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Louisville Langour: It’s Bad, It’s Nationwide

Do I skip right to the Cruelest Blow?

Or, wend my way there, so you’ll read more of this latest vent about the freefall of the University of Louisville Men’s Basketball Program?

Prepare thyselves, ’tis the latter, because . . .

. . . I had a great opening for this piece on Monday, but was saving for this story after the UVa game, which I now shall use.

(Perhaps I’ve mentioned before, my writing, such as it is, flows better if the opening line comes. Which, in this case, it did.)

So, here goes. Continue reading Louisville Langour: It’s Bad, It’s Nationwide

A Bubblicious Hoopaholic On Tenterhooks

Mr. Bunny’s call before U of L’s regular season finale began, as is his MO, not with a salutation, but a leading question.

“You agree, right, the Cardinals are a lock for the NCAA?”

“Uh, no.”

Louisville lost to Virginia, as they most always do, and didn’t look especially good doing it.

Thus, I am fully in touch with my inner Seth Greenberg.

Not the guy in the studio with ‘Phons, who sometime Wednesday night will be discussing the state of the Cardinals amid the Championship Week chitter chatter.

The Cards will have beaten Duke. At which point, the conversation will hearken back to some time in the long distant past when the talking heads will wonder if anybody’s bested the Blue Devils thrice in a season? Like maybe the Tar Heels back in the day of Charlie Scott or Lennie Rosenbluth. Duke will be the focus; U of L, an afterthought. Continue reading A Bubblicious Hoopaholic On Tenterhooks

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Bottom line is I should have taken last weekend off. Like the majority of the Top 20.

But no, I stayed the course and suffered for it.

2 Ws. 3 Ls. 33-19 on the year.

Not to worry. I fired my entire staff, and am feeling rejuvenated with fresh input, heading into the most important weekend of the year.

For the first time in college football history, there will be two battles on the same Saturday in which both combatants are 8-0.

And the Louisville Cardinals take their first stab this year at bowl eligibility.

Let’s go. And don’t be telling me how I only choose easy games to predict. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Hoopaholics Gazette: Let’s Get This Party Started

Hoops tips tomorrow.

Can I get a witness?

So, what you’ve happened upon here is the first edition of what I intend to be regular looks throughout the season at the world of college basketball.

The focus: My beloved University of Louisville Cardinals. Along with observations on those squads representing institutions in this vicinity, which is the epicenter of the sport. I’ll also provide take a gander at the national scene, as I see fit.

My intention: This will be a prediction free zone. No projected NCAA seedings or Final Four participants. It will be totally subjective, generally devoid of analytics, self indulgent, obsessive, and full of all the abundant expertise that can be provided by the last man cut from the J.M. Atherton High School Rebels jayvee team back in the days of yesteryore.

Let’s have some fun.

You got questions about hoops, or important life issues, you’d like for me to address, I’m at your service, maybe. Write me at I might answer them. I might not.

Ted Valentine, the guy with the big whistle whom the Cards get right from the start in Coral Gables, toss up that rock, let’s get hoopin’.

 * * * * *

I guess the Cardinals is the place to start. Continue reading Hoopaholics Gazette: Let’s Get This Party Started

Cards fall 3-1 in CWS Opener

The College World Series draw can be a cruel mistress.

Win the opener and the possibilities for success multiply. Drop the first one, and matters get dire.

In an opener, which is the only one to feature two national seeds, between college baseball’s winningest squads this decade, Vandy the higher-seeded favorite, in this game and to win the title, prevailed. 3-1.

Louisville will face the Auburn/ Mississippi loser Tuesday afternoon. Defeated departs. Winner gets life, but will still have to win three more in a row to advance to the title 2 of 3.

While falling to the Commodores doesn’t feel good, it’s no disgrace. U of L’s very familiar regional rival was ranked either #1 or #2 in all the pre-season polls. Vanderbilt finished #2 in all the polls, behind UCLA, which was swept in its Supers by the surging Michigan Wolverines.

