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U of L CardFile: Duke

A personal parable, if you will indulge.

And, it does apply for me anyway, to the current state of Louisville Cardinal hoops.

At 7:50 Monday morning, my 79th birthday, I was in the cardiologist’s office. Where I’d been referred, out of caution, by another specialist last Friday, to whom I’d been referred by my primary care doc earlier that week.

I know, I know, stick with me here.

And don’t be rollin’ your eyes. You live to this age it’s the nature of the beast. Trust me, I hope you’re lucky enough to be around to complain about your aches and pains. Which shall become more than a small part of any lunch conversations.

At any rate, those visits were, as I said out of caution. All seems to be OK. At least for an old fart.

Stick around I’m going to get to hoops. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Duke

U of L CardFile: Notre Dame

At the media timeout with 7:52 left in Louisville’s eventual 22 point laydown to fellow ACC bottom feeder Notre Dame, the Cards had run off 6 in a row to cut the Irish advantage to 45-53.

Though they’d never led for a nanosecond, against a foe as close to inept as U of L as any in the conference, with both Skyy Clark, though I haven’t the slightest clue how he could play as he did with a broken rib, and Ty-Laur Johnson again on the hardwood, the game seemed within reach. (I know, it’s a seriously run on sentence.)

But, ya know — silly me — not really. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Notre Dame

Hoopaholics Gazette: Ever Rickdiculous

Former Louisville Cardinal coach Rick Pitino changed his hair color after taking the reins this season at St. John’s.

But his true colors bled out like a shvitzing Rudy Giuliani after the Johnnies dropped their 8th game in the last ten to Seton Hall. Blowing a 12 point halftime advantage in the process.

The Rick is an acknowledged good coach.

He is charismatic.

But, one guy’s opinion — mine — he is an insufferable egotist.

I’m grateful for the title he fashioned at U of L. And, as sad as I am about the aftermath the Cardinal program is still suffering, which harkens back to the Pitino era when it germinated, I am grateful he is not coaching my team.

So, yes, I couldn’t stop smiling this morning when I chased down the rabbit hole of reportage about his post game tirade last evening. Continue reading Hoopaholics Gazette: Ever Rickdiculous

U of L CardFile: Pittsburgh

It has surely been more than a half century since Joel Needle, a fellow a year ahead of me at JM Atherton HS, crossed my mind.

But such was one of the curiosities of Louisville’s 59-86 loss to Pitt Saturday night at the Oakland Zoo, I couldn’t help myself.

Needle was a funny guy. Aptly named, given his propensity to provoke and annoy with glee.

The moment that actually does have some relevance to the Panthers victory came in Freddie Allen’s history class. Allen was the Rebels basketball coach.

The night before JMA had fallen to Male High. The Bulldogs were led by their star that year, one Monroe Phelps, who, if memory serves, tallied 46 in the W. The Rebs netted 45 in toto.

Before Mr. Allen entered the classroom, Needle had written “Beat Phelps” on the blackboard. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Pittsburgh

U of L CardFile: Boston College

If it wasn’t for bad luck/ You know I’d have no luck at all

Regardless of what Tuesday night’s outcome in Chestnut Hill might turn out to be, the lede to the BC game story seemed oh too obvious to me, given the latest bad news for Kenny Payne’s U of L Cardinals.

So, props to Albert King.

Not the baller Albert King, former Maryland Terrapin, younger brother of Volunteer Bernard King.

Talkin’ bluesman Albert King.

Not to be confused with BB King — though “The Thrill is Gone” also applies hereabouts — nor Freddie King, whose “Hideaway” is something many Cardinal fans are choosing to do given the sad state of affairs.

So, yeah, whatever you think about Kenny Payne as a coach, he has to believe he was Born Under a Bad Sign. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Boston College

Skyy Clark Injury

Edited 2/12 @9:15 pm.

I have now been able to confirm the information that Skyy Clark does have a broken rib.

This from Zach Greenwell, U of L SID:

“Skyy did suffer a broken rib against Georgia Tech. His status for tomorrow is doubtful and a specific timetable for return is unclear. Pain tolerance is the biggest issue.”

