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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

As I should have known, having matriculated at Longfellow Elementary and all, the game would be won by land.

Silversmith Revere must be oh so very proud.

The Old North Church, one must assume, was bathed in UMass maroon Saturday night.

In the epic battle of last weekend against winless rival Connecticut, the previously winless Minutemen of the University of Massachusetts gobbled up 251 yards over land, and prevailed.

Oh, how very wrong I was about that one, having picked the Huskies. (And, yes, I know it was the Brits, of whom the patriots wanted to know attack strategy, not the vice versa. Dramatic license exemption used.)

The losers shall seek their first victory in forever this weekend against the Eli of Yale. Tis a game you shall not see predicticated below.

Texas is one of the few schools last set of games who, like the U of L Cardinals, gave up way way way too many points in the 4th, losing a battle they should have won. So, I missed those also.

The Wildcats and Wolverines did prevail. But, at 2-3 for Saturday, my sweetest run since capturing Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool in consecutive years (ATS, I’ll have you know) is OVER!

Yet, I remain a lofty 22-12 for the season.

And, like the patriots awaiting in Lexington and Concord and Medford and all their fellow Middlesex townies, I forge ahead, assured I have truth, justice and the American Way on my side.

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Louisville CardFile: Virginia

In the aftermath of Louisville’s come-from-ahead 33-34 defeat to Virginia, many Cardinal fans turned into bilious characters from “Venom Let There Be Carnage.”

Most of the disgust aimed at Scott Satterfield.

“He ought to be fired.”

As well as the defensive scheme that allowed UVa to come back from a 13-30 deficit, tally 21 in the 4th and steal away with the win.

“Why do you keep rushing 3 with the opponent out of time outs and a
quarterback that makes Zorro look like a hack?”

D Coordinator Bryan Brown was also dodging brickbats.

“Terrible defensive coaching.”

Those are just the missives I received postgame which are printable.

 * * * * *

I too wondered, more depressed than disgusted after the L, why Louisville didn’t come with more pressure late? Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Virginia

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VI

My weekend stood at the precipice of 👍🏽 or 👎🏽.

As predicted, Georgia prevailed over Arkansas,  confirming the Bulldogs’ status as #1 or #1A, and unbeaten Michigan beat the suddenly hapless Badgers of Wisconsin.

Buuut, as misprognosticated — my Crystal Ball was foggy — the Irish did not roll down the echoes on the Bearcats, and my Cardinals were scuttled by the time clock, and the most accurate placekicker in the history of college football.

So, sttanding at 2-2 for Saturday, I tuned into the Wildcats, who were facing an oh so UK moment. They’d more or less controlled a Top 10 Florida team, they hadn’t beaten in the Bluegrass since Huey Lewis & the News topped the charts with “Stuck With You.” But the Gators had driven into the Red Zone with less than a minute to play.

4th & Goal. The game, and my positive or negative weekend in the balance.

How many times through the decades has the Big Blue Nation exited the stadium, surly, having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory? Plenty.

But, thanks to a brilliant, leaping pass knockdown by Jacquez Jones, couch burning commenced. And the kid felt full of himself, having advised of the upset in advance.

3-2 for the day, keeps me hummin’ at 20-9 on the season.

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Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

One doesn’t need to cue up Nick Saban getting toilet papered by a Kick Six to understand how much an added second can change the outcome of a pigskin battle.

Nor rewatch Mr. Creosote explode — literally — to be reminded how a wafer thin moment can adversely affect a situation.

So, yeah, it’s hard to argue that the ACC’s zebras inexplicable rejiggering of the time/space continuum when conjuring an added second at the end of the 1st, was the difference in Wake’s three point W over U of L in Winston-Salem, 37-34.* The replay confirmed zeros on the clock, when the whistle blew the play done.

The Cards had plenty of opportunities to close after halftime. But, how much greater might their energy have been, entering the locker room tied, having just thwarted a Demon Deacons score with a goal line stop?

The answer is blowin’ in the wind. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications (Plus): Week V

Oh how strange this first “post-COVID” season is. Not that it’s a thing of the past by any measure.

Teams that negotiated last year’s strangeness, with lots of experienced talent returning, are reeling. Talking about you, Indiana. Referring to you, Iowa State. And you, North Carolina. And, coach-free Southern California. You’re not alone, the list goes on.

Some teams were just better at adapting last campaign. But for many, most, those results might be/are proving to be a false positive entering this year.

