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Louisville CardFile: Boston College

During the Chris Mack Era, U of L has had a periodic celebrity courtside guest.

Assistant coach Luke Murray’s dad.

I mean, you know, Bill Murray is Bill Murray, right? Buster of Ghosts. Scarlett Johansson whisperer. Looper for the Lama. A cool presence.

All that said, and it’s most cool having Carl Spackler in the house for a Cards game, but with all due respect, it’s time for a change.

We need Danny Ainge courtside every game.

Because . . . and do I really need to spell it out for you . . . because the Cardinals alpha dog Jordan Nwora looked over during warmups, saw Ainge, and surely said to himself something like, “Hmmm, the Celtics GM is in the house, must have come to watch me play. OK, Danny, you want to see what I got? Here it comes.”

Nwora was, as it is said, en fuego from the get go.

At both ends, lest we overlook his hustling effort on defense.

How to put in perspective the giddy overwhelmingness of his offensive show? Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Boston College

Just Cardinal Hoops Talk . . . Really

Oy. it’s enough to give a guy heartburn. (Though that might be thanks to the gourmanderizing I perpetrated on myself last night right before bedtime.)

Lawsuits. Now x 2. Fans suing the NCAA. Players suing the NCAA.

Then there’s that litigation of former employees suing the school after being fired.

Now there’s that pizza splatter all over the football program and the university since that Papa J has swan-dived off the side of the mountain onto the rocks below, fashioning his own professional demise, leaving lots of pissed off folks in the U of L community.

So . . . for a breath of fresh air . . . can we talk about some actual Cardinal hoops for a bit? I mean Coach Mack and Jordan Nwora did a meet and greet day before yesterday?

Yes, but one other item first.

Signage. Continue reading Just Cardinal Hoops Talk . . . Really