Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech

There is little to say.

Nothing really.

Which is why I sat and stared at this page which remained blank for hours.

Louisville 67, Georgia Tech 83.

Unlike most of Cardinals’ many losses this season, points off turnovers was not the significant statistic.

That was only -5.

Points in the paint. 28 Cards, 40 Yellow Jackets. -12.

Points beyond the arc. Cards, 12. (4/17). Yellow Jackets, 36. 12/29. -24.

Fast break. Cards, 6. Yellow Jackets, 16. -10. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech

Louisville CardFile: Duke

Given that there is an adjustment period at the beginning of every game, how the opening played out in this one is not especially unusual. Or disconcerting. To me anyway.

Louisville started out focused, energetic and hot.

Especially El Ellis who had 11 already at the initial media timeout, on 4/4 (3/3) shooting. He also had a sweet drive and dish on the Cards’ opening possession, his second in consecutive games. JJ Traynor made a sweet move for the delivery and the hoop.

The Cards lead moments later blossomed to 18-9.

The Blue Devils then steadied, running off 13 in a row.

They kept the Cards measured the rest of the way.

Some garbage points at the end, when Kenny Payne emptied the bench, made the final a somewhat deceiving 79-62.

 * * * * *

Louisville’s play of late in microcosm was on display in the 2d at Cameron Indoor from opening possession until the 13:41 mark. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Duke

Louisville CardFile: Clemson

Might it have been a bit “classier” had El Ellis just dribbled out the clock at the end instead of heading uncontested to the rim for an exclamation point 360 windmill slam, after Brad Brownell had cried “uncle.”

Of course, it would have. Maybe.

But, ya know what, in this dastardly campaign of little return, let ’em vogue.

Louisville Cardinals 83, Clemson Tigers 73.

U of L’s fourth W of the campaign was by double figures as an 11 underdog.

 * * * * *

Clemson was forced to call a timeout with 7:31 left, after a six point Cardinal run gave U of L a 66-52 lead.

Then the Prilosec™ moments. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Clemson

My Feelings After Cards Won ’13 NCAA

The 2013 NCAA National Basketball Champion Louisville Cardinals will be honored Saturday night at the Clemson game. This is a piece I wrote in the immediate aftermath of that title. It includes a couple stories oft told before and after. (Frankly not sure how the Jerry Lee anecdote is pertinent. Sorta made sense at the time. To me. Verbosity über alles.) I am intent on leaning into these emotions during this current season of woe. Remembering I only wanted one.

Omne trium perfectum.

If we are lucky as we slip into our dotage, if more synapses stay connected than not, we’ll remember salient moments, significant snippets of dialog from yesteryear.

A cunning retort. A pithy aside. Legit advice that resonates.

A life changing admonition. A homily to guide. A comforting whisper, such as the one that really should begin this piece, But first, as if to illustrate, a moment of insight into celebrity. Continue reading My Feelings After Cards Won ’13 NCAA

U of L CardFile: Virginia

Louisville does not beat Virginia.

If not literally, figuratively.

Coming in, five Ws against 20 setbacks all-time. One of those victories in ’47. Not even halfway through last century.

Since joining the ACC, we’re looking at 2-15.

The Mango Mathiang game in ’15. And Jordan Nwora-led victory in the COVID year.

Other than that, nuthin’.

Rick Pitino, as heralded in game prep as he is reputed to be, couldn’t figure it out. David Padgett’s Cards fell in a game that with seconds to play was mathematically impossible to lose. Mack beat ’em that once.

The word I’ve used time and again after the continuum of losses is “schooled.” Continue reading U of L CardFile: Virginia

Seedy K’s Recap Addendum

Corrected and edited 2/13, 5:18 pm.

So, is there reason you may ask, why I revisit my take on the Miami game?

Yeah, because I stupidly and inadvertently deleted the entirety of my original astutely-observed, elegantly penned version of the recap. Don’t ask, the reason is too embarrassing to shae.

Since it was already way past my bedtime, what I then knocked out and posted was a condensed take.

There are a few other matters peripheral to the game I wanted to share. So I do.

Like, as you can tell by the photo above of my very own Wes Unseld throwback, how much I love love love the throwback unis adidas provided for the game.

More please. Continue reading Seedy K’s Recap Addendum

Louisville CardFile: Miami

Apologies: True tale of woe. My original game story was much more incisive. And literate. Or so I would believe. But, after completing it and proofreading it, while attempting to copy and paste, I inadvertently deleted it. Now, it’s late. I’m tired. Sorry, but what you read is what you get. Which is essentially a condensed rewrite.

The University of Louisville played arguably its best game of the season Saturday night.

At least at the offensive end.

Yet still fell to #19 Miami in Coral Gables, 93-85.

The Canes led 10-0, scoring their first four trips down the court.

After a timeout, U of L tightened up. Miami still tallied on 3 of its next 4 forays with the ball. But the Cards matched them, more or less.

It turned to more. U of L actually took the lead with 4:35 until half, 34-33. Twice they pushed the advantage to three. But the Canes fought back. A Kamari Lands triple pulled Louisville within one at intermission, 42-41. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Miami

Louisville CardFile: Pittsburgh

A pall of ennui has now fully enshrouded U of L hoops.

As if it hadn’t already.

No texts from my peeps during the action.

No ACC announcers actually courtside in the Oakland Zoo.

Malaise has become epidemic. Vaccines are being beta tested.

As I write, Pitt has just made its first five shots of the 2d half. The first three from beyond the arc.

This, after the Panthers hit 62% of their attempts in the 1st, including 60% of their triples (9/15). With 14 assists on 16 made shots.

The score, Pitt 60, Louisville 28.

Six different Panthers have netted a triple.

For the first time in awhile, turnovers aren’t the culprit for U of L’s demise. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Pittsburgh

Louisville CardFile: Florida State

One way of describing it is the ol’ Yin and Yang from ancient Eastern cosmology.

Yin representing the passive, absorption. Darkness.

Yang, activity, penetration. Positive.

It is essence of the Louisville Cardinals in recent games, as they have shown incremental but palpable improvement, but are still far from where they’d like to be.

In less philosophic terms: The Cardinals dig a hole. Then can’t quite fill it back up.

Against visiting Florida State, U of L gave up scores on the Seminoles’ first four possessions, were immediately down 9 when Kenny Payne was compelled to call a timeout.

Louisville appeared befuddled by the FSU’s D.

U of L turned it over after the stoppage to fall behind double digits. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech

In an Atlantic Coast Conference tussle destined to become Cardinal lore replayed over brewskis for decades to come, as well as appear in regular rotation on ESPN Classic, the University of Louisville Cardinals upset the favored Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Wednesday night.

By double digits.



The Cards stand undefeated for the month of February.

More important(ly), it was Kenny Payne’s first league victory, one that most were expecting wouldn’t come until next season.

And it was the third W of his tenure as Head Coach of the Cards.

So, does your inveterate scribe, prone to such diversionary musings, attempt to make some cultural/ musical connection as he joyously types?

Say, like invoking one of the more famous tunes from the recently departed rock icon David Crosby, the title and subject matter of which is informed by the digit 3. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Georgia Tech