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Tuesday’s Tattle: Pharoah, Rousey Rule; Tiger’s Meow

rondaWelcome to a Deflategate Free Zone.

Besides all that Tom vs. Roger way way way too much ado about zilch has been bumped from the sports pages like a Hanson Brothers hipcheck by the big question of the week.

Who’d win a smackdown between this week’s premier badasses?

In one corner, there’s Dez Bryant, who, in his most recent scuffle, drew a no discernable winner practice field push and shove with wannabe Dallas DB Tyler Patmon. Who happens to be a fellow former Okie State Cowboy.

In the other corner, we are smitten with the baddest dudette — perhaps ever — on the 3d Rock from the Sun, Ms. Ronda Rousey.

Not that I’m a betting man, but my money’s on Ms. R. Dez would have about as much chance with Rousey as Entourage’s Turtle did. She’d prevail in the ring. Probably in a minute or less, or so her past performances would indicate. And she’d win the post bout press conference. And on the runway before the awards show. Continue reading Tuesday’s Tattle: Pharoah, Rousey Rule; Tiger’s Meow

Eyes Wide Shut: Hold That Tiger!!!

twoodsThere was a time when a rule of life was, “It must be true. I read it in the newspaper.” Before that, which would have been before even my time, insert “radio” for “newspaper.”

The next evolution was, “It must be true. Walter Cronkite said it on TV.”

Which morphed into what has become a hackneyed joke: “I read it on the internet, so it must be true.”

But nothing heretofore in history has been able to empirically advise what’s on people’s minds right this moment like social media. We now know in real time, second to second, what people are thinking about, what they’re talking/ tweeting/ facebooking about.

So, what’s going on in the world today that might have our attention? Continue reading Eyes Wide Shut: Hold That Tiger!!!

Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

reporterThere’s going to be plenty of golf news this week, what with the PGA at Valhalla and all, and we got football — American style, the way Pudge Heffelfinger meant for it to be — every weekend from now until February.

So, as we’re wont to do, let’s start with hoops.

* * * * *

Just as his cataclysmic injury changed Kevin Ware’s career, there’s no doubt the same could happen with Paul George.

Obviously, one hopes the Indiana Pacer has a full recovery. (And that Ware finally gets it together at his current collegiate stop.)

Here’s what struck me about Friday night’s injury situation.

USA team players and coaches alike were shaken to the point that Mike Krzyzewski called off the remainder of the scrimmage. A legitimate move, one supposes. Continue reading Monday Morning QB: Teeing Up, Kicking Off, Hurling & Mo’

Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’

reporterI am as enamored with a charismatic personality as anyone.

So, despite my oft recurring remonstrative reaction to all matters Tiger, I do pay attention to the comings and goings of He Who Would Change The World (At least according to his father.).

So, when I turned on the British Open this morning for a little sports with my morning joe, I took note when the guys at Royal Liverpool indicated they were about to show a Tiger shot.

He’s 3 back of leader Rory McElroy after the opening round.

Which means golf fans like The Professor are all twitter and shall tune in. Can he, will he, is it really possible . . . for Tiger to win another major this summer? Continue reading Throwdown Thursday: Tiger, Tour (Talansky), Tigers & Mo’