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Just A Bit More About Westley

As I was out on my morning walk the day after learning of Wes Unseld’s passing — wearing my #31 throwback — I ran into my pal Bruce, a long time Cardinal fan.

We, of course, shared our sadness about Unseld. What I found interesting is that the specific game he remembered is the one I mentioned the other day, the Cincy game when Wes got in deep foul trouble in the 1st.* Bruce remembered four fouls in the first, and reminded me how Unseld, after intermission, would guard with hands by his sides and not move, with the Cards in a zone. Then when the shot would go up over him, he’d snare every rebound.

*I find it fascinating that, as much as we both love Unseld, and were locked in during his entire career at U of L, we both independently remembered the same game, and few moments from any other. 

 * * * * *

I read everything I could about Unseld on the interweb, and just wanted to pass on a few tidbits gleaned from other writers’ work and observations. Continue reading Just A Bit More About Westley

Louisville Card File: Florida International

dunikcardIs there any perspective to be garnered when the most salient aspect of a basketball game is the imagery on the hardwood itself?

Really, in a couple of weeks, what will you remember most about last night’s 29 point Cardinal W in Miami over FIU?

The palm trees? The bucolic shoreline? The gently rippling surf onto the pristine sand? All of which were painted onto the court.

The cabanas along the endline? The sunset super graphic on the far wall?

All of the above?

Yes, those visions, frankly, shall be the most memorable take away. Continue reading Louisville Card File: Florida International