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Hoopaholic’s Gazette: A Cardinal to Cheer For

Was Monday’s gray soggy weather a perfect metaphor for the annual post Derby (post JazzFest) malaise?

For the hoopaholics among us, as for basketball played by the male of the species, we must turn our yearning eyes toward the play for pay league.

Oops, silly me, got to say which one now. (Do not worry. I shan’t utter a word further here about you know what. Today’s post is a nil on NIL zone.)

I’m talking about hoops where the teams have a salary cap they must adhere to.

There is however a rooting interest remaining in the playdowns for U of L fans.

One Donovan Mitchell.

Now a Cleveland Cavalier, he was around the Yum! just when the shit hit the fan for Cardinal men’s basketball.

Two and done he was. No surprise. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: A Cardinal to Cheer For

Seedy K’s Hoopaholic Hiatus Warning

So, yeah, you loyal readers, especially the ones at the Chron, you won’t have me to kick around for the next couple weeks.

Which one hopes you might have already discerned from the photo up top, an image of you now know where I’ll be if you didn’t already know.

So, say, next Thursday morning at 11:30 when you are at work, or you’re lookin’ for some bloggoid type to vent your spleen toward, I’ll be sipping on a frozen latte, perhaps not being able to wait also savoring a crawfish strudel, and be either at Gentilly Stage listening to the New Orleans Suspects, or in the Blues Tent with Tin Men, or in the Gospel Tent where I often start the Fest, along with more fellow Hebrews than you’d imagine, praying along with Melvin “Maestro” Winfield Jr and The Glory Chorale Community Choir.

Just a way of saying thanks to the Lord for the blessing of JazzFest. This, my 35th.

Maybe at the Lagniappe Stage.

But before I go . . . Continue reading Seedy K’s Hoopaholic Hiatus Warning

Back to the Jim

Saturday dawned like the first true day of printemps.

(I know, too precious. But there are times when invocation of French is simply called for, the language is so resonant and lyrical. I gotta work the word for grapefruit in sometime soon.)

My immediate thought when seeing the sun glowing through my window: It’s time to get back to the ballyard.

I am a child of Willie, Mickey and the Duke. (As NY-centric as that may be. I mean, I recall asking my baseball-loving dad what the deal was when the Giants and Indians were in the ’54 Series. Still very young I thought it was just the Dodgers and Yankees every year.)

There were actual toys in boxes of Cracker Jack.

Baseball’s were the sounds of my youth.

The crack of ball against ash. The thwack of horsehide into leather.

The lingo. Continue reading Back to the Jim

Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Got My Fix

So, as previously reported, your inveterate Cardinal-loving wag awakened Thursday morn jonesing for a college hoops fix.

The withdrawal was severe.

And then, like manna from heaven, like back in the day my man would actually answer the phone when I needed to connect right then, the day unfolded.

It was like that day in ’70 in a field in Byron, Ga when I heard Duane and Dickey for the first time.

Or, more appropriately, let’s jump in the time machine back to January 28, 1956. It was like that blissful evening.

My obsession with U of L hoops was already four years on, though I was only 11.

That night is, to the best of my memory, the first time there was hoops on TV here. Television was still pretty rudimentary, the Milton Berle phase, just getting its sea legs.

A doubleheader no less.

My parents, from whom I am genetically disposed to hoopaholism, allowed me to stay up to the end beyond my bedtime. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Got My Fix

Seedy K: Pat Kelsey Leads Off

Please allow  me to introduce myself/ I’m a man of . . . 

On an opening day when new U of L basketball coach Pat Kelsey by most all accounts hit for the cycle, after inquiring of a friend in the crowd the score of the Reds game, it was his Grand Slam moment.

Several hundred boosters, fans, former ballers from every era going back to Peck Hickman were gathered on the hardwood of the Cardinals’ state of the art practice facility on Floyd Street.

They were one must assume the faithiest of the faithful.

One lady adorned in red and black turned to me before the proceedings and after some sweet words, said, “You understand the importance of December 19, 1979.” When she saw the question marks in my eyes, those of a fellow who has lived and died as much Louisville hoops as any among the assembled, said, “Ohio State.”

