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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Pre-Preseason

Though it would still be July until the clock flipped over, there was a gray October sky.

Though humid and far from crisp, there was the hue of a gray Grantland Rice pigskin sort of day.

The Good Book of college football — Phil Steele’s Yearbook — arrived in the mail.

The ACC had just announced a ten plus Notre Dame conference slate plus one.

Expert Stew Mandel optimistically projected my beloved Cardinals to go 8-2 in the conference.

The SEC announced a league only schedule for the autumn.*

*So much for feathers vs. fur this coming fall of 2020.

Louisville AD Vince Tyra expressed some optimism, cautious and measured as it was, that there might actually be college football within its normal annual space time continuum.

I could almost — almost — smell bratwurst grilling in the air.

 * * * * *

Then I read what might be a more prescient harbinger of our current reality. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Pre-Preseason

A Modest Proposal: How to Play the Games

A tip of the cap to Jonathon Swift, whose modest proposal to feed fattened-up Irish street urchins to the rich was meant as satire.

Though, truth be told, the literati of 1729 might not have gotten the joke.

Well, the New Dark Age we live in 2020 is not a joke.

Indications are increasing that one of the pandemic’s casualties might be college sports. Just when our love for such would be a welcomed antidote to our malaise.

So, as admittedly farfetched as it might seem, my suggestion about the upcoming seasons of the two major sports of college athletics is meant to be serious.

Though the chances are improbable that the conference and NCAA muckety muck powers that be will listen to the musings of a scribe who would adopt the nom de plume Seedy K.

I’ll have at it anyhow.

Move collegiate football back.

Move collegiate basketball forward.

My reasons in no logical order: Continue reading A Modest Proposal: How to Play the Games

Cardinal Pigskin What Ifs?: Pandemic Pondering

During normal times, an existence which we could not be further from, a preseason summertime conversation with your fan buddies might go something like this.

Sportsbee: “I heard Puma Pass has been awesome in workouts. Like the guy we always expected him to be, better than Micale. Quarterback controversy?”

X-Man: “That’s a joke, right? Tell me your kidding. Cunningham had the second best stats in the country last year. He’s on some player of the year watch lists. Are you and idiot?”

And so the colloquy would go . . . until the back and forth turned to the linebacking corps.

During these times, all such conversations always — always — begin with, “Do you think there’s going to be college football at all?”

Such it the reality of this daze we are enduring.

Which is why I’ve fallen into historical What Ifs?.

What if C.V. “Red” Money hadn’t led the Cards to an ofer ’32?

What if Johnny U. hadn’t become so good in the pros?

What if U of L had hired Bobby Bowden, who applied for the job, instead of Lee Corso? Continue reading Cardinal Pigskin What Ifs?: Pandemic Pondering

U of L Pigskin Rewind: West Virginia ’06

It was a dark and chilly night.

And, Fiesta Bowl W notwithstanding, it was the biggest football game in U of L Cardinal history.*

Sideline reporter Erin Andrews was shivering on the field. Meanwhile ESPN’s A Team of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit benefited from several space heaters in the TV booth, though they had the window open.

*The game that supplanted this one between #5 Cards against the #3 Mountaineers as Most Important Ever came but a week to the day later in Piscataway, New Jersey. The story of which, I doubt you shall read about here.

 * * * * *

Perhaps it was the gravity of the frigid Fahrenheit in the 20s, November Thursday Prime Time encounter — Winner legitimately in National Title Game discussion, Loser SOL — or maybe just steadfast defense by both home and away, but there weren’t a lot of first half offensive fireworks. At least not as many as expected. Continue reading U of L Pigskin Rewind: West Virginia ’06

Pigskin Rewind: ’04 Liberty Bowl

So overwhelming was the response to my consideration of U of L’s football forays to THE Ohio State University– We apologize for the interminable delays at Customer Service, please stay on the line, a representative will get to you eventually — that I felt compelled to give it another go.

So, while shuffling about the interweb, I came across an enticing title on the youtube, “Best 4th Quarters,” with a link to the final 25% of the Cardinals vs. Broncos back and forth in the highly anticipated 2004 Liberty Bowl. 

And, remembering little about that year’s U of L pigskinners, or that bowl battle in particular, except that the Cards had prevailed, I figured, “Hey, cut to the good part. Why waste 2:59:28 watching the whole game video, when 46:49 gets you right to the filet mignon?” 

Some thoughts after watching. Continue reading Pigskin Rewind: ’04 Liberty Bowl

Pigskin Rewind: Cards/ Buckeyes ’91 & ’92

Looking on the interweb for something else, to be totally transparent, I came across videos of these two Louisville at Ohio State games, a highlight piece for ’91, and the full game for ’92. I immediately set aside my other quest, and scrambled down those rabbit holes of Cardinal history, and thus report.

There was certainly a deja vu all over again feel to that pair of gridiron battles along the banks of the Olentangy in the early 90s.

