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Seedy K’s GameCap/Concert Review: Pitt & Beck

And now for something completely different.

Fear not, Louisville’s 24-10 victory shall be discussed. At least in part.

But first, context.

Rare is the occasion that your beat writer/ long time Cardinal diehard (BW/LTCD) misses a U of L game in real time. Either in person. Or on the telly.

He has shared the cautionary tale of missing a Card home hoops game in the early 70s to attend a Neil Young/ Linda Ronsdadt show at the Gardens. Ending the evening in the ER after his post show intoxicant-induced rear ending of a vehicle, which had already been in an accident at 2d & Liberty with gendarmes already on the scene.

Vows were made.

Vows were kept.

His claim that U of L sports has been the love of his life is true and real.

So too, his firm belief and understanding that rock & roll has provided as much if not more emotional and therapeutic sustenance throughout.

Jeff Beck was in town.

At the same time as U of L vs. Pittsburgh kickoff.

Set the DVR. More on the somewhat strange show at the Palace to follow.

But first, football. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap/Concert Review: Pitt & Beck