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Seedy K’s GameCap: NC State

Before a recent game, long time AP beat writer Ed Peak threw out the kind of question long time fans have been arguing about forever at sports bars around the globe.

You know the kind, argued over mead and forest slaughter, “Who ya got, the Romans or the Huns in a rematch?”

The query presented: “Who was the worst U of L football coach of our lifetime? Cooper? Kragthorpe? TW Alley? Petrino II?”

Tough call, there.

But the point here is the fellow whose name never entered the discussion.

Yesterday while cherishing the Cardinals’ fifth W in their last six, Smart Guy wondered sarcastically, “Do you think Satt’s off the hot seat?”

Your scribe replied he never thought SS was really sitting on one.

Which is to underscore there was a turn of fortunes for this edition of U of L Football after the dismal L in Chestnut Hills.

Whatever happened — systematic tweaks, personnel switches, psychological motivation — it worked. Bigly. More bigly than Morgan & Morgan.

There’s an applicable descriptor for the phenomenon.

Coaching. Continue reading Seedy K’s GameCap: NC State

Seedy K Game Caps: Wright State & Clemson

On the hardwood: Louisville 72, Wright State 73.

On the Gridiron: Louisville 16, Clemson 31.

It goes without saying, but it shall be said here anyway.

Saturday was not the best of days for the University of Louisville Cardinals.

What follows are a few thoughts without any in depth analysis of either loss.

For which in depth breakdowns, to be quite honest, your scribe has zero inclination.

 * * * * *

In advance of Kenny Payne’s impending arrival as U of L’s next hoops mentor, it was well supposed that Nolan Smith would be joining the staff. Which he did not long after Payne’s introduction.

Given that KP had never sat first chair, your BW/LTCD opined to any all who might listen that his fondest hope was that there would be an astute,  knowledgeable, successful, long time coach, old head named to the staff. Like Penny Hardaway added Larry Brown. Or Phil Martelli at Michigan. Ralph Willard right here.

It did not happen. Your scribe’s advice was not sought out.

Such a lack of experience and acumen seemed apparent at the end of the Cardinal’s L to Wright State in the embarrassingly empty Yum! Center. Continue reading Seedy K Game Caps: Wright State & Clemson

Seedy’s Chalk Talk: Satt’s Seat

Fortunately the Lords and Lordesses of my worshipment continually provide reminders that there is more to life than losing a game.

If only I were more inclined to pay attention.

As I did yesterday.

After a really good hour long workout, which provided almost a complete if not total amelioration of my discombobulation over the Cards’ Saturday night no show in Upper State NY, I went with back to back decompression phoners with Bookstore Billy and Smart Guy, while standing in the parking lot of the new JCC.

More than a fitting metaphor: I was peering over at the rubble of my youth, the old Center building, that’s now 3/4s torn down. Oh the memories.

After the calls, I got in the car and headed out. To the sounds of a sublime live version of “Blue Sky” from the Dickey Betts/ Warren Haynes Allman Brothers Band on JamOn Radio.* Too sweet. And calming.

*It was followed by a Billy Strings’ version of “Dark Star,” a mysterious and somewhat foreboding Dead tune that for some reason I’ve never understood was the holy grail of the DHeads. Which gratefully didn’t abate my returning serenity. Wonder what Native Dancer thinks of the tune?

Which recitation of disconnected musings is testament of how far a scribe will venture down the splintered cranial connections to avoid weighing in on the proverbial elephant in the room, i.e. the subject at hand.

Lean into it, here comes more procrastination, as I get in touch with my inner one-liner mode. Continue reading Seedy’s Chalk Talk: Satt’s Seat

Cardinal Football is Close, Some Thoughts

With a smidge of hope creeping in as kickoff is so close you can almost taste the Chili Cheese Slaw Dog at the Varsity, U of L fans are still grumbling.

(Actually, to be fair, most college fans are constantly disgruntled. If not about recruiting, or in game decisions, or a zebra’s unwarranted flag. something else. Except of course those that wear houndstooth ballcaps with a crimson elephant logo, and believe a mention of Pope Paul refers to a fellow named Finebaum.)

Most of the dismay befalling Louisville fans emanates from Coach Satt’s flirtation with the cockfighting roosters from over in the lower Carolina.

But, hey, it’s time to move on from that. Or so I’d suggest. He’s here. He ain’t goin’ nowhere. For awhile anyway.

Part of the grumbling comes from staff turnover.

As if that’s unique to Floyd Street football. Continue reading Cardinal Football is Close, Some Thoughts

Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!

Here’s the deal up front.

I didn’t attend U of L’s first open practice. And only viewed Coach Satt’s presser online.

Which really is no loss of expert observation for my readers. Check out Keith Wynne’s takeaways. He’s much more astute when it comes to pigskin than me.

I’m the guy, who, at Teddy Bridgewater’s first practice didn’t think he was any more impressive throwing the ball than Will Stein.

But here’s my excuse for not showing up anyway on Sunday.

I know all God’s children got problems, but it was frankly one of the least favorite weekends of my life.

New Orleans JazzFest is the other most favorite thing in my life besides U of L sports. That yesterday’s cancellation of the October reschedule from April was the least depressing thing that happened is telling.

There was other stuff. Continue reading Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!

Red & Black Rants & Raves: Satterfield Hire, Bracketology

OK class, everybody who seven days ago could name Scott Satterfield as the coach of Appalachian State raise your hands?

Liars, liars, pants on fire. You all get 5 points deducted from your semester grade.

That aside, absent any last minute snafus, before sundown, he’ll be the 23d head coach to lead University of Louisville football.

For any number of reasons, it is a most fascinating changeover. Not the least of which is that the guy he replaces, Bobby Petrino, holds the best winning percentage of the bunch. At least since the Cardinals first leader, Amos Alonzo Stagg devotee Lester Larson (Ain’t Wikipedia grand?), went 8-2 in ’12 and ’13.

More salient is the Satterfield’s coaching resumé. A year as QB coach at Toledo. Two years as OC at Florida International. 51-24 as head guy at his alma mater, with only a single losing season, his first. Conference crowns. 3-0 in bowls. Yada, yada, yada. All info now indelibly memorized by Cardinal football aficionados.

So, the question obviously: Is he ready for prime time in the Power 5? Continue reading Red & Black Rants & Raves: Satterfield Hire, Bracketology