The least of which may have been that Cardinal coach Howard Schnellenberger wore the same black sportcoat on the sideline both seasons, which is worth a mention for he did so despite the blazing, relentless sun and truly abysmal heat.

An old school guy, ever the in-game delegator, the Schnell never wore a headset, never carried a laminated play sheet, and rarely appeared to inquire in advance of his offensive or defensive coordinator what play was to be called, or the defensive alignment?

But, no matter how cold, or how hot,* he always roamed the sideline with a look of concern, in a sportcoat and tie. Continue reading Pigskin Rewind: Cards/ Buckeyes ’91 & ’92

Louisville CardFile: Mississippi State

How about that?

No, really, I mean How About THAT?

2019 Music City Bowl Final Score: Louisville 38, Mississippi State 28.

And who before it began might have ever really considered a line like that would be written as a capper for this Cardinal pigskin campaign?

Let’s set aside for a moment the debacle that was the ’18 season and how this regular campaign, despite some bracing setbacks, played out in an almost dreamlike fashion.

Let’s just make passing mention how U of L’s ever resilient squad shook off the whipping it took in this year’s finale.

Let’s mention but dismiss how the Cards best player decided not to participate with his former teammates in the bowl game to prepare his talents for the next level.

Let’s just talk about how Scott Satterfield and his staff had this band of Cardinals so ready to win Monday afternoon in Nashville that they simply shrugged off what could have been a debilitating start to dominate their SEC foe. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Mississippi State

Holidaze Mashup: Hoopaholism & Pigskin Fever Clash

Oy, what’s a sports dude to do?

Too many games. On the gridiron. On the hardwood.

Not enough screens. Too many clickers.

It’s the best of times. It’s the most frustrating of times. A Travail of Two Sports.

So, yeah, like last Saturday when the reality is I’ve been sucked into Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool — at the risk of significant personal financial diminution — which requires I am compelled to cheer on the otherwise out of mind Blazers of UAB +17 1/2 in the New Orleans Bowl.

Does Gene Bartow still coach there? Oh no, wait a minute, it’s son Gene. Oh right, wrong sport.

See what I mean?

On the other hand, the day dawned with several enticing hoops encounters. Rock Chalk Jauyhawk vs. Nova. Dayton vs. Colorado. And, you know, UK vs. THE O*H*I*O State Buckeyes.

You know that early 90s comedy “Death Becomes Her,” where Meryl Streep’s head swivels 360? Welcome to my world.

 * * * * *

Yes I’m here to try to make some sense of what’s going on in my favorite sports. OK, at least to opinionate about what’s happenin’. Continue reading Holidaze Mashup: Hoopaholism & Pigskin Fever Clash

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Joey the Vig Season

So, those of you who have been with me awhile know, the ones who have been tagging along since back  when I was an independent wag, with just my own site, through now, when I’m a dual poster at seedyksports.com and cardchronicle.com.

What you know is, this is that lull time of the college football calendar between the scheduled regular season, and bowl games. Which means, as the shtick goes, that I get a visit from some of Joey the Vig’s, uh, “associates.”

Usually ruddy looking dudes with foreign accents in ill fitting sport coats, and a visage that says, “don’t waste our time, or else.”

They come at the behest of the Vig, a gentleman in the “gaming” industry, their purpose to “invite” me to “voluntarily” participate in their employer’s annual College Football Bowl Pool.

Funny how this usually works. They seem to always be able to deftly assure my entry, taking their leave with my participation fee.

I always ask their names, just to be polite, you understand. This year, when one mentioned his last name was Sheeran, my eyebrows raised. It sounded familiar so I began to inquire, “Sheeran, hmmm, are you any relation to Fra . . .”

At which juncture, his partner, put his hand not so gently on my arm, and advised, “If my partner gets one more question about that new movie, he’s gonna really lose it. Mr. Seedy, you really don’t want that.”

I dropped the subject. Glad to lock the door behind them as they left with my entry money.

More about the Vig in a second. Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Joey the Vig Season

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championship Week

Frankly, midday Saturday I was of two minds about the rest of the day’s outcomes.

Michigan and Louisville had been whomped up the side of their heads by arch rivals. UVa finally beat the rival Hokies for the first time since Tommy Jefferson was sneakin’ out back and shtuppin’ that Hemings gal in the shed.

Liberty was winning.

Auburn, my pick in the Iron Bowl, was back and forth then again with the Crimson Tide.

Peerless Prognosticator Seedy K was obviously hoping for a War Eagle W. Because 2-3, while far from exemplary, has a sweeter ring to it than 1-4.

But, to be honest, Literary Seedy K, the wanna be writer aspiring to consequence, he who would hope for eloquence, sort of wished for an Auburn L. Because then I had my oh so clever lede.

“Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”


But, being a man of verbosity if nothing else, I worked it in anyway. Too good to go to waste.

So I stand 46-26, heading into the last battles before Selection Sunday.

This weekend’s Champion Winners: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championship Week