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Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Westbrook, Parker & Analytics

b-ballOkay, the most significant long term takeaway from last night’s pivotal OKC Western semi W in San Antonio is that the Spurs are on the cusp of refurbishment. Whether or not they win the next two and survive this series with the Thunder, and even the next with Golden State.

Tim Duncan is but a holographic image of his former HofF-quality baller, and frankly, on the court, is a detriment to his team’s play these days, other than as a leader and calming presence.

I’ll get to Tony Parker in a minute.

LaMarcus Aldridge, important newcomer, is over 30. Kawhi Leonard is a budding superstar, but his demeanor is so reticent, it’s hard to see him as a “leader” for the future.

So, yeah, there’s that goin’ on. Actually, not goin’ on, as in needs the franchise needs to fill.

As for OKC, there’s all the conjecture about where KD might go, should he feel it’s time to move away from Tornado Alley. But, hey, if the Thunder make a big run this campaign, maybe their dynamic duo will stay put. Add a big — Dwight Howard, anyone? — and who knows?

But, enough of all that conjecture.

I’m fascinated by some of the numbers from last night’s OKC W at the Alamo. Continue reading Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Westbrook, Parker & Analytics

San Antonio Spurs: Template for the Future?

b-ballThe tsunami of hyperbole generated by the stunning beauty of San Antonio’s performance in the last three games of the NBA Finals has finally receded a bit.

So excellent was the Spurs’ exaction of dominance, we media types haven’t discovered enough adjectives and adverbs to extol SA’s effort.

It was as beautiful an evisceration as one could imagine watching.

Two things have come to mind in the wake of the title won by Old Man Riverwalk and his two sidekicks, who make up the real and true Tres Amigos. Continue reading San Antonio Spurs: Template for the Future?

All is Copacetic for NBA Champ San Antonio

b-ballThe last time I heard the word “copacetic” was back in the day, and a fried-to-the-crisp pal of mine was describing his experience at an Emerson, Lake & Palmer/ Procol Harum/ King Crimson triple bill.

“Like, man, it was sooooo copacetic.”

That Greg Popovich, the genius coach of the reigning World Champion Spurs, used it twice in the last week — without the prefatory “like” or “man” — is as good a representation as any of just how old school this team’s mind set is.

The second usage came after his exquisite basketball team blasted Miami in Game 4 of the title series, putting them on the brink of the franchise’s 5th title. Pop, to the media, “Well, if you shoot [57] percent, you’re in pretty good shape, as long as everything else is copacetic.”



Of course, the coach is increasingly famous for being more perfunctory than loquacious during those idiotic in-game Q & As.

When Doris Burke asked him before the 2d half began last night, what specifically it would take to continue his team’s success, Pop, without any Billy Clyde Gillispie ‘tude but terse as usual, stated, “Good defense.” Then he turned to get back to the task at hand.

That we are talking about Pop’s affectations in the wake of the Spurs’ smackdown underscores that there’s just not much more to say. The stories are legion of the team’s fortitude, patience, quiet revenge, perseverance, unselfishness, offensive and defensive excellence, etc. Continue reading All is Copacetic for NBA Champ San Antonio

Spurs Flirtation With Perfection Continues

b-ballI mean, really, what’s left?

Could San Antonio actually hit all of its shots for an entire half? Maybe drain 85% for a game?

Double Miami’s rebounding total for the 48 minutes? They won the war of the boards last night, 44-27.

Have an assist on every made basket? Or double the number from LeBron & Co? (Oh wait, they just about did that last night: 25 for the winners, 13 for the vanquished.)

San Antonio’s Spurs trumped their thunderous Game 3 W, with a 21 point beatdown in Game 4, 107-86, to grab a 3-1 series advantage, in front of an early arriving, early leaving South Beach crowd, hoping to beat similarly minded scurrying masses, jumping ship to Joe’s Stone Crab.

The hyperbole has been cued. Continue reading Spurs Flirtation With Perfection Continues

Spurs’ Perfection Blasts Heat in Game 2 (Stunning Video Included)

baywatchThe list is oh so very short.

There’s Secretariat’s 31 length romp in the Belmont.

There’s the Nicholas Brothers dance routine in “Stormy Weather.” (Video posted below.)

There’s Sky Dog’s and Slow Hand’s rave up in the middle of “Layla.”

There’s Bill Walton going 21/22 in the NCAA title game against Memphis State.

And, of course, Pamela Anderson running the beach in “Baywatch.”

What I’m talking about here is training, planning, then execution in a manner transcendent, dumbfounding, unfathomable. I.E., perfection. (Or, close to it.)

Add the San Antonio Spurs’ offense, during the first 15:52 of their W last night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Continue reading Spurs’ Perfection Blasts Heat in Game 2 (Stunning Video Included)

Monday Musings: Mound-Worthy, Manners, Marijuana & More

b-ballThe shot clock was running down.

With their usual panache and purpose, the San Antonio Spurs had passed the rock to and fro, in and out. It ended up in the hands of Tiago Splitter, back to the bucket, five feet along the endline to the left of the lane, facing a soft double team, preventing his move to the hoop.

One teammate cut through the lane right to left but was thoroughly checked. Followed in sync, from around the left elbow, free thanks to an immaculate screen, streaked Manu
Ginobili. Splitter’s internal bounce pass was pin point. The Argentinian wonder laid the ball in the hoop relatively unimpeded.

In my mind’s ear, I could hear Charles Barkley barking, “Ginnnnnnnnnooooobly!!!!”

From the TV, Jeff Van Gundy exclaimed, “Exquisite.” Continue reading Monday Musings: Mound-Worthy, Manners, Marijuana & More

Spurs Steamroll (Over)Heat(ed) in Game One

b-ballWelcome to the Finals of what I like to call — at least after last night’s shvitzkrieg — the Bikram® Basketball League.

Just the other day, I commented on how we as fans are fascinated when the elements intrude into competition, becoming a potential factor in the outcome, becoming an additional, unforeseen exigency the players must contend with.

Normally it’s weather, as it was with rain during last weekend’s college baseball regionals.

Last night, in San Antonio, on a hot and humid Texas night, the AC went out in the gym. Meteorologist Doris Burke reported the Fahrenheit went north of 90° on the court.

The game was obviously affected. The ball kept slipping out of hands. Passes went to the third row. The ball was as slick as a greased pig at the Muhlenberg County Fair. Continue reading Spurs Steamroll (Over)Heat(ed) in Game One

Monday’s Sports Musings: Baseball, Basketball, $$$ & More

reporterLast weekend was a special one for baseball fans around Kentuckiana, if not quite as memorable for IU and UK fans, as those who bleed red & black.

There’s something about competition where the elements are involved. (Tell me true, I know you never click away from a football game, played in a snow storm.)

And the rain that played havoc with the Louisville NCAA tourney regional, as well as many others, added to the drama of Kentucky vs. Louisville to advance in the post season.

WDRB columnist Eric Crawford was on top of his considerable game with this marvelous column about Sunday night’s battle at Third & Central, and those wet fans who stuck it out to the end.

* * * * *

The NBA Finals have all the makings of great theater. Continue reading Monday’s Sports Musings: Baseball, Basketball, $$$ & More