I’ve had one. They are very painful and debilitating.

The hits just keep on comin’ for U of L hoops.

— c d kaplan

U of L CardFile: Georgia Tech

Joining a line of players whom Cardinal fans believe have established their reputation against U of L — Think DePaul’s Dave Corzine, think Cincy’s Roger McClendon, most recently Syracuse’s Chris Bell — Georgia Tech’s Miles Kelly was Dan Patrick en fuego.

With 8:15 left Saturday evening, Kelly who gooseegged in the Ramblin’ Wreck’s 29 point L to Wake on Tuesday, converted a 1+1 to reinstitute GT’s 9 point margin at 60-51.

At that juncture, he had 35. 11/18 from the field. 6/10 from beyond the arc. 7/8 at the line.

I mean it’s not like the guy’s Michael Jordan, or even Kenny Anderson. Somebody get a body on that dude. Anyway . . .

. . . matters did not look good for Louisville against a decidedly mediocre foe. But one who has won in Cameron Indoor. And at Clemson. And against Carolina in Hot Lanta.

And then, and then, and then . . . Continue reading U of L CardFile: Georgia Tech

U of L CardFile: Syracuse

It appeared obvious from the get go in this defense-less ACC matchup that the Louisville/ Syracuse game would come down to a play or two at the end that one outfit would make, the other wouldn’t.

The Orange scored the first hoop of the contest.

The Cards answered with a 9-0 run.

Not long after, ‘Cuse had their own 9-0, 14-2 skein. At which point, the homies led by 5, 16-11.

And so it went.

Until — OK I won’t bury the lede any longer — Red Autry’s guys showed a scintilla more poise at crunch time, and prevailed on a goal tend call, 94-92.

There were 13 ties.

18 lead changes.

U of L’s largest advantage was 7 way early.

Syracuse’s largest was 6.

Louisville plundered the undersized victors on the boards, 40-21. That +19 disparity gave U of L a 20 point 2d chance advantage.

Didn’t matter, because . . . Continue reading U of L CardFile: Syracuse

U of L CardFile: Florida State

After a back and forth start on a rare Saturday night at the Yum!, the University of Louisville Cardinals took a 23-22 lead on a pair of Mike James FTs at the 7:55 mark of the 1st.

A light year, 55 combined fouls, 4 foul outs, 80 FTS, 34 turnovers, too many monitor checks and one of those big souvenir Dunking Cardinal-adorned boxes of popcorn fully consumed later, U of L survived Florida State, 101-92.

The game was a mess.

But the game was good.

Fun is winning.

However it looks. Continue reading U of L CardFile: Florida State

Cards & Moans: One Fan’s Perspective

Thinking back to the seasons before/ Looking back through the cracks on the floor/ The fans were married/ The ball was outrageous/ The love was contagious/ It burned like hot iron/ Later events had much effect/ On the fans with love in their soul/ The arc of a love affair/Heads shaking no in the air/ Lost love like lightning piercing till it groans/ Cards and moans/ Hearts and bones/ Cards and moans/ Hearts and bones — With apologies to Paul Simon.

I am sad.

Sad.   Sad.   Sad.

Sad for the state of my beloved basketball program, the moderately talented players, competitive but lacking some fundamental skills and direction, the coaching staff simply not up to the task and failing in their mission.

Sad for the beleaguered AD, considered truly competent by insiders fully aware of his traits, but lacking the PR savvy of his legacy predecessor, or that of the fellow before him with his hail fellow well met personality.

Sad for my alma mater’s administration with a relatively new leader, and plenty of other significant issues to deal with in today’s world besides the diminished state of its flagship sports program.

Sad about the loyal fanbase, the faithful, contentious and ripped asunder, many rendered angry, others to a state of ambivalence.

Sad that the situation has come to a point where on what used to be days I considered the Birthday of the World — home game days — depressed I have taken to watching some home games at home, finding a flimsy excuse or another, something I could not have conceived would ever happen regarding the great love of my entire life, University of Louisville Basketball.

Sad that people whose advice I trust have implored me to write such a column as I am at this moment, and that you are reading.

My oh my. Continue reading Cards & Moans: One Fan’s Perspective