“Of course, the harbinger game in our first championship season.”

She knew the date for heaven’s sake. Now, that’s the sign of faith. Continue reading Seedy K: Pat Kelsey Leads Off

The Sky is Not Falling

Allow me to try to walk my fellow Cardinal fans off the ledge.

Yes, Dusty May is going to coach Michigan.

Yes, Scott Drew says he’s happy at Baylor.

So the two faves among the fan base, the ones with the most razzmatazz, to take the Cardinal job are off the board.

Here’s what I know I don’t know.

Whether Drew ever really considered moving on. If so, to Louisville? Whether Josh Heird had him on his short list?

Whether Dusty May ever considered Louisville? Whether Josh Heird ever reached out to May or his reps, and if so, how far he got?

Given how quickly May took the Ann Arbor position, my guess — and it’s just that — is May never really considered anywhere else. Not only not here, but not Vandy or West Virginia.

He grew up in Bloomington. Though that’s close to Louisville, it’s Big Ten Country. He managed for Bobby Knight, whose best team’s biggest rival was Michigan.

I’m a what goes round comes around guy. Life balances out. Rick Pitino always said he woke up the morning he took the U of L job convinced he was going to Michigan. He didn’t. They hired John Beilein, not exactly chopped liver.

We beat ’em for the natty.

So, maybe this is what the Godfather sang about, The Big Payback.

It happens.

You know the go to lyric in these moments. Continue reading The Sky is Not Falling

U of L CardFile: NC State

Josh Heird . . .

You. Are. On. The. Clock.

President Kim Schatzel . . .

You. Are. On. The. Clock.

Mary Nixon . . .

You (and the rest of the Board of Trustees). Are. On. The. Clock.

There was no reason to bury the lede.

It’s time.


 * * * * *

There is a sort of symmetry for U of L, the ACC tourney being played in D.C. and all.

The last time the post season get together was there was 2016. Continue reading U of L CardFile: NC State

U of L CardFile: Boston College

They blast classic rock tuneage out of loud speakers at one of the nightspots along Washington Street in the block adjacent to the Home of the Cards.

As I’m walking into the Yum! on Senior Night, Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” is reverberating loudly.

How appropriate an anthem for the final regular season tilt for Kenny Payne’s woeful Louisville Cardinals.

Cards 61, Boston College 67.

Louisville’s 7th straight defeat to end the campaign.

Four of the Ls at home. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Boston College

U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech

You may say to yourself/ “This is not my beautiful house”  

It is: Not the same as it ever was.

Louisville loses again at home in the Yum!

This time 64-80 to a Virginia Tech team with only one previous road W on the season, a losing record in the ACC, and not within a case of Double Bubble of making the Dance.

Louisville netted a respectable nine triples on the night.

But . . . on six of those, including the first of Zan Payne’s career threeballs, the Hokies immediately answered on the ensuing possession with three of their own.

Five times from beyond the arc. Once with the conversion of an old fashioned +1.

VT drained 13 treys of their own in 29 attempts.

So, if the context is this season, not U of L all time, yeah . . .

Same as it ever was/ Same as it ever was Continue reading U of L CardFile: Virginia Tech

U of L CardFile: Syracuse

There have been some magnificently exciting U of L/ Syracuse games through the decades.

In no particular order:

When Syracuse, then #4 led by Pearl Washington and Rony Seikaly, arrived to a jammed packed and raucous Freedom Hall for a Saturday afternoon national TV game. (When that meant something.)

And left with their orange burnt.

Cards 83-73.

There was the greatest 2d half Cardinal comeback I can recall in the Big East tourney during the ’13 championship season. Hello Trez.

Cards 78-61.

And, of course, when Syracuse was #1, in what shall be remembered forever and always as the Kyle Kuric game. In ’10, a sweet kiss goodbye to the greatest hoops arena ever, Freedom Hall.

During U of L’s slamfest in the 2d, the SRO throng was singing the body electric. It was the loudest ever in the Cardinal’s storied history in the Grande Dame.

Cards 78-68.

Saturday night in a moribund Yum! Center, uh, well . . . Continue reading U of L CardFile: Syracuse