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Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications (Plus): Week V

Oh how strange this first “post-COVID” season is. Not that it’s a thing of the past by any measure.

Teams that negotiated last year’s strangeness, with lots of experienced talent returning, are reeling. Talking about you, Indiana. Referring to you, Iowa State. And you, North Carolina. And, coach-free Southern California. You’re not alone, the list goes on.

Some teams were just better at adapting last campaign. But for many, most, those results might be/are proving to be a false positive entering this year.

Another pandemic related observation, and a heartening one actually, is that none of these college pigskin throngs gathered to cheer on their beloveds — maskless, back to back, belly to belly, elbow to elbow — have become super spreader events.

At least that have been reported.

Maybe it’s the body paint that is more potent than Ivermectin.

If all that’s not enough to empirically prove just how furschlunginer this season is, contemplate this.

Yours truly, whose boast is ever bigger than his bet, followed up a perfecto, with a 4-1 weekend.

Southern Methodist had something to prove in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, and did so emphatically at the Horned Frogs home. So, I missed that one.

But, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Arch Rival and the Louisville Cardinals all prevailed.

4-1 on the weekend. 17-7 for the season.

If I hadn’t thrown out my shoulder the other day, I’d be patting myself on the back in triumph.

And now to explain that (Plus) in the header: Continue reading Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications (Plus): Week V

Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!

Here’s the deal up front.

I didn’t attend U of L’s first open practice. And only viewed Coach Satt’s presser online.

Which really is no loss of expert observation for my readers. Check out Keith Wynne’s takeaways. He’s much more astute when it comes to pigskin than me.

I’m the guy, who, at Teddy Bridgewater’s first practice didn’t think he was any more impressive throwing the ball than Will Stein.

But here’s my excuse for not showing up anyway on Sunday.

I know all God’s children got problems, but it was frankly one of the least favorite weekends of my life.

New Orleans JazzFest is the other most favorite thing in my life besides U of L sports. That yesterday’s cancellation of the October reschedule from April was the least depressing thing that happened is telling.

There was other stuff. Continue reading Welcome Back Football . . . Please Stay!

Hump Day Hustle: QBs x 3, Sound of Silence ++

So, yeah, it’s Thurby, not The Day Before.

Mea friggin’ culpa.

Feel free to employ your barrister at the bar and file a Cause of Action.

  * * * * *

What’s your name/ Is it Mary or Sue/ What’s your name/ Do I stand a chance with you?

Wonder what Don and Juan are up to these days?

Anyway, former Cardinal star/ Heisman winner Lamar Jackson is approached on the street by a stranger. The guy says, “You’re a football player?” Or, something to that effect.

Jackson, as I’ve said many times before, is a really nice guy, ever engaging, tells the fellow he’ll give him a hundred bucks if he can say his name.

The guy makes a couple of wrong guesses about what position Mr. I Am A Quarterback might play.

LJ gives him the Benjamin anyway.

Speaking of former beloved U of L signal callers, Teddy B is house hunting in a new locale yet again. Late of Tobacco Road, he’s off to the Rockies to play under the watchful eyes of John Elway. Continue reading Hump Day Hustle: QBs x 3, Sound of Silence ++

Hump Day Harrumphs & Hurrahs: 8/31

foot1Hurrah: Tomorrow is kickoff. Just over 24 hours until toe hits pigskin.

How dandy that the U of L Cardinals are among the few who play Opening Thursday. Which shall allow we obsessives not to miss any of the other boffo games on the first weekend’s slate.

Harrumph: Teddy B goes down. Not much more to say about this.

Just too sad for a great kid, who is a warrior but seems injury prone.

What makes it even sadder from my perspective is the report from NFL Pundit Laureate Peter King, who just finished a month long tour of all the NFL camps. In his report at MMQB, he weighed in on the best this and best that he observed during the look see.

He wrote this: Continue reading Hump Day Harrumphs & Hurrahs: 8/31

Thursday Night Winners: Bridgewater, Bruins & Browns (Maybe)

footballoldYes, I watched the NFL Draft.

A lot of it.

With impunity.

Without compunction.

So also, The Professor, another fellow, like myself, who will slobber over mention of the next great rising sophomore, 6-6 SF who is considering matriculation to play for our favorite team. But who, like myself, has been all too quick to criticize those who have a Mel Kiper Jr. shrine in the corner of their man cave.

“NFL Draft? You kiddin’ me. Who cares?”

