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Seedy K Scoops: Every Once in a While

By dumb luck and circumstance, I beat the crowd yesterday to the exciting positive news for U of L baskeball fans.

The NCAA had declared waiting in limbo PG Ty-Laur Johnson immediately eligible.

A guy in the gym texted me immediately after Kenny Payne told TL-J and the team.

You’ve seen those videos where a football coach announces that a 4th string walk on punter is now on scholly, and the locker room erupts in cheers and hugs? Well, I’m told that’s what happened.

Fortunately, when I got the text, I was sitting at my keyboard, and immediately posted the news at the Chron. With the proviso that I hadn’t been able to officially confirm it. Soon enough that happened, so I edited my original post, then remembered to post it at my own sports blog.

Received a pat on the back from Glorious Editor. Always appreciated. Since it wasn’t always the case years ago at another venue, which you will learn if you continue with this “tell all,” such as it is.

I’ve never considered myself a reporter. I’m a pundit. A commentator. A retired barrister with too much time on his hands and his key to the posting app. Someone who is familiar enough with the writings of local icon Dr. Gonzo, to understand fabulists often speak the truth. Or, so we delude ourselves.

But yesterday’s gotcha got me thinking of the very few times it’s happened before. All during my “Rumor & Innuendo” days at LEO. Continue reading Seedy K Scoops: Every Once in a While

Rumor & Innuendo Redux

Back to where it all began is where I find myself this fine spring day, waiting for the Champions League and NBA playoffs to start.

My sports writing career, such as it has been, began in the 90s at LEO, trafficking in sports gossip. That’s why the whole Seedy K moniker.

I knew a guy. A barrister who would literally stand in front of his office building in the afternoons, looking for fellow junkies to chat up about sports. Not only was he a huge fan, he was connected. Gave me some great stuff.

I mean, when I’d walk by, he’d give the come on over here move with his head.

The R & I deal was also propelled by passing along gaffes and bon mots from Coach Pipe. Oh for the halcyon days of SchnellSpeak of the Week.

Anyhow, I’m baaaaaack!

Of course, times are different these days. What with all the social media and chat rooms, the interweb is rife with all matters gossipular. So it might very well be that those of you tuning in have already consumed this tittle-tattle. Or have even started the scuttlebutt yourselves.

 * * * * *

Like you may have already heard what I’ve heard about She Who Is Known By HVL Alone. Continue reading Rumor & Innuendo Redux