Another pandemic related observation, and a heartening one actually, is that none of these college pigskin throngs gathered to cheer on their beloveds — maskless, back to back, belly to belly, elbow to elbow — have become super spreader events.

At least that have been reported.

Maybe it’s the body paint that is more potent than Ivermectin.

If all that’s not enough to empirically prove just how furschlunginer this season is, contemplate this.

Yours truly, whose boast is ever bigger than his bet, followed up a perfecto, with a 4-1 weekend.

Southern Methodist had something to prove in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, and did so emphatically at the Horned Frogs home. So, I missed that one.

But, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Arch Rival and the Louisville Cardinals all prevailed.

4-1 on the weekend. 17-7 for the season.

If I hadn’t thrown out my shoulder the other day, I’d be patting myself on the back in triumph.

And now to explain that (Plus) in the header: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications (Plus): Week V

Louisville CardFile: Florida State

During a renovation a few years back of Franklin Field, America’s oldest college football stadium, an electrician found a long lost document in a rusting can behind some bricks being replaced in a south end vomitorium.

By coincidence the fellow just happened to be Francis Bagnell IV, great grand son of Reds Bagnell, former Penn pigskin All-American and Maxwell Trophy winner.

Among other rules of the game written on the parchment, dubbed at the time, “The Lost Scrolls of the Gridiron,” was this:

The winner of the game shall be the squad scoring the highest number of points registered in a manner consistent the other rules contained herein, regardless of when and in what manner they were scored, at the moment when the reigning official fires the gun to end the contest, or the coaches of the competing schools have shaken hands indicating their mutual acquiescence of the end of the contest.

That proclamation from the Ancients certainly inured to the benefit of the University of Louisville Cardinals Saturday afternoon in a way less than full Doak Campbell Stadium.

U of L 31, Florida State 23. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Florida State

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IV

There is no need this time around for some cute stories, attempts at humor to divert your attention. No prevarication necessary.

Last week, I predicted the following teams would win: Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and THE University of Louisville.

Harrowing though some of the victories were, here are the schools that prevailed: Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Kentucky and THE University of Louisville

As the U of L play by play guy of my youth, Uncle Ed Kallay, would say: That’s about as good as you can get.

5-0 on the weekend. 13-6 for the season.

Glossy numbers, those.

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Cardinal Fans’ Hopes are . . . Up!!!

Maybe I’m delusional, perhaps it’s a phenomenon I’m simply conjuring in my mind.

But, maybe not.

Seems like in the past several days, I’ve seen more people out and about in Cardinal gear.

The grocery. When filling up the tank of my Crosstrek. At a couple meetings I’ve attended. In the park.

The Red & Black Faithful are walking just a bit taller in the last few days, there’s a strut in their steps.

After a long, lingering malaise.

This is not to say this virulent bug which has laid the Louisville fanbase low for oh so long now has completely been eradicated.

But the fever has broken. For now anyway. Enjoy. Continue reading Cardinal Fans’ Hopes are . . . Up!!!

Louisville CardFile: Central Florida

Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time.

Though, not quite the same, lyrically speaking, I can almost hear Dr. John on a night of a full moon at Tips.

You might have heard of Jaylin Alderman by now.

He’s a part of Cardinal pigskin lore, you understand.

Of the freshman LB’s significant heroics in U of L’s stirring 42-35 W over the (Not So) Golden Knights, Scott Satterfield, still observant while flush with the thrill of victory, said, “He sits out there in the flat, the ball gets tipped right to him, he’s not even supposed to be there, he catches it and goes and scores a touchdown.”

So, let’s break down Alderman’s contribution to the U of L W.

One play.


66 yard return.

Touchdown. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Central Florida

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week III

At some point last Saturday evening, luxuriating in Arkansas’ smackaround of Texas,  I was pretty damned pleased with my huuuuuge comeback bubbling up in Week II.

Until I checked my documents, and realized that it was Arkansas State I had predicted would prevail over Memphis State, not the Razorbacks over the Longhorns.

The Tigers prevailed in that defensive tussle, 55-50. Each squad gobbled up almost 700 yards of O apiece.

Don’t get old, kids. The memory fades. Precipitously.

Buuuut, I did correctly pick ACC’s Pitt Panthers over the Vols. In Rocky Top. And the rising Cats, and Cards in their walkover. Mike Leach’s Mississippi State handled N.C. State, in another battle of States. Which I got wrong.

So, despite the self confusion about the schools from The Natural State, I still got more right than wrong. 3-2 for the weekend, head still above water, 8-6 on the season.

Interesting matchups continue, as actual autumn draws nigh.

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