And, you know, I bet some of those media guys who boast of their indifference to this new rite of spring tuned in too.

This year was different. For any number of reasons. Continue reading Thursday Night Winners: Bridgewater, Bruins & Browns (Maybe)

Will Teddy cross Bridge over Trouble Water?

teddybThe NFL Draft is coming up, you know?

Chris Berman is doing bloviation calisthenics and clearing his considerable throat.

Mel Kiper Jr. has a fistful white crosses, so he won’t sleep until all 184 rounds are completed. And he’s got a hep-lock in place with a Brylcream drip, to make sure his coif doesn’t fade like the draft status of local fave Teddy Bridgewater.

Which raises this query. Can the best player in the history of U of L Cardinal football — Yes, better than Doug
Buffone, Otis Wilson and that other guy, the fellow with a statue, Johnny U — overcome the perils of over-analysis?

During his career, Teddy B’s projected draft status skyrocketed as he eviscerated one foe after another on the gridiron, while playing hurt, often with an offensive line that couldn’t keep him out of constant peril. The aforementioned draft “guru” Kiper Jr. had him atop his board for the longest time. Pick #1.

Then Bridgewater’s career ended, and what became more important than those pinpoint TD passes to DeVante Parker was whether clipped his fingernails, right-hand or left-hand first? Continue reading Will Teddy cross Bridge over Trouble Water?

Thursday’s Thrashings: Chane, Teddy, Hoops & That Derby Thang

reporterI have a sad vision.

Of a community center basketball court somewhere in the greater Cincy area in, oh, 2029 or so.

A fortysomething father walks in with his young son. A pick up game is going on. There’s a burly guy, 6-5 or so and 50+ pounds overweight, dominating play on the court.

Father: “Whoa, would you look at who is out there?”

Son: “Who is that, daddy?”

Father: “Chane Behanan, son. Won a national championship at Louisville back in, I dunno, 2012 or so. Heck, son, best I recall he dominated the boards in the second half of that title game. Outrebounded the whole other team, Michigan, I think.”

Son: “Did he play in the NBA?” Continue reading Thursday’s Thrashings: Chane, Teddy, Hoops & That Derby Thang

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday (Rockin’ Video Included)

animated_sports1. Boys Will Be Boys. So The Rick, as he is wont to do from time to time, pontificated about his feelings on the social media phenomenon.

Essentially, he called all of us who might, from time to time, tweet or post on Facebook or any other of our ilk, uh, “crazy.”

Which is, frankly, a really stupid thing to say, but of little consequence in the realm of human events.

Except to Coach Cal, he of the you-say-potato-I-say-tomato mentality, when it comes to his rival down I-64.

And so it goes.

Boys, go to your rooms, each of you, and don’t come out until called for dinner. Continue reading Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday (Rockin’ Video Included)

Louisville Card File: Miami

cardfootballIn the aftermath of U of L’s evisceration of the Hurricanes in the R A Bowl, f/k/a Citrus Bowl, one has to wonder what coulda, woulda, shoulda this season, had the Cardinals played with such passion, poise and precision all year long?

A date with Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl? At the very least.

A duel with future ACC rival Florida State for the BCS title? Well, uh, conceivably.

Last night’s W was a beat down of the highest order.

Despite that sack/ safety that gave the U an early 2 nil lead, and despite the lack of TDs by the Cards in the first quarter — two more drives, two FGs —  Miami was never in the game. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Miami

Pigskin Roundup: Sparty, Strong, SnowBall, Stanford Etc.

footballoldMy inclination is, of course, such is my nature, to start with a personal lament.

But, that must wait. At least for a paragraph.

For it would be inhumane not to dutifully express heartfelt sadness that it shall be weeks before all the scarlet and gray-clad remains are dredged from the depths of the Olentangy River. Which body of water runs through the campus of The Ohio State University, where flags are flying half staff.

There are murmurs that classes for the rest of the school year might be suspended. No word yet from school officials. Though I’m advised dorms are already emptying out.

My favorite barb about the Buckeyes’ demise came from the pen of Eric Crawford. Under a photo of a forlorn Urban Meyer, eating a slice of Papa J’s while sitting on a golf cart at Lucas Oil in the aftermath of his first L at The Ohio State U., Crawford wrote: Bitter ingredients. Bitter Pizza.

Clever. Continue reading Pigskin Roundup: Sparty, Strong, SnowBall, Stanford Etc.