 3-6 at UVa, with under a minute to play.

But, lo and behold, in a barn burner of a snoozefest, the ‘Canes scored and prevailed in OT#4, on a two point conversion.

Which set the stage for two phenomena in my neck of the woods.

One, a day of joy for the Red & Black Faithful, as the Cards whopped Wake up one side o’ the head, the other and over under sideways down. While the Cats were checkmated on Rocky Top.

Both of which were correctly crystalballed here.

3-2 for the weekend. 30-21 for the season.

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