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UConn Huskies Mush to Title over Kentucky

b-ballFrom the get go, let’s make a couple of things clear on this Tuesday morning, always the most bittersweet one of the year.

Today’s story is not whether John Calipari shall, as former Wildcat star Rex Chapman says, leave the real and true, forever and always la la land — the Big Blue Nation — and hobble off with a bad hip to LA LA to coach Kobe and whoever those other guys are that wear Lakers unis these days?

The story is not how many of the current Cats shall be one and done, if not “Succeed & Proceed,” and jump into the NBA draft?

The story is not whether today is the last we’ll hear the name of Tyler Austin Black, or how long it will take for him to be just another vaguely remembered anecdote to Wildcat lore like Humsey Yessin?

No, my fellow hoopaholics, this morning’s story is the University of Connecticut Huskies. Continue reading UConn Huskies Mush to Title over Kentucky

Improbable Twosome Survive: Feline vs. Canine for the Title

b-ballAdmission to The Dance is based on the “whole season’s body of work,” proclaims the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, a collection of deciders as haughty as any extant, including the Supreme Court of the United States.

If that be the case, we have more convincing evidence now to underscore that “Past performance is not indicative of future results.”

A strange year in college basketball has come to this.

Kentucky, an 8 seed, vs. Connecticut, a 7 seed, for the national championship.

Even Nostradamus didn’t see this one coming.

* * * * *

How cockamamie is this Wildcat vs. Huskie matchup? Continue reading Improbable Twosome Survive: Feline vs. Canine for the Title