Vandy’s ascendency into the sport’s upper echelon pretty much parallels U of L’s. But the Nashvillians have fared significantly better in their four CWS appearances than U of L’s now 2-9 record in five. They won it all in ’14, winning the opener against U of L, and were runners up the following season. Vandy’s harvested the highest rated recruiting class four of the last five seasons. Continue reading Cards fall 3-1 in CWS Opener

Cards Roll Pirates in Supers’ Opener, 14-1

Not a lot of schools have ventured into The Jim this season with a hurler more heralded than the ACC’s best, Cardinal Reid Detmers (11-4, 2.96), he who now holds Louisville’s  all time season strikeout record, 156 and counting before Friday noon’s first pitch.

But, in addition to holding a hard to conceptualize 10 game winning streak against U of L, that’s exactly the East Carolina held in its hands.

Jake Agnos (11-2, 2.02) was dubbed First Team All-American by Collegiate Baseball.

And he had the rabid and raucous Pirate faithful pumped to the max, when he struck out the side in the bottom of the 1st, and proceeded to mow down the first ten Cardinals he faced.

Meanwhile, Detmers was a bit off his feed, which seemed a bad omen against the hard hitting ECU lineup, featuring six .300+ batters and a couple of guys with homer totals well into the teens. Despite struggling a might, he was able to get out of the 1st, stranding two visitors. The Pirates were three up three down in the 2d, but threatened hugely in the the 3d. (Yeah, I used the word “hugely,” deal with it.) Continue reading Cards Roll Pirates in Supers’ Opener, 14-1

It’s March, and I’m Just Mad about Madness

The bracket, thank you for your annual beneficence Naismithius, has arrived.

As usual, it is a veritable menagerie of creatures, strange and not so.

Bruins, Bison, Bulls, Bulldogs, Buckeyes, Bears, and Bearcats.

Once again, our memories short, we are compelled to inquire: What exactly is a Billiken?

Cavaliers and Monarchs.

Cyclones and Flames.

Anteaters and Ducks.

Sooners and Volunteers.

Gaels, Gators and Grizzlies.

Tigers and Wildcats and more Wildcats.

Since we know that Orangoutangs, none of which sadly shall be participating in the Dance, are skeptical of changes in their cages, there is another query soon to be answered.

With Carl Spackler on their side, will Louisville’s Cardinals eradicate those varmint Golden Gophers?

And, while we’re at it, will Rick the Elder escape from exile in Greece to watch Rick the Younger coach against their former school? I mean, it’s the kind of thing this father is prone to do. Continue reading It’s March, and I’m Just Mad about Madness

Louisville CardFile: Kent State

The 2018-19 University of Louisville Cardinals continue to amaze.

Not that a 13 point mid December homecourt victory over #147 Kent State in and of itself is an earth shattering result.

It was the manner of the win.

It was the apparent visual and empirical evidence of game by game by game improvement that was yet again manifest.

There are reasons aplenty for the faithful’s burgeoning exuberance about this plucky band of Cards.

And the mack daddy of them all is . . . all together now . . . Chris Mack.

(Yes, kids, I can go literary and verbose, and I can go hip hop. At least as street as a septuagenarian with a bum wheel can go.)

So, before we get to the game itself, some props for that new guy on the bench. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Kent State

Louisville CardFile: Clemson

It doesn’t really matter.

No comparisons are necessary or germane.

But, for the record, U of L’s deplorable and disgusting nonperformance against Clemson Saturday noon was not the worst defeat in program history.

If my research is correct, that would be a 0-105 home loss to Murray State during the 0-9  reign of C.V. “Red” Money in 1932.

Money was one and done coaching the Cards. After that ofer campaign he was gone.

So too should be Bobby Petrino, along with his egregiously ineffectual family affair of assistants.

And while there was little if any coaching observable in Death Valley, this squad of Cardinals should also be ashamed. They displayed zero pride.

I have watched U of L teams perform poorly in the past, but I cannot remember one during which the team played as if they could give a shit.

Cardinal fans, bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time for your tears.

Bottom line: It is inconceivable that Vince Tyra, financial difficulties notwithstanding, can do anything but advise Petrino that he shall be gone after the UK game. For Tyra to say something like, “We’ll assess the situation after the season,” would be a skewed interpretation of the precarious state of the program.

Your move, Mr. Athletics Director. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Clemson