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Brutus Bashes Quack, The Vig is Vexed: College Pigskin Wrap Up

foot1Pope Urban Meyer confirmed last night what we have suspected.

He’s the equal of that Saban guy, the one who coaches the Crimson Tide.

So, the scary thing for the rest of the Pigskin Planet is that the two most storied and successful schools in the sport have the two best coaches currently in the sport — two of the best ever — roaming their sidelines.

It’s a bracing thought for the upstarts.

Like Phil Knight University, which has now climbed the mountain twice, but failed to plant the flag.

Whatever do the Ducks do now? Install more marble showers and burled wood lockers? Continue reading Brutus Bashes Quack, The Vig is Vexed: College Pigskin Wrap Up

Monday’s Sports Musings: Baseball, Basketball, $$$ & More

reporterLast weekend was a special one for baseball fans around Kentuckiana, if not quite as memorable for IU and UK fans, as those who bleed red & black.

There’s something about competition where the elements are involved. (Tell me true, I know you never click away from a football game, played in a snow storm.)

And the rain that played havoc with the Louisville NCAA tourney regional, as well as many others, added to the drama of Kentucky vs. Louisville to advance in the post season.

WDRB columnist Eric Crawford was on top of his considerable game with this marvelous column about Sunday night’s battle at Third & Central, and those wet fans who stuck it out to the end.

* * * * *

The NBA Finals have all the makings of great theater. Continue reading Monday’s Sports Musings: Baseball, Basketball, $$$ & More

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday (Rockin’ Video Included)

animated_sports1. Boys Will Be Boys. So The Rick, as he is wont to do from time to time, pontificated about his feelings on the social media phenomenon.

Essentially, he called all of us who might, from time to time, tweet or post on Facebook or any other of our ilk, uh, “crazy.”

Which is, frankly, a really stupid thing to say, but of little consequence in the realm of human events.

Except to Coach Cal, he of the you-say-potato-I-say-tomato mentality, when it comes to his rival down I-64.

And so it goes.

Boys, go to your rooms, each of you, and don’t come out until called for dinner. Continue reading Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday (Rockin’ Video Included)

Saturday’s FootBALLS: Nick Sticks, Mack Twists Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

footballoldI am so very relieved. Well, kind of.

As I know you are. Sort of.

Understand I’m not talking about the weather, that it’s just raining outside and the dreaded, sleety wintry mix that could have plagued this b-ball-filled, big shopping Saturday in Hoopsylvania never materialized.

I’m talking about the sigh of relief all can enjoy — at least those with some affinity for all matters SEC and Crimson Tide — knowing that Nick Saban is staying put. That he’s getting a new contract at Alabama, where, if he coaches through to the end, he’ll be roaming the sidelines at age 102. And that he and the Mrs. should be able to pay off all their debts on a bumped up salary, projected to be somewhere north of $7 million a season.

Meanwhile, at Texas, where Hook ‘Em Horns fans will now have to use their “Welcome Nick” signs as kindling, Mack Brown remains in a John Ehrlichman state of what up?.

Brown met with the new Longhorns’ AD yesterday, as well as the school’s president, who apparently isn’t on such firm ground himself. Today, well, he’s either recruiting, or sitting by the phone, or planning to go watch the Texas basketball squad beat up on Texas State tonight.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s almost hard to keep my cereal down, so nervous is my stomach because I don’t know who is going to be starring on the coach’s show next season on the Longhorn Network.

But, that Saban guy, he’s eating whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

— Seedy K

Hump Day Harrumphs: Blonde Hair, Empty Seats +++

shoutingRarely have so many Unnamed Sources been so united with their innuendo.

Mack Brown will step down as coach of the Texas Longhorns by the end of the week.

Or, so they say. Yeah, I know, hold your yawns.

But, here to pontificate on the sports “news” of the day, so I reflect that I’m not sure what Nick Saban’s doing right nowy? Probably breaking down film of Boomer Sooner, I suspect.

But I do know what Bobby Petrino is doing. Sitting by the phone, praying it rings, that’s what.

But, it’s Nick’s call. Will he go? Will he stay?

I’m sure that you, as I, have scooted to the edge of your seat in eager, apprehensive anticipation. Continue reading Hump Day Harrumphs: Blonde Hair, Empty Seats +++

Tuesday’s FootBALLS: Auburn’s Most Excellent Last Drive

footballoldYes, sports fans, at least American sports fans, are still buzzing about Auburn’s stunning W in the Iron Bowl.

There are two reasons why I’m taking one last look back.

1) My buddy Rick Bozich posted something yesterday, I think on Facebook, maybe somewhere else. It was in the form of a question: Who thinks Auburn is a better football team than Alabama? A paraphrase, but it was obvious from the wording, he feels the Crimson Tide are better.

Of course, being ever the contrarian, I immediately ripped him an email, advising my vote’s for the Tigers.

2) Last night on CBS Sports Network, I saw the last eight minutes of the game.

With the battle on the line, Auburn had its way with Bama. Continue reading Tuesday’s FootBALLS: Auburn’s Most Excellent Last Drive

Sunday Morning QB: Yes, Twas Most Exciting Pigskin Weekend Ever

footballoldIt wasn’t long after noon yesterday (Saturday), when Ohio State and Michigan were trading hay-makers in the Big House that surely made Woody and Bo cringe, that I had a premonition, that I thought of that Thanksgiving Friday from yesteryear, November 29, 1984, when arguably the most exciting college pigskin encounter — until yesterday — was played.

The Hail Flutie game featured Bernie Kosar and the diminutive flinger Dough Flutie firing it all over the field. Lots of scoring, lead changes and Brent Musburger and Ara Parseghian in the booth to call the ebb and flow.

Not long after that one kicked off and BC grabbed an improbable 14-0 lead, I called my co-worker Scott, who, more professional than me, chose to go into the office that day. “Get to a TV,” I implored, “this is going to be one of the best ever.”

What the Wolverines and Buckeyes were doing, with national title implications and a possible Big Ten title on the line, not to mention a year’s worth of bragging rights in the second most intense college pigskin rivalry, was a harbinger, I was so very sure.

If only I knew. Continue reading Sunday Morning QB: Yes, Twas Most Exciting Pigskin Weekend Ever