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Louisville CardFile: Pittsburgh

joaniecardAll things considered, U of L’s most impressive road W yet this season, 67-60 over the Pitt Panthers, should have been contested today, on Throwback Thursday.

For the manner of victory hearkened back to the First Golden Age of Louisville hoops, say, ’72-’86. Back then, on any number of occasions, the Cards would be contesting a good but beatable conference foe on the road. They’d fall behind, but, ever resolute, would pull back, and take a lead around midway through the final stanza.

The home team, eager for a victory over the Cards, would stay the course.

So, to close, Louisville would need to score every possession down the stretch. Which, on way more occasions than not, the Cardinals did.

Were my memory more intact, I’d recite chapter and verse. But, it isn’t.

But even with all those “program wins” the Cards have celebrated through the decades, I’m not sure I can recall one quite as prodigious as last night’s.

Of course, it was set up by one of Louisville’s worst interludes of the year, coughing it up on three consecutive possessions, when a 40-37 advantage morphed quickly into a 40-41 deficit. To which Pitt scored 7 more in a row.

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Louisville CardFile: Syracuse

joaniecardFirst, my mea culpa maxima.

I have been adamant, and have opined in this space as well as to any and all with whom I might have shared a conversation about the tallest Cardinal, that Matz Stockman “would never be a significant presence” while at U of L.

He seemed too slow, too clumsy footed, too mechanical, too reticent, to ever be a factor.

For that opinionation, I have been chastised, sometime with a knowing smile, more often with the virulence of a Republican presidential candidate going big game sport hunting against a fellow elephant, who is also in the running.

Those who criticized my criticism of the Louisville’s resident Norwegian were right.

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Louisville CardFile: Western Kentucky

joaniecardOne of Rick Pitino’s most exemplary traits as a basketball mastermind was evident in Louisville’s convincing 78-56 win over long-time rival Western Kentucky Saturday noon.

Pitino has been a long time believer in specific game preparation, in cutting off the head of the foe. It is no accident that, when his teams play their best, the leaders of the opponent have an off game. Oh how many times, when he was coaching UK, were U of L’s leading scorers non-factors in the annual rivalry game?

Too damn many.

That was the story again yesterday, as Louisville, for the first time in over a half century, eked ahead of the Hilltoppers all-time in their series with 40 Ws to WKU’s 39.

Louisville had more than doubled up on the visitors, leading 34-16 at intermission. The Toppers leading scorer and rebounder, sophomore Justin Johnson, had more turnovers (1) than points, zero. As in, squadoosh. Scoreless. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Western Kentucky

Louisville CardFile: Eastern Michigan

joaniecardYou can hope to slow him, but you can’t stop him.

Matz Stockman, of course.

I remain of the opinion that the Norwegian, whom I’m advised was admonished by his coach during his last court time to communicate with his teammates “in English not Norwegian,” will never be a significant factor for the Cards.

But, he’s a fan favorite. A likeable kid, who is showing a modicum of improvement, “by far, the most improved player on the team” according to The Rick. So, when, in only five minutes of action, he’s 2/2 from the field, 2/2 from the line with 2 boards, one off each glass, notice must be taken.

If Stockman . . . if . . . actually develops into a contributor this season, the sky’s the limit for this team, which will then have a six man frontcourt rotation. Five will do.

Ah, isn’t December great? Munching on one Christmas cupcake after another, visions of sugar plum fairies, dancing across the hardwood. Remember, those cupcakes make you fat.

  * * * * *

The game was, as expected, a farce.

U of L Cardinals 86, Eastern Michigan Eagles 53. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: Eastern Michigan

Louisville CardFile: PR Game Five

dunikcardThe Cards lost last night in OT, 94-102.

The disheartening news — other than that cstv.com totally dropped the ball, and nobody outside the arena could watch the game — is that U of L had a sizable lead in the fourth quarter, and frittered it away.

The good news — other than the Cardinals rebounding from the night before’s debacle with pride and resilience — is that the L had as much to do with Caribbean jerk home cooking as it did with what was actually happening on the court.

Though, again, that cry of foul comes from intuition, reading the stat sheet, and a sense of the scene from listening to The Rick on the radiocast. Continue reading Louisville CardFile: PR Game Five

Louisville Cardinals Meet the Press, Part I

dunikcardThis is the kind of story I love.

Yesterday was the first public scrimmage by U of L’s hoopsters. It was preceded by Media Day, an opportunity to question the Cards, vets and rookies.

There are lots of newcomers with the ’14-’15 Cardinals. They’re a diverse contingent from around the globe, including players from such exotic locales as Melbourne, Ypsilanti, Oslo, Cairo, Goshen and Georgetown, KY.

* * * * *

Matz (Pronounce it Motts) Stockman is the tallest. He comes to Louisville from Norway, by way of the Canaria Basketball Academy in Spain’s Canary Islands.

He’s the kid with the tale to tell. Continue reading Louisville Cardinals Meet the Press, Part I